One Point Zero: Our Magic, without Magic!

The One Point Zero ‘Magic’:  Providing Prioritization and Focus 
Once one fully understands it, one will see that One Point Zero in its simple and yet all-encompassing Goal, is the perfect highest level, single Goal for Nations and Humanity today. 
It is an overarching concept that is both visionary in its earthly, human spiritual context, yet practically goal setting in its measurable standards outcome.  For Humanitarian issues this is pretty unique, and herein lies the ‘magic’ as it can be understood and embraced by all.
In its ubiquitous simplicity, it is highly empowering and not requiring ethnic, religious, nations to comply with ‘the how’ the One Point Zero is achieved within each community domain.  Rather than the pervasive roll out of the Western ideology system and requiring all to comply with its specific tenets here communities are free to design their One Point Zero.  The only condition being that One Point Zero is non-negotiable, ie. the only requirement is that one lives within Nature’s resources and in line with behaviours that are worthy of being a full human creature of Nature and not a net, Taker ‘resident of The Planet’! 
By taking on a One Point Zero goal at either a Global Level or a Nation by Nation level, the endless committees and debates that have gone on for years at UN, IPCC, etc, would be virtually eliminated!  I took this journalist report backs after an IPCC meeting last year as an example of ambiguity and wasted effort: 
“It is already clear that the commitments are insufficient to meet the UN’s goal of limiting future temperature increases to 2?°C above pre-industrial levels. It is difficult to say which countries should do more, but in an effort to move the process forward, climate scientists have started to independently assess the pledges. They have found that a Paris agreement to limit warming to 2°C would require unrealistic political compromises.”
With One Point Zero there are no fuzzy, ‘limiting temperature increase’ goals.  Goals that, to be honest, mean nothing other than to provide a basis for negotiation and fight that can conveniently delay the need to ‘Do anything’.  Look at all the fuzzy words like ‘pre industrial’, even “future temperature increases to 2ºC”?  It’s all ‘nonsense’ as this is almost impossible to actually measure until there are years and years of data to be able to look back at and reference with huge statistical noise. 
One Point Zero can be measured to the level of accuracy required fairly easily.  Obviously it would need buy in from all on the method of measurement, but form, what I perceive Global Footprint Network are very far down the track of having the credibility and the measurement technology! 
After years of trying to find my way, of trying to bring focus to a spiritual problem I saw, I was really excited when I saw the Global Footprint Network methodology and measurement capability.
However, for me, what the real Magic is with One Point Zero is that it is ‘Spiritually’ based and is really about our relationship with Nature.  What we humans are really about and the how and conditions of how we remain flourishing residents of Nature’s Planet!  
We need to ‘get on our knees’, apologize for breaking the relationship, ‘ask Nature for some time’ to ‘fix ourselves’,  and then commit ourselves as one big humanity team to working as fast as possible to be in a position (One Point Zero) to deserve the relationship again!  We should not expect help, mercy, empathy or leniency.  Nature’s show goes on as if we are not going to make change, and the only thing that will change things is ‘Walking the Talk‘, and the resultant behaviour outcome.  Nature will only respond to a change of behaviour, not to our level of attempt or effort! 
Wow man, this just seems so easy!!.  All we need to do now is get those Westerner Wizards to buy in and bring their ‘Focus Machine’ to bear on The Simple Goal.  The details of the how will flow out as The Chasm Crossing adventure preparation and planning are undertaken, and the realities of The Chasm unknown become apparent ‘On Adventure’!