Decoy of Hope Seven: Democracy will ‘Take us There’!

Democracy is Broken:    But it’s all that we have today!!

This seemingly responsible citizen, basis for Hope must be taken in the ‘general citizen’ context of firstly, what ‘they’ understand as ‘THE Problem’, and secondly, what ‘they’ believe is ‘The Solution’?

From my extensive truth explorations, most are ignorant and lethargic on both these issues, and in that state are susceptible to propaganda based manipulation.

Around the world today, ‘The Problem’ is often ‘presented as a ‘simple’ Carbon Emissions, problem. With ‘The Solution’ then being presented as a ‘simple’, almost ‘behind the scenes’, transition to Green Energy. Added to that is the decoy that The Climate Change ‘Movement’ is doing the behind the scenes pushing and navigating and all is OK!

In this illusion it is not surprising that electorates around the world, seem to believe ‘Climate Change’ isn’t really something important enough for individual priority consideration in time of elections.

So, essentially in this state, the question of whether Democracy is adequate or some other, more effective process is required, is seldom questioned or discussed.

Any mention that the situation has reached a crisis point where democracy won’t deliver the remedy, and that revolution, violent confrontation or at least something more forceful is needed, makes people look at one as if one is from the Taliban!

This electorate’s ignorance and lethargy in understanding both The Problem and / Solution are the two huge problems behind this otherwise seemingly reasonable, and responsible citizen, basis for Hope.

I’d like to suggest that this ignorant and lethargic, ‘comfortable state’ is also why this ‘Decoy’ has a dangerous Red Alert attached to it:

With the electorate ignorant and lethargic on the ‘Climate’ issue, the politicians stepping up for elections, are then those who don’t prioritise the issue. So the whole cycle continues giving the illusion that Climate Change isn’t a priority election agenda for ‘All’. (Given the huge challenge to leadership in addressing The Problem, and its challenge to the very identity of the elite in power, one could conclude that politicians have manipulated this neutralizing cycle for their self-serving benefit.

This cycle has been working for so long now, that as a result democracy has delivered very little progress on the Climate Change agenda, such, that we are now entering the Tragedy Stage. All this bringing the conclusion that hoping on democracy process for ‘Climate’ progress is now a Decoy of Hope.

Something much more transparent and ‘energetic’ is needed: To firstly break the neutralizing cycle, and then secondly to provide a new platform and process for the transformative change that is needed.

This being a revolutionary / confrontational type process that will deliver electorate mindset change, at the depth and speed needed in the short time we still have left.

Yet, revolution is high risk, and then from a single nation context, will not deliver the global transformation required.

Beyond the ignorance and lethargy problem above, it’s may be useful to explore if Democracy could deliver the change required?

Outside of the ‘climate change’ agenda, we all know that democracy is under enormous strain around the world. This largely because unfair electorate power is held by those with wealth and influence.

Bringing our Climate Problem into the agenda, those in power have the most to lose from addressing The Problem. That being because once the extent of the real problem is accepted, it will be clear that solution can only come through seismic, Systemic, Socio-Economic change, and ultimately Ideology change. (This all spelt out in other Decoy scripts.)

Democratic process is incapable of delivering this magnitude of Systemic Change, which is considered, Radical Transformational change.

History shows that Democracy can at best deliver only radical incremental / reformative change. Even for the more significant, reformative change history shows that this needs a democratic result that delivers more upwards of two thirds majority. Essentially a democratic dictatorship condition.

The sense is that even this insufficient level of change will not happen based on a primary, ‘Climate motive’, until our situation is deep into the climate Tragedy stage:  That when significant natural disaster events have caused significant loss of human life. ‘Climate’ then becomes an all electorate priority, over the more personal need and social justice issues. Distracting issues that have increasingly come about through the drastically skewed rewards of Neoliberalism.

On the leadership side of the power spectrum

Voluntary, transformational level change of the magnitude needed, would essentially be an admittance of failure by the controlling elite. In that failure, there would be a need to ultimate accept that their beliefs are behind the cause of our Tragedy. History shows that only happens under threat of revolution, overthrow or highly confrontative attack.

In the response to the picture above, those in power, and those seeking their power will for as long as they can, try and downplay the depth, severity and urgency of our problem.

In that hopeless amalgam this Decoy is founded and seemingly will gain in stature. Democracy will continue to fail us, and yet pacify us to not seek more confrontative alternatives to fight through the pacification.

This unfolding tragedy is behind the emergence of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg: To help us help ourselves out of our ignorant lethargy!

Yet to my amazement most of the electorate are not in support of their disruptive approach. Even the Climate Change Movement is very quiet on both fronts: Standing behind the governments and democracy, for obvious reasons!

Very few seem to understand that their confrontative energy is needed because the pacifying has done its job, and so the electorates are nicely, ignorant and lethargic!