Our One Point Zero Challenge

The Facts are:

  1. We currently need more than One Point Six Planet Earths to maintain the ecological balance and well being of our home, planet Earth!
  1. We only have ‘One Point Zero’ Earths, and so we are living beyond our Means, in conflict with Nature and have been doing so for almost half a century!
  1. We passed the ‘One Point Zero’ point back in 1970, and the rate of increase in the Earth’s needed up to our current 1.6 Earths level, has been the same since then. So, basically with all the talk, efforts and technology we have made no impact on slowing down this shocking trend, never mind turning it back!


Our One Point Zero Challenge, in the context of the ‘Our’ being Global Society Today, is about all humans taking collective Ownership for the following:

  • The shocking 1.6 Earths Ecological Overshoot today
  • The continuing  ‘Overshoot Increase’ every day
  • Making One Point Zero an Urgent and Conditional goal of Human Civilisation Success.

In this context, Ownership means:

To Understand: The Ecological Overshoot it in all its many facets of Our Planet, how Nature works, and how Human Life, impact on it.

To Commit to:  (Our individual and collective selves)

  • The Goal of eliminating the Ecological Overshoot forever
  • Within an Urgent time frame that in its re-focusing of Human Endeavour acknowledges this Goal’s conditional priority for Civilisation Success.
  • The development of a suitably ‘severe’ Global Strategy and Plan that achieves these goals, within a globally equitable, ethically and morally defensible framework.
  • Unwavering execution of The Plan, through the priority allocation of all the necessary Political, Leadership, Management, Technological, Financial, and Other resources required to achieve The Goal.
  • To be individually and collectively Open to personal Transformational Change.
  • To Facilitate, Support, Encourage, and Accept all Initiatives designed with this Goal in mind whether compromising conflicting, individual, Community, Religious, Special Interest Group, or National preferences or not.