Pole to Pole: The 12 Year Foundation Block

2004 to 2016   The ‘Ultimate Exploration’:            Pole to Pole and More……

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4s TDA 8 March Isiolo 034a

Cairo to Cape Town Bicycle, 2007:

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6 Sunsets etc 23 dec 001

Sailing Solo across the North Atlantic, 2007:

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Canada to the North Pole, Ski, Walk, and Swim.  2010:

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South Pole Solo Ski, 2011:

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D typical view from canoe

Canoeing  the Yukon River, Canada, with my Blind Friend, 2011:

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Quetico Canoe Expedition, Canada,  with my Blind Friend, 2012:

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Solo Cycling /Kayaking Siberia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia 2012 (3 Months)  

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Africa 2 778s

Motorcycle Africa Solo  30 000 kms, 2013/14 (11 months):

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Sailing across the Pacific 2014 (5 Months)

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