Decoy of Hope Three: ‘Team Humanity’ Today is The Right Team for The Challenge.

What Team(S) do ‘WE’ Need?

Anyone who has participated in challenging team pursuits will know that to ‘win’, requires a Clear Team Goal of Success, and then a finely coordinated, team ‘organised for success’ with unified Beliefs, Values and Commitment to the uncompromising pursuit of that Goal.

For all members of the team, an ethic of Team goals before Individual ones is mandatory. Anything less will not achieve a Team ‘win’, and the more challenging the goal the more clearly Focused, Coordinated and Committed that team needs to be.

Our ‘Climate challenge‘, and THE Problem behind it present a ‘Team Challenge’ of unprecedented Global proportion, one surely requiring from top Leadership of Humanity to the individual, this same Winning team, modus operandi.

The UNFCCC secretariat (UN Climate Change) facilitates what could be deemed to be the highest-level ‘Team Humanity’ leadership / coordination towards its solution. (There is no other ‘Team Humanity’ forum.)

The wealth of evidence suggests that right at the highest level this ‘team’ is far from the Right Team ‘we’ need for The Challenge. (That not even taking into the account Trump pulling the US out of the team.)

Most people I talk to have long accepted that the UN Climate change process has lost its way, and that The Team have delivered essentially nothing in progress to solving THE Problem. As highlighted in other ‘Decoys’, not even the Team Goal is Right!

Yet in this huge indictment of critical required, exemplary Team Leadership standards, our Hope that ‘we can do it’ hasn’t faded. I can only conclude that ‘we’ must have resorted to a Hope linked to own Team being able to ‘Do it’!

Yet, below this UN, Highest Team level, one has to only look into the nations and ask oneself the question:  Which single nations have the Right Team for The Right Goal?

Many nations are heavily divided on the climate issue, and my conclusion to the question above was:  “Very few, if any!”

Drilling down further, within nations, we have to ask ourselves, what Right Team with the Right Goal are ‘we’ each a part?

And are ‘we’ Individually a Right Team Member?

Do we even know what defines Right Goal and Right Team?

There are many groups doing amazing things, so this ‘Decoy’ isn’t about them. This is about ‘us’ collective Humanity being organized for Collective Success?

I have sadly had to conclude that there are very few teams of any size around the world that are organized as The Right Team for The Right Goal.

Essentially, I found that that a Right Team Humanity is Non-existent, and it was on this sad finding that I had to ‘Self Resign‘ from  ‘Team Humanity’. Well that non-existent, ‘Team Humanity’ that I believed is needed.

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