It’s Hopeless & Here’s Why!

         The Beacons To Our Extinction

Below are the Nine ‘Decoys of Hope’ that have seduced ‘us’ into their Trap of Terminal Hopelessness.
Decoy 1:     It’s ‘ONLY’ about Carbon Emissions 
Decoy 2:    All’s OK:  The Right Goals for The Right Success
Decoy 3:    ‘Team Humanity’: Right Team for The Challenge
Decoy 4:   Green Growth & More ‘Americanism’ Will Solve ‘it’!
Decoy 5:    The Climate Change ‘Movement’ leads THE WAY
Decoy 6:    Technology will Save US
Decoy 7:     Democracy will Take Us ‘There’!
Decoy 8:     We Have Time!
Decoy 9:     Hope is ‘THE Plan’!


 Read:  ‘Hopeless and Helpless:  Time to Be Honest’, here

The End!: It’s Hopeless & I’m Helpless!

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Hope, Reality, and Truth…… I Time to Be Honest with Ourselves!

‘The Matrix’ used the simplicity of Blue or Red pill options to try and seduce us into choosing our ‘basis for reality’.

The choice being Bliss in Ignorant Slavery’ or ‘Enlightened Freedom’, in ‘Misery of Truth’!!!

More and more, we are being reminded that our relationship to ‘truth’ and ‘our reality’ plays a huge role in our sense of Self, Freedom, Power, and the above, ‘Bliss to Misery’, disposition.

In that context of truth, I share some unsolicited personal feedback I received, from the Founder and CEO of a globally significant, ‘Climate Change’ NGO, who I ‘worked’ closely with, through 2018/19:

  • “You are somebody who has thought about the problem for long, deep, and is not blinded/corrupted by their own interests. There are VERY few people like you.”​
  • “I highly valued, your broad and intriguing experience you brought into the conversations – living in South Africa, operating at the heart of the capitalist system, leading cultural transformations, renouncing the material route and exploring, keeping exploring with enormous curiosity.”
  • “Through our conversation, it became clearer to me how key it is to really dig deep, and jointly, into “What is the problem?” 
  • I kept intrigued because you revealed so much, and I still was baffled to understand what your true goal was?” 

                         “Baffled to understand my goal”??? 

Surely, his feedback was describing someone of a singularly unusual profession:  That of a ‘Truth Explorer’!  His Goal: ‘Our Climate Problem’:  Finding the Higher Truths!

In 2015, when I embarked on One Point Zero, our ‘Climate voyage’ was in its ‘Global Warming’ stage. Back then, I was presented with a colliding of Society / Nature truths, and with One Point Zero, I chose to confront this conflict, and find out what the ‘Higher Truth’ was?

It’s now five years later, and with that truth, I have had to conclude:

                           “It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless…!!!”                             

Join Me on A Risky Adventure……..!

Hopeless….Helpless….?  Know nothing about Blue / Red pills….?  Don’t care……?  Or a devout Panglossian…?

Bewildered as to what this has got to do with you?

In what follows, we’ll discover the ‘Nine Decoys of Hope’ that are dooming ‘us’ to ‘Terminal Hopelessness’. 

This will be risky for ‘Both of Us’:

In my honesty and openness, I may be judged a buffoon!

Yet in that openness ‘You’ may be challenged on whether your ‘Pill Choice’           or ‘Don’t Care’ strategy, is still a good one?

                       Let our adventure begin…………………..!:

Our Climate Voyage: Is it ‘Titanic 2020’…?!

Since the ‘Global Warming’ days, ‘our voyage’ has moved through the ‘Climate Change’ stage, and now being mainstream in the ‘Climate Emergency’, stage.

More are realizing, to their surprise, that they are part of this ‘voyage’. Whether they boarded the ship, voluntarily or not, this can be overwhelming and disorientating! Unlike the ‘lucky’ passengers of the Titanic, the truths are unravelling, before our destiny.

One has only to explore the ‘bleeding edge of truth’, to find strong evidence that this ‘voyage’, has now entered the ‘Climate Tragedy’, phase:  That being the acceptance that ‘Safe Destination’ is no longer possible!  This will naturally bring up many existential questions for all. Read these publications pointing to us having entered this ‘Climate Tragedy’ stage, here..

In the face of this, ‘Biggest ever challenge to Humanity’, is Denial, Avoidance, or Disinterest in ‘our voyage’ truths, increasingly become a foolish and alienating, life strategy?  One, that will ultimately erode our innate Optimism, and our personal Freedom?  Maybe that Freedom lies in the courage of the path below?;

“The Truth will set you free, but first it will make you Miserable.”    James A. Garfield

Team Humanity: Signing Myself Up!

In 2015, the conflict I was deeply feeling was that between Society’s path to ‘Success’ and Nature’s, requirements, for Humanity ‘Belonging’ on Planet Earth!!

It was clear to me: Our ‘Humanity Path‘ needed a dramatic correction, but even in the Climate Change ‘movement’, I sensed few saw the real Beliefs and Values conflicts, preferring to focus on the technological challenge.

‘Everyone’ wanted BOTH ‘Our Success’ AND the ‘Planet ‘Belonging’.

I had faced that Beliefs and Values conflict myself, and from the perspective of having lived on both sides, and radically transformed myself from one to the other, I maybe naively, believed I could help have some small impact on a ‘Team Humanity‘, ‘course correction’.

I was under no illusion how difficult this adventure would be: Many advised me against it, but the irresistible challenge seemed one of ‘Calling’:

Right at the outset, I knew that without a united ‘Team Humanity’, a clear ‘Team Goal’, a finely aligned, Team Ethic, and a Walk the Talk’ Leadership team,’ WE’ would never solve ‘Our Problem’. 

As an explorer, knowing only a, ‘Walk the Talk’ leadership style, in 2015, I decided to put all my weathered skin, in ‘The Game’::

So, I ‘appointed myself’, as a ‘minor’, ‘Team Leader’ in ‘Team Humanity’, and then ‘set off’ to try make that ‘wee’ contribution!!

Five years later: Shock and One Big Question?

Over the years, in search for those Higher Truths of our ‘Climate Problem‘, I have studied a vast array of literature, and engaged with hundreds of people from all walks of life, and all parts of the world.

Well, rather than being welcomed into ‘Team Humanity‘, and finding a bunch of fired up, fellow team members, awaiting a leader: I only found a plethora of ‘human tribes’, all too busy with their Americanism survival pursuits to even care a damn about the ‘Higher Truths‘ of ‘our voyage’; This, around The World.

Those in the ‘Climate Change’ sector, were so busy doing ‘Green Good’ they were myopically enslaved, by their Americanism biased funders, or their loyalty to governments, that they seemed forbidden to ‘cast a glance’ at the Higher Truths.

Even exploring ‘synergy’ with my old, ‘elite’ business network, produced ‘Polite Silence’. Read here.

It seemed that I was the Man from Mars trying to pick up people from Earth to go to Venus! In that ‘mystery’, over the years, I became consumed by the question below:

“Why, do I so clearly Want ‘It’, and yet ‘Society’ so clearly Doesn’t???”      Read my answers here.

Knockdown in ‘The Arena’!

It would seem that ‘Walk the Talk‘ leadership is so rare these days it’s mistaken for buffoonery! But rather than a buffoon, maybe I was ‘the boxer’ in Roosevelt’s quote here? Maybe, merely a shadow boxer, and not, The Man who…….       

……spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”?

After five years in an ‘arena‘ I’ve had to sadly conclude:

There IS NO ‘Team Humanity’, let alone one vaguely ‘Fit for Purpose’!

Further: That It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless, and It’s only left for me to throw in the towel and Self Resign from Team Humanity. That before I get ‘Knocked Out’!   

The official ‘Reason for Retirement’:

Public Ignorance, Lethargy and distraction in Slavery to a Deeply Flawed System, combined with a global, Political and Business, Leadership that promotes this ‘public condition’ for their own Self-Interest, is the unworkable, sad Truth of the State of ‘Team Humanity’!

Success or Failure? Truth or Ignorance? Fear or Freedom?

In the context of ‘The World’ claiming it wants to solve “The Most Urgent and Significant Challenge of Our Time”, and me thinking I could help a wee bit, accepting the conclusions above, were maybe the bitterest part of this strange Freedom journey!!!

Yet, I take full responsibility for my seemingly ‘Poor Result’ and am thankful for all my time spent in ‘The Arena‘!

It may seem perverse, but for the ‘Truth Explorer’, no matter how ‘Hopeless and Helpless’ the ‘conclusions’ are, in their truth, they are the pursued Success!

In my conclusions I’m certainly not here trying to promote doom, gloom, or spread apocalyptic fear. There are too many people doing that with wrongly motivated, self-serving goals.

This line below, from Wallace-Wells’ book ‘Time to Panic’, epitomizes this fear:

“Which is one last argument for catastrophic thinking: What creates more sense of urgency than fear?”

Just like Ignorance, Fear is not the path to Freedom, and I sense more and more of us are seeking authentic Freedom: That being freedom from the burden of some very, very inconvenient, ‘Tragedy Truths’.

First steps to Freedom: The Hopeless Conclusion

Beyond the ‘Team Humanity’ shock above, arriving at the Hopeless and Helpless conclusions have probably been the hardest truths I have ever had to swallow!

So, believe me, if I could have ‘produced’ more Hopeful‘alternative facts’ I would have preferred that more popular outcome!!

If the Hopeless and Helpless sound very binary and defeatist, as an always “Hopeful’ and never ‘Helpless’, solo adventurer, I struggled with that a huge amount myself! With hindsight I can see that this struggle was one of the keys for my passage to Freedom.

I sense we will all have to eventually define our own Hopeless / Helpless lines, but you may find ‘my’, Hopeless definition and exploration useful, here.  My Helpless disposition is covered later in this e-letter.

Underpinning my Hopeless conclusion, I uncovered what I call, the ‘Decoys of Hope’:  These are distant, shimmering ‘Oases of Hope’. Yet in their ‘mirage truth’, they “lure or entice us away from our intended course, and typically into a trap”. (Oxford Dictionary.)

In the context of ‘our voyage‘, The Trap”, being one of arriving at a state of ‘Terminal Hopelessness’.  

THE Nine ‘Decoys of Hope’

I have identified, Nine ‘Decoys of Hope’, that today, are leading ‘us’ to the Terminal Hopelessness Trap.

They are listed below:  (Click on each one to understand more about the ‘false hope’ behind that decoy.)

1. It’s ‘ONLY’ about Carbon Emissions.

2. All’s OK: We have The Right Goals for The Right Success.

3. ‘Team Humanity’ Today is The Right Team for The Challenge.

4. Green Growth and More ‘Neoliberalism’ will Solve it.

5. The Climate Change ‘Movement’ will show THE Way.

6. Technology will Save US.

7. Democracy will Take US There.

8. We Have Time..!

9. Hope is THE Plan, with No Plan B.

Trust Me!! My Valuable Disinterest!

No doubt, most would have thought about the issues connected to many of these Decoys. There are also plethora of publications covering them, the majority take an opposing stance to my views, and the Decoy conclusions.

Clearly, it’s very personal, and for each to decide what truth, and truth strategy, works best for them.

In that pursuit I caution that ‘vested interest’ has been one of the biggest barriers to truth, that I witnessed ‘out there’. In that context, I present my claim for a ‘Five Star Disinterested’, rating’ here!.

In the context of all the above, I’m satisfied that over the past five years and more, I have explored these nine areas, individually and collectively, with intensity and thoroughness, like few would have ever done. And in my truth sharing I feel you are getting a deep part of ME!        

I realize that some may be way ahead of me in your ‘voyage conclusions’, whether that be intuitive or from rigorous exploration: I hope in the reflection space of this e-letter you find further validation of your truths.

Hopeless, but not yet Helpless?

Beyond the Hopeless conclusion above, the issue of my Helpless relationship to it, is naturally, something a lot more personal.

I sense just like what I did, many will also be asking: “So, if it IS Hopeless, what then can I do to help ‘Our Situation’?”

Feel good change, focusing on Plastic cupsRecycling, ‘Veganism’, or trying to get people to Stop Flying, etc, was never My Goal. These are all necessary but really are just symptomatic of THE ProblemRead why I stopped Flying here.

THE Problem………THE Solution!

I have always seen the conflict between Nature and Humanity as being a human, ‘Way of Life’ problem: One requiring fundamental and Systemic / ‘Ideology’ change. Read why here.

In my sharing of the specifics the ‘Nine Decoys of Hope’, it should be clear that this Systemic / Ideology change is deeply connected to each one. Without Ideology change, which requires ‘radical’, Systemic change, I have absolutely no doubt that our voyage will always remain Terminally Hopeless.

Further, I have never been more convinced than now, that all efforts short of this radical change agenda are merely tinkering with the milestone dates for that progressive extinction.

Yet since 2016, almost all global elections have had voters choosing this tinkering (at best) path, and so continuing our voyage on its ‘Not to BE‘, path!

Money should grow on Trees: My Plight to Helplessness!

Tinkering‘, in seemingly offering a convenient solution avoiding significant social disruption, is deemed heroic. Yet history will show that this was cowardly.

Having worked deep within the capitalist system, some of that in the Financial Services industry, I have long concluded that ‘Money’, and its Role in Society, is at the centre of this ‘Ideology’ problem:

How ‘Money’ is Issued, Earned, Valued and Used in society today.

I concluded that globally, we need a new socio-economic system where Money literally does: ‘Grow on Trees’!!!

Essentially if we linked the only issuance of money to ‘Trees’, and our global currency was Leaves, while everything we needed was priced in those Leaves, with our individual spending being limited by our fair share of the limited amount of Leaves available globally, our ‘Climate Tragedy’ situation would change ‘overnight’:

 From the ‘Hopelessness of Today, to the birth of new, Flourishing Success!

Fairness would necessarily replace Freedom in our values hierarchy, and not being a fan of handouts, charity or altruism: Nobody gets ‘A single Leaf’ unless they have contributed ‘fairly’ to the ‘Tree planting’ efforts!

Sadly, because of our global addiction to Americanismthese are not tenets of a vision that win elections today!  That’s an indictment on ‘us’ the electorate!

Beyond Green Dreams to Red Reality

The ‘Tree Economy’ above a bit tongue in cheek, yet analogous to the serious, new Socio-Economic / Ideology solution that I have worked on for the past two years.

One that has all of Humanity living within One Point Zero, Planet’s Natural Resources as its highest Global Goal of Success.

Over the years I have shared its concepts and architecture with many academic, politician, and businessman, alike. One for Beyond Americanism, with a ‘New Money‘. Feeling like an adventure? Read about it here.

Beyond democratic solution, I searched ‘the world’ for partners for an embryonic ‘Movement’ that could pursue the New Vision. Read about how that movement would work here.

Rejection, Ridicule and Buffoonery!

All this with Team Humanity as the chronic patient, yet only to face almost total rejection and being treated with mostly disdain, ‘comrade’ or buffoonery, ridicule. The lonely road of ‘The Truth Explorer’!!   Read more here.

Yet almost everyone I met, agreed that ‘The System’ today is “Broken”, while they unashamedly admitted they were deeply ‘invested’ in its healthy continuation, so they could continue feeding off it cherished fruits!

I now understand that their reaction wasn’t about me, but rather a reaction in their fear of the brutal truths of ‘our voyage’.

Those few that warmed to my proposals, always concluded:

“Your System is exactly what’s needed, but you are dreaming ‘mate’: Capitalism is here forever, and surely you of all people, should know that you are wasting your time?!” Read why Capitalism, isn’t the problem, but rather it’s ‘us’, here.

Time is Now Up: I’m really now Helpless!

I can see It was too radical for ‘Today’.

Maybe for the future, when the Greta’s of Today are in Power?

Or is that why we are entering the ‘Climate Tragedy’ stage:

Behind the ‘We have Time’, Decoy of Hope, is the truth that we ‘We don’t have (that) Time’, and so, history will show that actually ‘it’ was:

Not ‘Ahead of its Time’, but actually, ‘Too late’!

So, in the context of the Hopelessness of all the Nine Decoys of Hope, I have failed to find any other way to connect my ‘package of offerings’ to ‘a place in society’.

Further, I now understand why almost all the global election results since 2016 have been ‘Not to Be’, outcomes, and will continue being that way for years to come?

I hope you will also see that the answer lies in the Nine Decoys: They enable the problem of voter Ignorance, Lethargy, and Slavery  mentioned higher up:

   THIS state of ‘we’ the public is THE Real Tragedy of the ‘Climate Tragedy’!!

So, in these hard-won truths I have had to reluctantly accept that I’m Helpless to contribute any ‘more’ than the conclusions in this e-letter, to the course of ‘our voyage’.

Some Takes for You?

A year back while still in ‘the ‘misery stage’ of the Truth to Freedom journey I’d not been able to put out this ‘open kimono’, sharing communication!

So, let’s never lose sight of that fact that Freedom is the goal for ‘Truth‘.

In the context of the unfolding ‘Climate Tragedy‘, this whole e-letter is essentially about helping others with their own ‘Truth to Freedom‘ pursuit.

I understand it’s a very personal journey, but I know myself, that knowing one isn’t alone, and witnessing someone else’s struggle (and buffoonery!) is often helpful, entertaining, and inspiring!!!

In my personal Helpless conclusion, I don’t want to distract anyone from seeking their own, life enhancing, Help-ing connection to these truths.

My frustrated effort doesn’t mean all will perceive it the same way and / or be similarly frustrated by the power of the Nine Decoys.

On the contrary, if just one person turns my Hopeless / Helpless conclusions into a ‘Help-ful’, not Helpless opportunity for them, my whole contribution to Humanity would take a step up.

With the hindsight of my five years, and now my ‘life void’ in my conclusions, I honest believe that there are few more meaningful ‘places’ in society to contribute, if one REALLY can. However, ‘Be aware’:

Over the past year I was presented with offers to ‘Help’. Upon investigation, it was clear that they were based on having Hope in one or more of The Decoys.  I see this as being tantamount to helping catalyse Humanity’s self-extinction. I will never be part of that, no matter what potential kudos attached.

I’ll rather remain more ‘Helpful and Free’, in my current, Hopeless / Helpless state.

     Good luck with ‘Your Voyage’ as a fellow human on ‘Our Voyage’!!

The Future for ME……. ???

In many ways, this e-letter is my final Rite of Passage step in my Truth to Freedom journey.

It is also The End of my One Point Zero quest.

I live Life as a Series of Adventures!  Three to five year ‘ones’. Always Onward and Upward from each, to ever increasing personal, Life Mastery. 

Courage to Truth, Truth to Freedom, Freedom to Power, is the core thread of each adventure. Reflection between each the vital  mortar for learning growth.

I plan to use my truths, learning and freedom in the shared context of the unfolding ‘Climate Dystopia’.  A dystopia that is no more feared in ignorance nor in conflicting truths.

Part of this adventure will involve the transformation of the One Point Zero website to one that can play a inspiring ‘adventurist’ role for all who embrace the core message of this e-letter: Those seeking to embrace personal freedom in the ‘Climate Tragedy’ phase of ‘Our Voyage’. Details in the future.

I sincerely hope you will be part of it!  Feel free to contact me on if you have any ideas and would like to be intimately part of it in collaboration!

(I believe) Life is Finite, and there is No Plan B! So, if you don’t have ‘it’ already, find your ‘Arena of Truth’ and become that Man or Woman in ‘It’!

PS:    Sadly, we live in an age of the ‘deceptive influencer’! So if you want to understand more about my deeper motive for all my sharing in this e-letter, read here.


Covid-19: ‘We’ Don’t Understand THE Problem!

Coronaviras: Nature’s Antidote to OUR Cancer?


THE Problem is that TRUMP is locked onto The WRONG Problem!

THE Problem is this:   ‘We‘ have near Terminal Cancer, not a Coronavirus Problem. Read more here.

THE CURE:     Could be Coronavirus??!   Yet the ‘The Wizards‘, blinded by Power and Ego, wanting to be ‘War Time’ leaders, foolishly declare WAR on Nature!!  That  when Without Nature WE are NOTHING!!!

Coronovirus IS Nature’s antidote for OUR Cancer!   OR

Are ‘WE‘ courageous enough to use THIS MOMENT of Nature’s ‘teaching’ to Help OURSELVES, with our own, human designed, ‘medication’? And that not being a Vaccine!

Rather a Diet plan:    New Money diet for Way Over Consuming Humans! Read here

The Wizards are looking for solution in Economic Growth and Stock Market Rallies. See why ‘WE’ need this Recession so badly.  The Wizards needs to convert The Unfolding Recession into a Utopian Recession. The MOMENT is with US NOW! Read why here.

Sadly, With the most chronically ill, cancer patients ‘In-Charge’, I sense this is a Hopeless thought!   But since 2016, in ‘OUR’, Not to BE votes around the world,  ‘We’ the voters have elected them, and so it’s ultimately:  OUR Fault!

To BE or Not To Be?  Sadly, with the only remotely, ‘To Be‘ candidate, Berine Sanders, now virtually out of contention, November 2020 looks like ‘Yet Another ‘Not to BE’ vote in the USA‘!

                       Clearly ‘WE’ don’t want to Help Ourselves! 

              It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless

                                       In those Truths I’m Liberated

           “The Truth will set you free, but first it will make you Miserable.”                                                                                                                              James A. Garfield

Coronavirus: Time to reflect on ‘our’ ‘Not to Be’ Global Election Results

Will ‘The Crowd’ Learn?????

From 2016 to 2019, Elections around The World:

I wonder how many of ‘us’, with 2020 hindsight, would be voting To BE’, rather than helping all the ‘Not to BE’ election results ‘we’ achieved?

More Americanism is the Not to BE, path. Read here.

With Bernie Sanders, and his ‘To BE’ package, looking like he isn’t  going to make it, 2020 is looking like ‘we’ may not have changed in view?

If IT is now, Hopeless and I’m Helpless, I can see why that’s what I should have voted too….

But was it Hopeless back then? And were ‘we’ Helpless’ then?

Were ‘our’, ‘Not To BE’votes what has made it Hopeless?

When do we each make our own mindful, informed, personal decisions on that Hopeless and Helpless, or Not?

Does this even matter, when we can rather stay busy in ‘The Crowd’, and free of exploring Truth???

I sense for each this is our own personal, ‘To BE or Not To BE’, ‘loneliness?

Soon I’ll be sharing why I believe confronting ‘this’ is the path to higher Freedom, and rather than ‘loneliness”: True Belonging!!!!

Coronavirus and Our Cancer: Will We Now Stop and Listen to Nature?

Climate Change: Nature’s Extinction Warning

September 11, the Global Financial Crisis, and our current multi-crisis, and now Coronavirus!  The Wizards are still looking in the wrong place for Solutions!

All warnings that Our Path needs a Radical Correction.

The amazing Human resolve, ‘solved’ these enormous attacks on ‘The System’, each time, we have denied our cancerous state.  But now Nature has stepped in with the terminal Extinction Warning. We won’t win this battle, so best we urgently confront ‘The Cancers’.

It goes without saying:  We are living in deeply unsettling times. Both in the USA, and globally, there is deep existential exploration for ‘The Answers’, but surely we first need to diagnose the problem? And Trump can’t be to Blame?

I wonder if you also see that these times are manifestation of a long deteriorating, Chronic Human Condition, and how it has notably intensified in recent years?

So, let’s trace this ‘Chronic Condition’, back to its Three Cancers. Cancers that largely went ignored for decades, but are now each in chronic state and further, metastitising off each other:

Cancer One:  ‘The Divide’   (The Wealth Gap and more..)

This is the ever increasing ‘gap’ between the wealthy and non-wealthy, the so-called Rich and Poor, The Elite and non-elite, The 1% and the 99%, etc. Whether The Divide be between Nations, inside Nations, or intergenerational, neither its existence, nor its growth can be denied.

Wealth is directly linked to Power. Increasingly powerless, those on the other side of The Divide, are revolting with anger and resolve. turning against ‘The System’, they see as the creator of their downward spirally, increasingly hopeless predicament.

Both in the US and globally, this ever-increasing Divide is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to society unrest today, and its cancer has reached chronic state.    Read more on The Divide here.

Cancer Two: ‘The Void’  (A Lack of a ‘Cosmic Context’ for Living )

‘The Void’, is essentially the manifestation of the non-existence of any ‘Beyond Human’, Higher Context, for Human Life. Ie  Morally / Ethically and ‘Grand Truths’ contexting of how us humans fit in to the greater scheme of The Planet and The Universe?

Essentially this a Spiritual Void, but beyond a narrow, religious connotation.

Religion has largely provided this ‘context’ in the past, but today, Religion, Science, Technology, and New Age Spirituality, in their unique ways, have all made their significant, albeit sometimes unintended, contributions to the rapid ballooning of  The Void.

Americanism ideology, with capitalism as its engine, and human created money as its blood, has almost become the new, and unlikely, ‘Spiritual’ context for Life.

Where Unfettered Freedom and Hedonistic Happiness are deemed ‘Spiritual Success’, Materialism the mode, and Money the means. Void of any ‘Higher Belonging‘ context this has produced the dysfunctional, fear driven, hedonistic, ego-centred, ‘money grabbing’, society that we see today.  One increasingly disconnected from Nature.

Humanity is in a cancerous, Spiritual Belonging crisis, and The Void is its ‘witness of account‘.  Read more on The Void here.

Cancer Three:  The Chasm   (Nature and Humanity)

The Chasm is the ever-widening ‘relationship impasse’ between Nature and Humanity. It started with a fracture back in 1969, and as the graph below shows has increased in size ever since. This to our current situation where our total human demand on Nature’s bioregenerative resources, requires more than One Point Seven EarthsThat 70% more than Nature’s, One Earth, full ‘output’, can provide. In a US context:

If everyone in the world, lived like the average American today, ‘we’ would need almost Five Planets!! (All the Ecological Footprint data is thanks to the Global Footprint Network.)

Climate Change is really just one of the many symptoms of The Chasm, and undeniable evidence of the cancer of this long-broken relationship between Nature and Humanity, Read the full script on The Chasm here.

“It’s all about ‘Our Human Belonging’ ….Stupid!”

The Divide, ‘The Void, and ‘The Chasm, the cancers of Our Chronic Condition are all pointing to a deep Human Belonging Crisis.

This at the Individual, Society, Nations, and ‘Cosmic’, levels. The world’s adoption of Americanism ideology as our ‘religion’ is the seemingly fatal flaw.

To avoid a cancerous demise, we urgently need a dramatic course change towards a, ‘Cancer Free’, ‘New Belonging’ context. No nation is immune, nor exempt from being vital collaborators in this cancer like, Humanity Existential Challenge.

As ‘THE most powerful nation in The World’, The World looks to the US to lead the way to this ‘New Belonging’, context, but the path is short cutting us to Exctinction.

In the past two years, Trump has shown the world clearly how he sees this ‘New Belonging’ working!  Both for himself and America: His stance epitomises Americanism, but just for America.

The World has understandably ‘Not reacted well’!

At the same time………

America has moved into its own ‘deepest ever’ National Belonging Crisis.
But is it Fair to Blame Donald Trump?

Trump merely is a product of Amercanism, and a growing number of Americans are are seeing the cancer of Americanism. This isn’t about Americans, but rather about and Americanism ideology that has overtaken  The World.

In our ever increasingly secular world,  and the vast and expanding Spiritual Void, Americanism is now a de factor religion, and the most popular one globally by far.

At the heart of the ideology is a illusion of Freedom. This beyond Democratic freedom, but rather an Individual Freedom Dream linked to Economic Freedom ‘Success’. A Freedom now free of any Spiritually based moral / ethical restraint, and driven by an algorithim that promises more unconstrained freedom with more money, wealth and power. A Freedom that works on Machaivellian Competion requiring Domination and Exploitation of others.   This breeds a cancerous Freedom that is void Responsibility:  Resposibility to some bigger, cosmic story.

Facebook (and all its social media offshoots), Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, AirBnB, all the Chinese equivalents, etc are the pervaders of Americanism. Systemitizing, human relations, so we are all Americanised in relationship Contact, with capitalist rewards for each one of us, as the Only Goal.

In Nature and Our Spiritual conection lies our ONLY source of solution. We did belong deeply ‘ONCE”, and therein lies hope….

     Without Nature We Are Nothing!

In the above mantra is ‘The Bigger Cosmic Belonging Story‘!

Davos Hopelessness……?!

Hopefully The Wizards at Davos this week, start seeking Architects… ?    And Urgently!
                               Read more here.

The WORLD doesn’t have ‘The Design‘…..To replace Americanism, and its turbocharged engine: Capitalism. The wizards are too busy living it up in Davos, and networking to make ‘More and More’!
That’s because the Elite want their Cake and Still Eat it!!  For them Today’s ‘Americanism’ is THE Design.
The only design they know is one that requires the cake to be devoured until Extinction!  For Them in the short term, at the expense of The Exploited!
Fairness is not a part of Americanism’s Selfish, Individualism. Yet Fairness is about ‘all of us’ having access to Our Fair Share.  Read here.
Greed is Not a Virtuous Value found in Nature, and yet us Humans (or the elite Humans) Believe Greed is Good!
The Planet is like OUR truely awesome ‘Cake’ provided by Nature, but devouring it like we are, Nature has long given up being able to keep it ‘Our Cake.’  ‘Our Cake‘ is our ONLY real food:  Everything we NEED comes from it!
We have already eaten half the cake, and now wondering why ‘something is missing’!
One Point Zero is THE Answer:  A Fair and Flourishing World, where ‘Our Cake’ can repair itself again.
THE Design needs to be one that Eliminates The Chasm, The Divide, and The Void.  This is why the Republicans and Democrats are confused by the new wants of the Social Democrates….: Climate and Socialism are aligned as one, symbiotic:  Each needing of each other for their solution.
Without Radical Socialism, The Climate Problem will NEVER be Solved. And without the Climate Threat, Socialism will never be contemplated by the Greedy Elite Capitalists.
Too many people see socialism as Communism, but there is a fully liberating ‘Socialism’, and it starts with us all being given Our Fair share of the Natural resources of Nature’s planet. We are then free to do with that with what we each personally desire.
The Davos Wizards will never look there, because they will lose WHAT they are, and struggle to find WHO they are?
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UNIPCC Madrid: More Wasted Time!

Where are Modern Day Architects?
Certainly None in the 22 000 IPCC people attending the UN meeting in Madrid! 
Old Words of ‘Appropriate Wisdom’:       


– Buckminster Fuller

Time is running Out for Radical Re-design:
Where are Modern Day Architects?
Certainly None in the 22 000 IPCC people attending the UN meeting in Madrid! 

The only ‘Architects’ that I see around, are those who don’t seem to buy into Our Human Existential Imperative:

That to Live Within One Planet’s bioregenetaive resources:

One Point Zero world. A world where there is No Chasm. A world where the Earth Overshoot Day, ‘Book of Accounts‘ only has ‘black ink’ figures. That is the mandatory, highest condition, of  ‘The Design‘ brief.

Being an architect for the ‘cop out’ 1.5 Degree C or 2.5 Degree C ‘Acceptable Warming’, ‘New world’ design, is not the brief Buckminster would have accepted.

I’m convinced that in his context he would have said that that is a the job of the Victim Architect.  ‘We’ are starting with the ‘Wrong Brief‘, because we fear the ‘Three Red Arrows‘ reality, and in that fear we will be designing ours selves into ‘victimhood‘.

I wonder if Mr Buckminster believed in ‘Magic’?  Magic in Design’? Read more here!

Each day of the ‘Current Apathy’, brings Revolution closer, and out of neccessity now, this is becoming THE ONLY path for Solution!

A Revolution that brings on The Perfect Recession that saves Humanity from the Greed we cannot resist of Thin Air Money. Read here.

‘To Be’ OR ‘Not to BE’?????

‘The Chasm’:  Splitting Humanity

The Chasm: It’s not quite about ‘Heaven and Hell sides across the Chasm yet, but no physical chasm on our planet today, can start to help us imagine the magnitude of our One Point Seven and increasing, Chasm between, Nature and Humanity.

‘The Chasm’ is the ever-widening disconnect in the relationship between Humanity and Nature. A ‘Silent Divorce’, because on the one side, through our Western Ideology, Humans are anthropocentrically arrogant, and on the other side Nature, as the ‘Higher Power‘ couldn’t care less!!

The first fracture in The Relationship was back in 1970, as we started demanding more from Nature, than Nature could provide. Back then few were aware of its ‘relationship severing’ significance for human life.

Ever since then, that crack has been growing wider and wider to become the vast Chasm of today.  Nature has long abandoned us, and is taking its natural corrective action burgeoning imbalance we are creating. Nature‘s goal is protection of the planet ecosystem, and eradication of the forces challenging the constant process of re-balance, and where necessary to establish new equilibrium free of the agitators (Humans!).

‘To BE’ or ‘Not to BE’?: The UK to follow Australia?

In every election around the world there is a chance for ‘US’, the voters, to ‘Have Our Say‘ on Our Extinction Problem!
12th December 2019:  The UK electorate have their chance to choose?
 ‘To BE’, or ‘Not to BE?  Their options are very clear. 
What will their decision be?:
Read the ‘Extinction’, or ‘Not Extinction’, choice, Australians faced on 18 May 2019 here:

In every single election around the world, it will be as clear as in Australia what is the  ‘To BE‘, and what the ‘Not To BE‘  choices are.

Once we understand THE Problem:   The Choice is then ‘Black and White’.

So YES, we can do ‘something’:

We MUST vote. Surely it MUST be ‘To BE‘!

‘IT’ is not ‘Climate Change’ Stupid?

 The REAL Inconvenient Truth!! ‘Our Problem’ IS

Our Problem is not one of Fossil Fuels and / or Emissions.  These are symptoms of a much Deeper problem! A Problem that Politicians and even the UN fail to acknowledge. It takes Courage to Face The REAL Inconvenient Truths, and that courage is short in today’s world of Identity Politics!

Our Problem is one of a flawed Ideology, one that requires us all to compete, consume, and strive for more and more ‘To Be Happy’. (Whether that be striving at the individual, community, nation or global levels. Globally ‘we’ are a group of nations competing against each other, and then the whole of Humanity as a group,’competing’  against Nature)!)   

Americanism is the flawed ideology, a virtual religion / culture. This isn’t about Americans, as the huge unhappiness in the USA today is America challenged by Americanism.

Globally, everything’ is in the process of being globally ‘algorithmised’, into a ‘systematised’ way of living, and a way of relating to each other, with Americanism, and economic liberty as the dream! Facebook, Google, Amazon, AirBnb, Uber, Phones, Twitter, YouTube, etc…. ‘They’ and many more, not just US brands, are all built to make us interact in a certain, non-soulful way, around an Americanism ideology. This supposedly to help us be more Successful, and Economically Liberated.  

The Engine:    A turbo charged form of capitalism, is Americanism’s powerful, enabling engine.

The Fuel:  A never-ending supply of human printed money, linked to ever-expanding Debt, is this engine’s, illimitable, high-octane fuel.

The Elusive Dream:   The whole system, and our own use of personal debt, lures us into thinking we have a perpetual growth machine that will bring each of us closer to ‘The Dream Life’ and its desperate ‘prize’ of ‘Happiness’.

The current ‘Climate Change’ initiatives around the world are about Picking off this system’s easy fruit and doing a Green Energy, Blood Transfusion. This ‘remedy’ on a deeply flawed socio-economic system, built around americanism ideology, won’t solve the problem. At best it will slightly delay inevitable Extinction.

Of course, Decarbonising is needed, and fast! But decarbonising ‘something’ that is way too large, and in lifestyle design, is unfit for enabling humans to belong sustainably on the planet, is not Beginning with an End in Mind. An ‘End’ that is the begining of Sustainable life for Humans in genertions to come.

These adhoc actions, may seem expedient, and to be “at least doing something”, but it distracts us from the urgently needed, Extinction Prevention remedy. 

We don’t have time for mistakes as large as this……!!!!!

The under lying ideology is what needs to be radically changed, and this needs a unified, global effort, and us, the electorates’ around the world to want this change.

 A Key Part of any nation’s must be acknowledging that without Global plan, individual nation action is putting the ‘Extinction Prevention’ priority in the wrong place. This needs tant national plan to include radical, confrontational, Global Activism by the government and its people: For a Global Consensus on a Global Plan for Ideology change. Including, enforced, punitive sanctions for those nations (like the USA currently), not participating or obstructing consensus building. This is where justice will start.

Given the state of global unity today, the leadership of any single nation, if it chose to go it alone for even a Zero Carbon goal, would be committing almost all individual nation inhabitants, to a foolish path of increasing misery.

This while ‘the world’ looks on protecting their economies, and the current Humanity Path to Extinction, is materially unchanged. Trying to keep the economy afloat to provide jobs while it is been downsized by between 50-70% is an impossible task. That’s the magnitude of the change ‘we’ need, unless one is a ‘Green Growth’, ‘sucker’.

Green Growth is a fatally flawed dream that is favoured by the elite, because it is based on the ideology of today, bringing the solution for the problem. It seen as a ‘positive solution’ for Our Problem, so like candy, it is very palatable, but bad for us! 

The ideology today is THE Problem, and as such, ‘it’ will never be able to ‘Fix Itself’.  

All the neo-liberal political parties around the world punt for Green Growth, because they are built on Americanism, and it personally works, The Dream’ for them.

It’s criminal……! Extinction will Prove it!

If we want to avoid The Extinction path and change course within a democracy context, ‘we’ have to move (quickly) to the point where: 

The Majority, ie more that 50% of all democratic electorates around the world, ‘Have to ‘Despise’ the current ideology.  That is you, me, your friends, business and the political party leadership….! 

When more than 50% of any nation (and the World) electorate ‘hates’ / opposes ‘our’ enslving Americanism ideology, the road will be clear to take The Right Action: The Right action that is needed to Solve our Extinction problem.

The problem is that ‘we’ are all part of the ideology today. Many either deeply addicted, or enslaved, and so, mostly can’t see its ‘Extinction Enabling’ flaws. 

The Green Peace Manifesto needs to be about this Ideology Change, rather than ad hoc tampering with some of The Symptoms of the flawed ideology.  

Central to this is Money:  Its place in our society, how it’s created, how it’s valued, and how it flows around society. This is a fundamental change in the way society is organised today.

We must demand this change, or else face Extinction.

Time to Confront!