‘To BE’ or ‘Not to BE’?: The UK to follow Australia?

In every election around the world there is a chance for ‘US’, the voters, to ‘Have Our Say‘ on Our Extinction Problem!
12th December 2019:  The UK electorate have their chance to choose?
 ‘To BE’, or ‘Not to BE?  Their options are very clear. 
What will their decision be?:
Read the ‘Extinction’, or ‘Not Extinction’, choice, Australians faced on 18 May 2019 here:

In every single election around the world, it will be as clear as in Australia what is the  ‘To BE‘, and what the ‘Not To BE‘  choices are.

Once we understand THE Problem:   The Choice is then ‘Black and White’.

So YES, we can do ‘something’:

We MUST vote. Surely it MUST be ‘To BE‘!