One Point Zero Lifestyle: What it means…?

In a ‘Nutshell’:

Living a One Point Zero lifestyle means the following:

Living continuously for 12 months or more, with a less than One Point Zero, personal Ecological Footprint.

What THAT means is:

That if every 7.6 billion of ‘us’ lived ‘you’ (ie had the same Ecological Footprint as yours) ‘WE’, as Humanity, would only need One (One Point Zero) planet Earths today, to sustain US all and future generations.

Today, we need One Point Seven planets, and each day this number has been increasing and 1970 was when we ‘flew past’ the One Point Zero mark unaware of our future trajectory!

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

To put this ‘lifestyle’ in society context:

If everyone one of us humans lived like the average  resident of American, UK, the ‘Top tier’ European nations, Australia, and Canada, we would need between 3 and 5 Planet Earths today, to prevent our ecosystem losing its ability to support human life on Earth.  I think ‘WE’ do all know we only have One Planet… actually One Point Zero to be precise!!!

So for most western world people this requires a 60—80% reduction ‘our’ current, Consumption and Footprint related, activity, and exploring ‘A Place’ few of would know exists, and even less would have ever been ‘There’. Yet surely ‘WE’ should all not only know ‘The Place’ exists, or having just made a temporarily ‘tour’, but rather This Place should be where ALL live???!!

The concepts of Ecological Footprint, Ecological Capacity and Ecological Demand are critical components of understanding of One Point Zero, and are the intellectual property of Global Footprint Network. To understand more about them read here.)

(The above facts and figures above and the methodology behind the One Point Zero concept are all courtesy of The Global Footprint Network, and by clicking the link you can find out where your nation fits in.  If you want to have some idea of your own personal Ecological Footprint today, go here.

‘He’ lives a One Point Zero life, because ‘He’ knows: ‘Without Nature his species is Nothing!’

The Human Imperative:  A One Point Zero Lifestyle

If each and every one of us was living a One Point Zero (or below) lifestyle we would have no One Point Seven Planets problem today, and we would be an integral part of Nature: Living collectively in Ecological credit, and with a sense on oneness with each other and Nature and OUR Planet home. We would be passing on lifestyles and a World that the next generation can build on and in that way have REAL human legacy value. Surely that is the most Basic Human Purpose?

This is what personally living a One Point Zero lifestyle means!

Yes, there are many humans around the world living within this One Point Zero condition today, but it is almost guaranteed that they aren’t the people the western world sees as ‘Developed’ or ‘Successful’. Almost without exception those that the western world deems ‘successful’ are living way outside that condition today. Typically the ‘Real Successful’ are the ones living the furthest from a One Point Zero lifestyle.   How sad this is, when the ‘judges’ are the ‘Not Successful’, only because they built The Court!

More than a technical requirement to meet a scientific sustainability test, this is about getting back to living with our human soul. Opening that spiritual connection between Nature and our souls.  Rekindling a world where each and every one of us, individually and collectively, would feel part of something much Greater and more Powerful than our Human selves.

A deep sense of soul belonging with Nature, The Planet and Humanity, that surely fits without conflict with all Religions and other Spiritual beliefs. Even with from an atheist or agnostic perspective, surely Humans cannot be at the top of the Greater Universe, hierarchy of power?

                                   Without Nature:  We humans are Nothing!

Beyond Genesis: This is Nature’s Planet, NOT Ours!