Decoy of Hope Five: The Climate Change ‘Movement’ will show THE Way!

A Global Movement is Needed but The Climate Change One isnt IT!

Yes, there are many, many NGO’s who proclaim to be focused on Climate Change, Sustainability, and / or the Ecological Crisis. Seemingly the expertly informed Navigators for Our Voyage?  Expert Navigators are a huge source of Hope for crew and passengers, particularly for unexplored territory!

In my studying of many of these organisations, and then also working closely with a few, it is clear to me that they are evolved products from the original ‘problem alerting’, ‘Green movement’. One whose goal was to ‘cry wolf’, about an impending human created, ecological catastrophe. Like consultancies or a advisory groups, the focus of all involved was ‘only’ in creating awareness and producing supporting evidence to back up the validity of the “wolf” cries.

The Climate Change / Sustainability ‘movement’ today is essentially still that same, “We have a Problem” movement of the past.

At best it has a ‘solution focus’ on reducing Carbon Emissions, but as pointed out in other ‘Hope Decoys’, Our Problem is not one of Carbon Emissions: It is a Human Belonging one, and one requiring a New Vision for a New Humanity / National Success.

This requires a radical rethink on fundamental Human Purpose, and Socio-Economic, existential issues.

This is not in the realm of the Climate Change Movement’s mission nor it’s capability.  The Climate Change ‘Movement’ has nothing other than a minor supportive role in this heavy-duty, socio-economic architecture, restructuring. Electorates aren’t demanding this because they believe the Climate Change Movement is navigating ‘us’ to solution.

Yet without this New socio-economic Vision for society it is understandable why the Climate Change ‘movement’ are frustrated with Political progress, and this is one of the major contributors as to why we have now moved into the Climate Tragedy stage of ‘our voyage’.

In denial of THE Problem, with a focus on Carbon Emissions, and the flawed UN process,  politicians are looking almost exclusively for technical solutions, and from the Climate Change ‘Movement’. Without the electorates demanding from politicians, accountability for ‘Solution of THE Problem’, the politicians make it convenient to point to the so-called Climate Change Movement for the lack of progress, or needing more, ‘Proof of Problem’, data before acting.

The Climate Change ‘Movement’ in reaction to this situation has grown into a huge industry employing vast numbers of well paid employees, funded by business and wealthy individuals. All  want to be seen to be as heroic, helping ‘Climate Change’, while also being close to the policy makers to ensure their interests are most protected.

This whole ‘industry’, largely redundant, and is now mostly an incestuous network of organisations bent on justifying their existent through false claims of their important role in solving of Climate Change.

There are very few people in the world today, who are part of The Climate Movement and who have REAL Skin in the Game. This paper will confirm the identity crisis, people in the Climate Change ‘industry’ are facing, yet don’t have the courage to rise to the challenge presented in the paper. Read here.

Unless one is one of the last standing climate problem deniers the ‘Cry Wolf’ role of the Climate Change ‘Movement should be long gone from being needed.

By now, THE problem should be clearly understood and the electorates should be demanding real solution of THE Problem from those they have elected as accountable. The politicians and the ‘wizards of the world‘ should have been industriously re-architecting the new socio-economic systems, and then crafting the path to move global society progressively to that architecture.

This necessarily involves dismantling the same system that is funding the Climate ‘Movement’, and providing the wealthy funders, whether they be business or individuals, with their source of wealth and Elite / Celebrity identities. There is a conflict of interests, and hence the Climate Change Industry of today cannot provide any of the vital navigation aids needed by society today. In fact in their disabling evolution they have cost Humanity the equivalent of  ‘Extinction Critical’, light years.

They are all heavily invested in a course to most, if not all, Nine Decoys of Hope.

As a default proxy for that Navigation aid, they have become this dangerous ‘Decoy of Hope’.

Over the last five years of Truth Exploring I have witnessed all the above time and time again!!

In conclusion:  I’m not saying no NGO in the Climate Change is of any value to Our Voyage. Organisations like Greepeace and Extinction Rebellion have tried to bring a more confrontational and necessary ‘movement’ element to the journey but neither have that Higher Goal of Success focus. They are still targetting problems without Vision of What Could Be.  This is because we have a void of Architects for that ‘Could Be’, future. Read here.

         The type of Global Movement ‘we’ need today is like presented here