Coronavirus: Time to reflect on ‘our’ ‘Not to Be’ Global Election Results

Will ‘The Crowd’ Learn?????

From 2016 to 2019, Elections around The World:

I wonder how many of ‘us’, with 2020 hindsight, would be voting To BE’, rather than helping all the ‘Not to BE’ election results ‘we’ achieved?

More Americanism is the Not to BE, path. Read here.

With Bernie Sanders, and his ‘To BE’ package, looking like he isn’t  going to make it, 2020 is looking like ‘we’ may not have changed in view?

If IT is now, Hopeless and I’m Helpless, I can see why that’s what I should have voted too….

But was it Hopeless back then? And were ‘we’ Helpless’ then?

Were ‘our’, ‘Not To BE’votes what has made it Hopeless?

When do we each make our own mindful, informed, personal decisions on that Hopeless and Helpless, or Not?

Does this even matter, when we can rather stay busy in ‘The Crowd’, and free of exploring Truth???

I sense for each this is our own personal, ‘To BE or Not To BE’, ‘loneliness?

Soon I’ll be sharing why I believe confronting ‘this’ is the path to higher Freedom, and rather than ‘loneliness”: True Belonging!!!!