Nature is a ‘Short Seller’….! Trying To Show US, How to Help Ourselves?!

         The ‘Three Red Arrows’ of ‘Hope’…

The good news from the graph above is that three times in the last 50 years we seem to have ‘successfully’ executed  Roll back of Earth Overshoot Day:  That for a change of course towards that ‘On Purpose’ Success we desepreately need.

So YES!  We have at least tasted the entrees of the New Journey we need to be on.

Or have we…..?

The ‘shocking’ news is that all three of these occasions were ‘Global Recession‘ times:  All were about significant shrinkage in spending and consumption!  This due to some ‘unforeseen abnormality’ that caused a disruption in the Money supply / demand situation. To find out what those recessions were read here.

Each time there was a ‘major panic’ and supposedly, ‘THE Wisest of the wise’, humans of the world, dug deep to prevent the rollback. To desperately get to the only Success ‘we’ know and back onto the ‘Off PurposeEart Overshoot Day, Rollout path.

Once ‘they’ did it ‘THE wisemen’ were celebrated as heroes: Having “Saved The World, and Humanity“!   The facts of the graph above show that ‘they’ did the exact opposite!

Dreams of ‘The Perfect Recession’

In simple analysis, what the graph is showing us, is that we need a ‘Planned Recession‘. A much deeper and much longer one, than those ones: To get us to Zero Earth Overshoot Day. (and then back into Credit with Nature) I call this ‘recession’  ‘The Perfect Recession‘:  Our despearte All Humanity, Lifeline one!

We need somewhere around a 70% reduction in ‘all the stuff’ we use that draws from Nature. Many of us have lost the connection with Nature in not seeing that ‘All that stuff’, no matter what it is, does eventually come somehow from Nature! So there is now way around it!

Obviously, many of the Sustainability Initiatives today will help, but its foolhardy thinking that they will take us all the way back to January 1, while we carry on living with all the ‘Needs and Wants’ we have today. It is not only “Foolhardy”, it is outright irresponsible, and immoral gambling of The Future, by the ‘Powers that Be’.

Healthy, Sick, or Chronically Ill?

Like the remedy of a blood transfusion, ‘many of us’ just want its instant remedy that will ‘simply’ replace our fossil fuel, contaminated blood, with clean, renewable energy, blood. Just a short ‘pitstop’ so we can then ‘just carry on’ towards the only ‘Success’ we know:  The rutted path THE System makes ‘us’ follow today.

Is a ‘blood transfusion’ all we really need?   OR……..

Do we have a much more serious, ‘obesity’ problem, linked to a ‘disorientated’ mental state: One that hypnotically allows us to accept today’s ‘System Goal’ of an ‘Off Purpose‘, as Human ‘Success‘? Maybe we are so disorientated we can’t even see our chronic ‘Chronc State‘.

Because Nature is ultimately in control of THE only, TRULY important ‘System’: THE Cosmic System:

Eventually, ‘it’ is ONLY going to be about how honestly we humans are able to assess our ‘Holistic Health’.

SO the real question today is:

Are ‘we’ perfectly healthy, mildly running a temperature, or chronically ‘ill’?

If Nature (or our creator) could speak, I have no doubt what ‘she’ would say?!

There are never any Shortsellers around Healthy People!

But isn’t this just about Climat Change and Global Warming??

For me, One Point Zero, or getting back to Zero Earth Overshoot Days, isn’t about Climate Change, neither Global Warming, nor Sustainability:

It is about our ‘Holistic Human Health’, and how that is affecting our Ultimate Spiritual Belonging.

Are we today, wrongly the vibrant humans, that were designed fit on this planet with all the other ‘vibrant parts’ of Nature‘s team?

Nature‘s ‘voice’ is coming across ever more sternly:    “No you are not. You humans need to create ‘The Perfect Recession’, rather than becoming wiser at preventing them!”

But in our anthropocentric arogance we deny our condition, and rather seek the path of least inconvenience:  The ‘Blood Transfusion’ path. Even in that pursuit, as the Earth Overshoot Day graph shows,  we are failing to embrace our poorly chosen ‘remedy’, and the urgency of its application.

Beyond mere Optimism and Hope:  ‘Pessimistic Realism’ is a vital Trait of The ‘Truth Adventurer’!

This article from the New Republic hopefully helps prepare us for the ‘Pessimistic Realist’, mindset we will need for the most courageous adventure ever:  To ‘Recession Ourselves Back‘ to that vibrant Human Health we, and future generations are rightfully deserving.  Read here.

This ‘Adventure for Humanity‘ will only start in earnest when, ‘THE Wisest of The Wise’, humans, take a truthful look at Western Ideology and The System that supports it, and are honest with ‘Our Health Check‘, and then have the courage to fix  ‘The Chronic Condition‘.

Each one of us can decide to what extent we will imitate THE System, or to what extent we will aspire for Holistic Health, and that full Nature-Belonging, vibrancy.

The Adventure to that Freedom of Health

We can all find that ‘Freedom of Health‘ ourselves, provided we he have that same courage to set our own individual adventure goals. Adventures that liberate us from the unhealthy hypnosis of THE system.

My next post will focus on how ‘THE Wise‘ are going about diagnosing ‘Our Health‘ today!