Decoy of Hope One: It’s ONLY about Carbon Emissions

It’s ONLY about Carbon Emissions

This ‘logic’ behind this ‘Hope’ goes like this:

“We have a ‘Climate Problem’.     That, because excessive, Human based, Carbon Emissions are causing the Planet Warming.   The warming is causing our Climate problem, and our Climate Problem will make it increasingly more ‘uncomfortable’ for us to exist on the planet.

So the conclusion is: “All’ we have to do is Reduce Carbon Emissions to solve it!”

Yes, Carbon Emissions are the biggest contributor to the ‘climate changing’, yet the ‘climate changing’ is only a symptom of a much deeper, more serious, human existential problem:

Our emissions and the planet’s natural ability to sequestrate them is just one symptom ‘telling’ us of a tragic, rape and pillage story.

One of unprecedented and exponential rape of all the planet’s natural resources by humans. Including the rapid depletion of all those bio generative resources that we critically need to sustain everyday life.

THE problem is a Human One, not a Carbon Emission One.

That ‘Human One’ being that ‘we’ have long lost our understanding of how to live as part of this planet and within its ecosystem. ‘We’ have sadly, lost our spiritual connection with Nature and our home. That loss being both collectively, and mostly individually.

This requires Transformational Change in Beliefs and Values, and what most of the World defines as ‘Success’ today.  A world that is is engulfed by Americanism. The problem is one of an aspirational ‘Way of Life‘that is in direct conflict with Nature.   That massive ‘ideological change‘ can only be enabled through a radical redesign of our socio-economic system.

Because of the immediacy of the increasing discomfort of the ‘climate changing’ from Emissions ‘we’ have chosen to ignore the deeper truth and pick out Carbon Emissions as the urgent and only priority.

In the process it has become THE Problem, and so distracting us, from coming ‘face to face’ with The Real Problem we face.

Further, in the pursuit of solutions to this Narrow Carbon Emission problem there is a utopian belief that has seduced the marketers of hope: That belief being, that the world of today can ‘all be powered’ by ‘green energy’, and that solution is magically free of any counter draws on the planet’s natural resources.

Further, as desperation sets there is a growing ‘hope’ on creative carbon accounting with seductive utopian initiatives around Zero carbon, Net Zero Carbon, Zero Fossil Fuels, Carbon offsetting, Foresting solutions, and Carbon Trading, seemingly providing ‘simple’, convenient, low-intrusive, solutions.

In the One Point Zero Government papert submission on this Not Carbon Emission problem, read the whole story here.

Engulfed by THIS towering Decoy of Hope, we are not standing back taking a holistic view and ensuring that our focus is holistic and focused at really solving THE Real Problem.

This is Not Courage to Truth. With the electorates of the world being Ignorant, Lethargic, and Enslaved in Americanism, ‘we’ aren’t demanding Leadership to set The Right Non-Emissions Only agendas.  The problem is THAT, not the Politicians. We elect ‘Our Leaders’!  Never mind the above ‘Carbon Emissions Only’ problem:  Since 2016 almost every global election has returned a result that is about ‘Keeping Going and More of the Same‘!

The longer we do this the harder it becomes to solve Our Real Dilemma.