‘Team Humanity’: It must ME who has it Wrong?

The Big Question and Its ‘Hopeless’ Answers

Over the past five years, in trying to be more effective, I have continually asked myself: 

“How come ‘most people’ don’t see the need for living a One Point Zero life as a ‘Real and Fundamental, ‘Being Human’ issue….?”

(The “most people”, here includes the many hundreds I have engaged with all around The World, this including many ‘Climate Change’ NGO people included!)

In wanting to ‘still’ believe in the ‘unity and goodness’ of ‘Team Humanity’, I often pondered:

What if ‘they’ didn’t know ‘The Facts’?   Well, maybe that’s sort of deserving of forgiveness……?  But then again, why don’t ‘we’ humans know these facts, and our most fundamental Human belonging requirement? Then again:   Those many people I spent time with going through The Facts, were ‘momentarily inspired‘, but then still Don’t Care!!?? It’s all bizarre!

Whichever way one looks at it the situation is a huge Indictment on Society?  Or are you missing something, Howard??

Is ‘Society’ so lost, that ‘we’ have forgotten we are Part of Nature?

Discovering the answer to this question and the fact that most people are so deeply and proudly anthropocentric,that they have no desire to even question that orientation, and its misalignment with Nature, has truly astounded me over over the years. Yet almost all have a deep affinity for BBC’s, ‘Blue Planet’, etc Nature programmes, and Hollywood’s, ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Tarzan and The Apes’, etc.? I sense, that in these ‘good intention’ stories, Nature is presented to reinforce an Anthropocentric view of The World, and a view that is void of an inclusive, Without Nature, We are Nothing, Belonging context.

I could point to many huge ‘tribes’ within Society, whose group ‘Beliefs and Values’ are in direct conflict with a Nature centric view of The World, and the Beliefs and Values needed for a One Point Zero society. Many of these groups, and the individuals within them, have serious influence as the ‘invisible hand’ that shapes The World’s, Beliefs and Values, and the future direction of Society. Most of the Western World leaders, the major philanthropists, and the large funders behind the big Climate Change NGO’s have an Americanism view of The World. Most of These people and ‘tribes’ are seen as Leaders of ‘Team Humanity‘, yet in their ‘Walk‘ they show no evidence of their alignment with the Ultimate Team GoalGreen Growth, and a slightly tweaked Americanism, is their ‘denial connection’ to ‘Doing Good‘.

Worse still, many REALLY Don’t Care!  I have witnessed this first hand so many times around The World over the last five years, that I have long lost count!

This all has been very hard to accept, OR I must re-look within, and ask the ‘already answered’ question:

                                      “That somehow I have it wrong???!!”
Either way, I have to resign from the Hopeless, ‘Team Humanity‘, that I have ‘seen’.

                               It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless


I have concluded that the only thing I may have to offer ‘Team Humanity’, is my experience from crossing The Chasm myself! You can read about that here.

However, I can see that ‘My Chasm Crossing‘ and ‘Journey to Enlightenment’ was, so unique and personal, that it is probably written off as of “No value to us, or Society“, in the following take of it:

“The journey of a madmen, and in his financial independence, and ‘strangeness of living’, there is no relevance to ‘us’, more ‘normal’ beings, living ‘normal’ existences, with all the ‘normal’ demands, attached to a life that gives us connection and belonging to a deeply entrenched Americanism Way.”

I can see how concluding a picture like the above, is both good for Society and ME!:  It enables ME to resign with a ‘Good Excuse‘ rather than admitting my Failure in ‘The Ring‘, and it has ‘enabled’ Society to have fun ‘swatting another irritating fly‘!?  In continueing the buffooney theme, read about ‘The Man in The Arena’ here!

                                It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless

I’m now Free knowing there is another ‘Arena’ I can witness to have been in, and have no doubt I was ‘The Man’ for ‘That Arena’:  This was the more than 10 year struggle to free myself from an Anthropocentric, Capitalist, Americanism, based ‘Way of Life‘ and to find what it means to ‘Belong to Nature and this Planet‘, and what ‘Being Fully Human‘, actually means….

It is from this hard won context that I derive the clarity of the above dire situation of ‘Team Humanity‘ !  Yet unless one has travelled the path one wouldn’t know my perspective exits nor the value of taking the seemingly perverse Chasm Crossing adventure.

The hard won moral / ethical pillars of strength enable me to withstand the above ‘disappointment’ and know that it isn’t ME, and I gave it All I had for the five years and more I was in ‘The Arena‘!  Whether seen by others as ‘Shadow Boxing‘ or Not, for me it was a huge, ‘Life Enhancing’, Adventure!