Decoy of Hope Eight: We Have Time!

I have no doubt that future generations will look back at ‘us’ and say with justified anger, that ‘we’ REALLY wasted the time ‘we’ had to prevent the Tragedy. The Tragedy, that ‘they’ no doubt will be fully engulfed in by then.

But?!   ‘They’ maybe like ‘us’ today, will also be saying: ‘We have Time”!

This begs the questions:   Who is the ‘We’ today? And then, ‘Time’ for What?

How we each today define that “We” and the “What” then contexts our very personalized judgment on this ‘Time adequacy’’!

Whether one is a climate denier, informed activist, or merely a citizen of the world, we all consciously or subconsciously, define our own ‘We’, ‘What’, and then make our personal call on the ‘Adequacy of Time’.

Further, my exploring has found that with greater unveiling of the true magnitude and urgency of the situation, ‘we’ conveniently redefine the ‘What’ to be a more personally distanced one. We also reduce the “We” from the “We” of Humanity nearer to just the ‘We’ of ourselves, and immediate family!

This all trying to ‘expand time’ and to bring personal conclusion, that ‘We have Time’.  This all no matter what truths the macro realities present. Climate denial being the ultimate illusionary, time creator!

This context ambiguity, happening uniquely within almost every human is the fuel that makes this Decoy of Hope so pervasive and dangerous for Collective Solution.

Yet, in its decoy hope, it is so comforting and personally liberating!

Beyond our own struggle, the picture being created by those in power and close to The Problem often helps our ‘time creation’ efforts

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In this age of instant gratification and short term, myopic focus, a problem that can be solved within the next ten years, is mentally moved way down the priority list of most human beings. Almost presenting a welcomed relief in its, seemingly, highly credible, messenger.

Yes, there is a sense of ‘decade like’ urgency in that message, but sadly in the context of the public ignorance and lethargy, and the witnessed ‘UN’ slow progress to date, this is actually a “We have time” message. Fueling further Hope in that Decoy!

Seemingly well meaning, yet confusing messages like this, are pervasive in UN, Government, and Climate Change Movement communications:  The “Its urgent but not so urgent!” message is an attempt to communicate urgency, but without the truths of the urgency.  This for fear that the real, ‘We are out of Time’ truths may create panic urgency, despair or disabling fear.

Clearly given the lack of progress made at the UN / Government levels, this confused urgency culture has impacted the productivity of those who are seemingly at the ‘urgency centre’ for fixing ‘The Problem’.

In the message behind the message, these ‘still 10 years’, messages also seduce one into believing that the problem is Only one of Not Acting, and when we act it will Be OK!

The implication being that The Problem is known, the Solution is known, and only Action for Solution is now needed.

That provided We Act within the Ten Years!

My explored truths that I share elsewhere in the Decoys, have concluded a quite different truth:  That The Problem is a one of a Systemic nature, and One we do not yet have a Solution. One requiring significant and disruptive socio-economic transformation. That on a global scale never before envisaged, let alone experienced.

To follow the blood transfusion analogy through, we have a body infested with long undiagnosed cancer, and while the situation isn’t yet terminal, the treatment required will be invasive and long lasting, and the sooner one gets cracking on dealing with the realities the better chance of success, and the

This will take generations to implement to an Extinction eliminating Success.

Because of the severity of The Problem today (Not in 10 year’s time!) results will initially be slow in forthcoming. So uncomfortable climate conditions, and resultant loss of human life can be expected to go on, even while solution is being implemented..

Nobody likes working with fear and / or panic as their main driving force for action, and so governments of the world aim to avoid social disruption, and so downplay issues that could promote, unease, fear and panic.

This truth hiding approach has been going on for so long now, and together without these same governments and UN taking no action or making no progress in solution, that today the we are in a deep existential crisis. The deeper truths of this truth are being concealed at all costs.

As we enter The Tragedy stage, this crisis is at a level that is requiring the motive likened to the fear and / or panic energy, akin to war time situation.

Yet instead of managing the collective potential of these powerful forces, the powers that be, quell their rise at all costs. This in fear it may threaten their powers over ‘our’ ignorant enslavement to their short term, self-serving needs.

All the above creates an amalgam of broad individual, and so collective delusion that concludes:  ‘We (must) have time’!

Captured nicely, in this response below…

Hi Howard

Just back from China , then off to Israel tomorrow

I will respond properly on the plane but the discussion was fascinating and enjoyable,  and we need to look after mother earth , however not at the expense of life . Life is prescious and the earth can regenerate , but once a soul is lost that’s forever and we have to somehow find a balance .

Let me respond properly over the next few days

All the best,


Well 5 years later of repeated attempts to extract that response, I have still heard nothing from Joe!!

Future Generations will judge us harshly on Our Poor Use of time on this planet!

So busy we were following this ‘Decoy of Time’, that we couldn’t see our time wasting and it’s resultant, selfish productivity….!!