Our Only Ever Rollback Successes: The Three Recessions

           The Three Recessions in the last 50 Years

                                                                             Don’t know what Earth Overshoot Day means. Read here.

The ‘Three Red Arrows‘, Recessions and the only times in History that we have ‘Rolled Back’ our ever growing Debt with Nature.  And to quote Wikipedia:

Recession One:

“The early 1980s recession in the United States began in July 1981 and ended in November 1982. One cause was the Federal Reserve’s contractionary monetary policy, which sought to rein in the high inflation. “

Recession Two

“The recession of the early 1990s lasted from July 1990 to March 1991. It was the largest recession since that of the early 1980s and contributed to George H.W. Bush’s re-election defeat in 1992.”

Recession Three

We all know only too well the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, that caused the ‘blip’ rollback in 2009.  The ongoing sluggish global recover is probably a big contributor to the subsequent flatter trend from 2008 to the present!