The Nine Decoys of Hope: Hoping ‘us’ to Extinction!

The Nine ‘Decoys of Hope’, that today, in their ‘False Hope’, are leading ‘us’to a ‘Terminal Hopelessness’ Trap.
Decoy One:             It’s ‘ONLY’ about Carbon Emissions 
Decoy Two:             All’s OK: We have The Right Goals for The Right Success
Decoy Three:          ‘Team Humanity’ today is The Right Team for The Challenge
Decoy Four:            Green Growth and More ‘Americanism’ Will Solve ‘it’!
Decoy Five:             The Climate Change ‘Movement’ will show The WAY
Decoy Six:               Technology will Save US
Decoy Seven          Democracy will Take Us There!
Decoy Eight:         We Have Time!
Decoy Nine:          Hope is The Plan!