Your One Point Zero Challenge

Who knows, Who cares, Who should…?  Good questions? I can’t read your mind’s answers…?

Well also, how can I be so presumptuous to assume you aren’t already an expert ‘One Point Zero-er’ already??? (Contact me then and let’s chat soon!)

So there we go, I don’t know who you are why you are here reading this space?  If you haven’t already, I’d like to suggest that you spend some time on this site and / or others to try and connect to  Our One Point Challenge  in some way:

To Understand ‘it‘, to see if you Care about ‘it‘, and if not, then ask your soul whether you Should?  I have lived a hugely rich and adventurous life, and with many options for other exciting things, I have chosen this cause: Because it is the Most Important thing society needs from all of ‘US’ today.

Society needs all of ‘US’ to get behind moving ‘US’ off this shocking ‘1.6 and more’ journey of disconnection from our Spiritual Belonging. A journey of self-destruction for future generations.  We ALL need to become activists for this ultimate, Human Legacy cause opportunity. Its exciting once one knows one will be part of leading it, rather than being victim to it….

Literally everyday I’m told:  “Yes its shocking, but there is nothing you and I can do about it. You are wasting your time, Howard!’

If the ‘fashion’ needs to change and in the democracies of today, their leaders will only introduce radical new ‘fashions’ when the voters are ready for the new ‘fashion’. By each one of us taking on an activist role, and also ‘Walking the Talk ‘it will be amazing how fast the goal of One Point Zero becomes the new ‘Fashion’.

The 1.6 Overshoot of One Point Zero concept is not mine, it has been spearheaded by the Global Footprint Network, it’s not about Howard and the One Point Zero ‘brand’ this is about us all just connecting in our own way to the One Point Zero goal and its condition of Success for Humanity.