The Photo Gallery: Simply Adventure: A Way of Life!

Some Inspiration:      Without Nature WE are Nothing!

Click on the link below for an e-book that shows a range of photos that try capture to Breadth and Depth of my Simply Adventure 12 Years, and the linkage between Freedom, Simplicity, Exploring, Nature, Belonging, our Identity, and finally a Grand  Adventure!

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NOTE:   The e-book takes a short while to load so be patient and I think you will be well rewarded!

THE Journey without Destination, and yet to Belonging!
There can’t be followers for, each creates their own Journey.
Or does destiny do it for ya??

See the pics, and make your call…..!

Are YOU living YOUR adventure???????

The sun does eventually set…..   Or is that a sun RISE!!  It depends on our views, hey?

Have you seen the sun set in The East……?

………..And what about the sun rise in The West?

It does, some times?  Watch for the next ‘eclipse’  of your mind?