It’s Hopeless & Here’s Why!

         The Beacons To Our Extinction

Below are the Nine ‘Decoys of Hope’ that have seduced ‘us’ into their Trap of Terminal Hopelessness.
Decoy 1:     It’s ‘ONLY’ about Carbon Emissions 
Decoy 2:    All’s OK:  The Right Goals for The Right Success
Decoy 3:    ‘Team Humanity’: Right Team for The Challenge
Decoy 4:   Green Growth & More ‘Americanism’ Will Solve ‘it’!
Decoy 5:    The Climate Change ‘Movement’ leads THE WAY
Decoy 6:    Technology will Save US
Decoy 7:     Democracy will Take Us ‘There’!
Decoy 8:     We Have Time!
Decoy 9:     Hope is ‘THE Plan’!


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