The Chasm

The Chasm:   Nature and Humanity

Religious association with this Chasm representation is Unintended.     Read more below.

The Chasm is the ever-widening ‘relationship impasse’ between Nature and Humanity. It started with a fracture back in 1969, and as the graph below shows has increased in size ever since. This to our current situation when the human demand on Nature’s bioregenerative resources, is more than One Point Seven Earths:  More than 70% more that Nature at full ‘output’ can provide. (Other living ‘things’ also have a demand on these same Nature’s resources, but for this purpose we only focus on the Human Demand.  (All the Ecological Footprint data is thanks to the Global Footprint Network.)

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

This continuous and increasing over-demand on these, Nature resources, results in their depletion. This reduces Nature’s ability to recover and to provide the resources being demanded. So, the downward spiral continues, which eventually has implications in Nature’s taking action in striving to  rebalance itself.



It is in this seeking to rebalance that Climate Change takes place. Climate Change, and all that goes with that are Nature‘s systems necearry reaction to find a new equilibrium (balanced) state.

This rebalancing happens at the Macro Ecosystem Level, because all and everything is somehow intricately linked to make ‘One very Diverse, and Complex, Connected” system. This Ecosystem beyond National boundaries or Human designated boundaries, and where the distrubances may originate.

Nature, Harmony and Religion

For a more comprehensive definition of what One Point Zero sees as defining Nature, read here.

The definitions and context of Nature often go across Religious lines, and into ‘Creator debates’, and Spiritual beliefs. One Point Zero believes that existence of The Chasm, should neither be, religion, nor ‘spiritual orientation’, conflicting.

This recent (2018) quote for Narendra Modi, prime minister of India may help contextualise this:

 “For the current frightful negative impact on the environment today there is a perfect remedy, ancient Indian philosophies. Harmony between man and nature.” 

Although his comment is linked to the Hindu faith, it is seemingly of universal application, and certainly points to existence of The Chasm.

Whether we like it or not, we humans are an integral part of the planet’s system, and as such we have a non-deniable, dependent relationship with ‘it’. This relationship has some ‘expectations‘ and ‘responsibilities‘, and in return for delivering on those, Nature continues to provide what we humans need to sustain our life on The Planet.

Disregarding the relationship, or abusing it, brings consequences, and deems ‘us’ non-team players, and Nature unilaterally takes corective action. The fracture from 1969 is the evidence that we are taking more than Nature can provide, and that essentially the relationship is ‘broken’. The Chasm in its ever-widening trajectory, is indicating a ‘deep and deepening’ rift in the relationship, which in ‘team terminology’ implies a decreasing ability to provide us with what we need. As ‘over-demanders’ we are essentially not only persona non-gratia in the larger eco-system’s ‘care’ system, but its ‘cancer’. As with any the cause of disturbance Nature’s natural balancing reaction is to ‘eliminate the cause’…

So the health of the relationship is of paramount importance to Humans, and Nature can happily continue with out ‘us’. The Chasm, and its extent, is essentially the barometer for the Health / ill Health of that relationship.

The Chasm’s  ‘Side effects’ for Human Life

Some of the symptoms resulting from  The Chasm are:

Global Warming, Climate Change, Rising sea levels, extensive Loss of Planet Ecological Diversity, and Threat to both human, and non-human, forms of Planet Life.

The above essentially describes The Chasm which is one of the ‘Three Cancers‘ defining Humanity’s ‘Chronic Condition’ today.  (The other two being ‘The Divide’, and ‘The Void’.)

The Existential Crisis for US Humans?

The most obvious Human problem linked to the state of  The Chasm‘s today is that its chronic symptoms are starting to make it increasingly, more and more, uncomfortable for Human Life to firstly Flourish, and then as it widens further, to even Exist? These are the ‘chronic symptoms’, that will increasing force humans to become myopic and survival focused. As vital, basic resources become increasingly scarce, social unrest, and international conflict will escalate .

The underlying Problem behind  The Chasm is ‘our’ conscious turning of ‘our backs’ on being ‘Part of Natures Team’.  This widening The Chasm and then engaging the huge counter balancing reaction from Nature.  The result:  The ‘uncomfortable’, symptomatic outcomes (above) that we are now seeing.

This unfolding Human Existential Crisis begs the question as to why we humans are doing this?  Seemingly without any regard for our Cosmic Belonging context, and its ‘Team Rules’ and ‘Team Responsibilities’?

Essentially, we seeming to be ‘saying’ that  Humans are choosing ‘Not to Belong‘ in ‘The Team’. Worse than that we are committing the equivalent of High Treason, and destined for Self Anhiliation, by ignoring this Higher Belonging context, and its rules, and responsibilities, and a submission to Team Nature Goals.  Maybe in our ‘The Void’ of Spirituality, we don’t even see ‘The Team’?

This is not in a specific, religious context, nor anthropomorphizing Nature, or other living things, this is just about being an integral part of a dynamic system which one doesn’t control. One that is diverse and complex, and where all the pieces are interconnected in in their impact and recipient relationship.

It is in this The Void of ‘Negative Belonging‘ that our real Human Crisis lies, not the physical impact of any of Nature’s rebalancing actions.

Drastically reducing our use of Nature‘s Fossil Fuels, and replacing them with Green Energy alternatives is now an urgent imperative. See the ‘Blood Transfusion Solution‘.  However, this ‘Blood Transfusion‘ alone his will not solve our Existential Belonging crisis. One that is directly linked to a ‘Way of Life‘, and a, Belonging attitude problem.  That requires more a far challenging transformation: A human Values, Beliefs, and Defininion of Success, One!


We need to look within ourselves and ask why ‘Our Success‘ unknowingly has taken us to this chronic, Negative Belonging, Treason, and verging on Self Anhiliation, status?  There is surely something deep and challenging, about how important we have seen ourselves in the Cosmic Scheme of things, and how flawed that as been?

This can be both profound and yet deeply existentially challenging for both in the individual and society contexts.

You are encouraged to start your transformation exploration NOW!