Decoy of Hope Nine: Hope is THE Plan, with No Plan B!

In our own personal context, most of us know:

Hope is not a Plan for Success.

Hope that a Good Plan will work out is more Hopeful of Success.

Further, for ‘Risky and Challenging pursuits’:  Hope with a Good Plan, and a Good Plan B, is mandatory!

With Extinction as a possible ‘unfavourable outcome’, it would seem obvious that solving our Climate Challenge is one of those ‘Risky and Challenging pursuits.

As the other eight Decoys of Hope show, “we’ have at best a Poor Plan A, and one based on a Wrong Goal for a Wong Success, with a Wrong Team.

It is obvious that there is No Good Plan B, and so one can only conclude: Hope is the Plan.

That plan being that Hope in the collective human resolve, will somehow bring Solution.

There is no doubt that over time humans have achieved an amazing array of astonishing accomplishments. That, both when the ‘chips have been down’ and in ‘visionary expansion’.

In situations where the ‘chips have been down’, the ‘Risky and Challenging’ context is one akin to a ‘Struggle for Survival’.

The plans that delivered Success were those not based on Hope alone, but the virtual certainty of Success associated with military precision type, planning and execution. History shows that using this approach is associated with very high success rates, while requiring a level of reduced personal freedom, discipline and collective alignment with the Success.

Those situations of ‘visionary expansion’, being of a different ‘Risky and Challenging’ context ,were based on a plan of Hope of finding ‘Impossible’ solutions to visionary ideas. This is the basis for entrepreneurial endeavor. History shows, this hope strategy produces very low rate of success, yet huge impact with the limited successes.  Statistics, that indicate that this Hope is somewhat akin to gambling.

In ‘our’ Hope context, it would seem ‘we’ are treating the Climate Challenge as the latter: A ‘Visionary Expansion’ type, ‘Risky and Challenging’ pursuit. The very concept of Green Growth, encapsulates this ‘visionary expansion’, mindset.

Consumed by the Gambler’s optimism and blinded by the rewards of the illusive Jackpot winnings, we have lost perspective of the nature of ‘The Risk and The Challenge’, of our Climate Challenge.  As we enter The Tragedy stage, it cannot be denied that this is now a Survival mission!

And it is clear that There is No Plan B, other than one of:

                  Hope ‘B’, on Plan A’s Hope, is that ‘backup plan’!