CO2 Emissions, Earth Overshoot Day, and ‘The Goal’?

  The Goal:   Cosmic Purpose or Self-Annihilation ?

In the context of the Earth Overshoot Day graph in my last post this CO2 emissions graph below, from a recent New Republic report, shows the value of useful ‘Information’ versus, less useful, ‘Data’:

The graphs  look almost identical  but the Earth Overshoot Day graph in my previos post helps me see ‘The Goal’ and the size of ‘Our Challenge’ to get to ‘The Goal’. Whereas the Emissions graph above merely shows the trend in GTons of C02 Emissions, and I can’t really take anything else that’s useful for me? I could maybe even conclude that 20 tons back in 2000 is ‘The goal’?!

One of the biggest ‘failures’ in the UN / Global approach to Climate Change is the single focus on emissions, and parts per million of CO2 etc, and taking that into the debate on “What is an acceptable planet temperature rise we humans can withstand, with least inconvenience?”

I’m a chemical engineer so understand all this tons CO2, ppm stuff, but ‘we’ can’t relate this to ‘What this means, what ‘we’ can do?’ “How serious is this?” and “What is morally / ethically is right for Humanity”?

Finally:  The Problem ‘We’ have today is not about temperature rise, or just about CO2 emissions, it’s about the size of our Total Take from Nature:  Water, land, fish, forests, and all its eco diversity.

Everything we ‘use’ in our lives ultimately comes from Nature, The Ecological Footprint measures this ‘all’, and surely his should be Our interest, and Our concern?

The Global Footprint Network does a fantastic job of taking data and making it relevant and understandable information for all of us, and so I’ll focus on their Earth Overshoot Day graph:  Below, I have added some more ‘information’ to the graph from the previous post:  The ‘Three Red Arrows’:

The ‘Three Red Arrows‘ show, the only three times in the last 50 years, where we have managed to reverse the alarming Earth Overshoot Day rollout. Ie:  Times when we were able to reduce our, ‘Way over Demand‘, draw on Nature’s bio-generative resources.

If “Everything we ‘use’ in our lives ultimately comes from Nature“, it’s clear to me that we humans are ‘designed’ with a instinct ‘Cosmic Purpose‘:  To ensure we don’t overuse what can’t be regenerated, and thus live within One Planet’s natural resources. That ‘Purpose‘ not just for our collective Own Good, but also as a rule for being a collaboartive part of Nature‘s cosmic system !

Like the salmon and all other creatures who have their clear instinct purpose, surely this is our deepest, Human ‘Instinct’ drive?

As humans, we were give the Rational Capability to choose our own course of life, but do we really have total freedom in this choice, or is this Purpose our conditional freedom?

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

On Purpose‘ in the context of that cosmic design means we HAVE to get back to a Jan 1 Zero Overshoot Day Goal?

It’s easy to feel helpless in the crowd and diversity of humanity, but ultimately we are part of that humanity, and isn’t it just about ensuring our soul is at one with that cosmic Human Purpose?

After years of exploration with others, I’m beginning to accept that not many human beings on Earth see that Earth Overshoot Day is linked to our deepest Human Purpose?

Further:  I have concluded that this is largely because of the distraction of human created Money and the pervasive controlling role it plays in all our lives.

From the both the Earth Overshoot Day graph, and the orange path in the graph above, it’s clear that back ‘On Purpose‘ would be something like a 70% reduction in the size of our collective demand on Nature’s resources, today.

The good news is that those ‘Three Red Arrows‘ offer real hope and clues.

Maybe, like so many I meet you are on the verge on helplessness?  They see the problem, but they also see that they inextricably are part of ‘THE System‘, and that System is causing all this?

I can totally empathisize with this helplessness, I fight it ‘everyday’ myself.

But don’t we all essentially have our ‘Own System‘, and the extent to which that ‘Own System‘ mimics ‘THE System‘ will determine how personally Free or personally Imprisoned and helpless we become?

At the heart of ‘THE System‘ is human created Money, and in the next post I’ll explore how this human Money is linked to the ‘Three Red Arrows’ on the Earth Overshoot Day graph above!


1 August 2018. Earth Overshoot Day!!! Will 2019 be in July??

Don’t know what Earth Overshoot Day is, read here…..

I have no doubt that the issues behind Earth Overshoot Day will increasingly drive our world and future life decisions. (Even though Trump would never entertain that thought!)

In taking a long term, inter-generation view, ‘it’ could even become the single most important measure of human  morality health!  This, because surely:

Earth Overshoot Day’ tells us humans whether we are  ‘On Purpose’ or ‘Off Purpose’, at the most fundamental ‘Human Purpose‘ level?

This whether the context is individual, family, our nation, or ‘Our Humanity’, collectives?

So, if you didn’t understand Earth Overshoot Day last year (2 August 2017), then maybe this year could be well spent putting some time exploring the profundity of my ‘On Purpose’ statement claim above!

Thanks to the Global Footprint Network, you could start by have some fun learning with a quiz, that will give personal insights to where you are on this journey of ‘profound discovery’. Take your ‘Next Step’ exploring here:

As they say:  “A Picture is worth a Thousand words”:

In the graph above you may find a valuable personal reflection and exploring opportunity:

As Mathis Wackernagel, the co-founder of the Global Footprint Network says, it’s not so much about the absoluteness of the numbers, but about the trends, and understanding the quantum of our ‘Off Purpose’ trajectory. (‘Off Purpose’ is my categorisation not his.)

Take the recent ‘Journey of Humanity’ presented in the graph above and how you fit into its ‘Off Purpose’ trajectory.

Are we at a defining plateau point?  How come we did manage to temporarily ‘Roll Back‘ the date in the early 80’s, then again early 90’s, then again 2008?

What would your Earth Overshoot graph look like?  Are you into July already, (Gross Overshoot human)  or long been less than 1st January (An enviable, ‘No Overshoot‘ human)? Check yourself out here.

Where is your nation in all of this? What is their Earth Overshoot vision? Are you happy with it?  Check out your nation here.

Is this Earth Overshoot problem a symptom of a bigger society / ideology problem? Will God solve it? Is there even a God? Is there a ‘Higher Power’, whose rules of existence, require human’s to adapt and ‘comply’?

If you are ‘young’ and just starting out, you have the total freedom to design your own Earth Over / Undershoot trajectory.  If you are in a midlife rut, maybe this provides the opportunity for change?

Where should you live?

What career should you choose?  How will you live?

All fascinating and explorations, that will become more and more important for each of us as the future reveals itself.

Rolling Back: The Adventure of a Life Time

On 2 August 2017, Earth Overshoot Day last year I was in the middle of my final quest for at least a full year of ‘No Overshoot’ living.  This after many years back in the 90’s being probably an April, or even March, ‘Gross Overshoot’human!! (But no worse than ‘my kind’ of the day, I was just part of ‘The Crowd‘ of ‘The System‘!

With a conscious decision to get out of ‘The System’, and simplify my life, move to Nature’s side of The Chasm, the ‘Roll Back’ rewards are now deep and real.

A check today on the quiz above confirmed I’m still in ‘No Overshoot’, but my One Point Zero challenge continues:  I’m now seemingly a traitor to my kind!

As both businessman and adventurer, I have always focused on the truths of the situation at hand, and the challenge of moving towards a vision ahead. This has often been daunting, but vital in preparing me for the ‘The Mission’ ahead.  A ‘Mission’ I like to frame as an Adventure.

One can’t head off to the South Pole, sail cross the oceans alone, or cycle continents, without a clear goal, without knowing the true enormity of the mission, and / or without the right equipment, mind, body, and spirit.

Setting off without a clear goal, and a mindset of “I’ll just try my best”, will end in just that:  A pat on the back for having tried ‘your best’, no matter what that really means. That feels good, because we can adjust the standard to make it feel good. I’ve done, that we have all done that, but almost always to our long-term detriment.

Acknowledging that ‘we’ are ‘Off purpose’ is a huge inner challenge. I have been ‘there’ stared unbelievably at the reality, felt the hopelessness, the fear, the anger, but then realised that this IS life, and it’s a series of adventures, and before me was the biggest one of my life:

That was the breakthrough that enabled me to decide that, rather than it being a ‘burden of truth’, it’s going to become the source of courage and inspiration for an exciting adventure challenge reality.  For my final One Point Zero, ascent to ‘No Overshoot‘ read here.

In doing so with my ‘No Overshoot’ adventure, I have become a traitor to ‘The Crowd’, yet in reality I’m actually trying add my little bit to help The Crowd, to help itself.

Having personally rolled back more than eight or nine months in my ‘Gross Over Shoot’ to ‘Undershoot’ journey, I’m fully aware of the radical values, beliefs and life expectation changes one needs to make.

Yet all I see is the same western model of success being clung to by the leaders of the world, in the hope that some magic will ‘save us’.  Worse still: Trump, in his old school, ‘Reaganomics’ approach, is turbocharging this out of date ‘Success‘. Racking up huge new Financial and Overshoot debt, that will almost certainly certainly push ‘us’ into  a first time, July ‘Overshoot‘, next year!

I turned my back on that definition of success, and therein lies the personal challenge for most of us, laid out by H G Wells above: We need to act, reflect, learn, and then ‘act better’ with a ‘wiser context’ of our belonging. This is adaption in the context of Nature as the Higher Power, versus ‘development’ in the context of egocentric, anthropocentric myopia.

We need all the renewable energy we can get. We must get out of fossil fuels. We must replace our meat and dairy diets etc, but this isn’t really about technology or ‘these things’, this is about ‘US’ and how we define ourselves. I believe we are ‘creatures of Nature’, and this is all about how we belong on this planet, and what ‘Success’ in that context means.  Having the courage to see we are way ‘Off Purpose‘ and to change Surelywhat defines ‘Success‘.

Surely:  The only success for Humanity is flourishing with ‘No Overshoot’, and ‘everything else’ must fit within that!

This flies in the face of the dream of ‘Unrestrained Liberty‘!

As an anarchist, explorer and freedom seeker of the highest order, dealing with this ‘restraint’ in a positive and inspiring way, was a strangely challenging, yet liberating tenet, in my ‘Roll Back experience!

Contributing:  Tough Love or patting ‘The Crowd’ on the back!

My only contribution to this pursuit can be in this personal ‘Earth Overshoot Day’, ‘Roll Back’, experience. I have nothing more to offer humanity in its ‘Off purpose’ course, and on this ‘Earth Overshoot challenge. That reality is both humbling and yet profound.


‘Earth Overshoot’ is an all humanity problem, and It needs all of us to bring all our different angles of perspective and contribution.

Many I meet, work and talk with, are fully committed to this goal, with lots of ‘skin in the game‘ doing amazing work, with huge contribution and resolve. Many have been living all their lives in personal ‘No Overshoot’, and for them they can’t see what the issue is, yet their inspiration that ‘No Overshoot’ living is not only possible, but actually a better ‘Success’ is vital.

The challenge is in personal and societal transformation of a magnitude never been seen before, and in ‘silent retreat’, that is where my private work will focus. We need a new Vision of Success. One that addresses, the ever widening, ‘Gaps’ in Society today:  The Chasm (Nature / Human Gap), The Divide (Wealth Gap), and The Void (Spiritual Gap).

I sense there is much to be learned from the Mandela’s, Marx’s, and maybe even the current Chinese experiment??  But in saying that, we are in never before explore territory: Neither current, nor past ‘ism’ will solve ‘Our Problem‘, the challenge is to find the new ‘-ism’ customised for our dire need.  And that before ‘Trump-ism’ in its ‘retro nationalism’, asphyxiates us all!  I sense revolution is needed!

This all adds inspiration to my personal quest to add my bit, and we each will have to find our unique ‘slot’ in dealing with the huge, unravelling adventure challenge.  I sense it will either engulf us as individuals, or provide proactive, adventure opportunity, adding huge higher level meaning and belonging context to our lives.

Getting back to ‘No Overshoot’ is surely the Greatest and most Noble Adventure Challenge on Earth today!  Whether that be for us as individuals, our families, our nations, or for humanity as the whole.

I sense we must start with ourselves, conquer our own ‘Overshoot’, and then move up in adventure challenge rungs as we become more knowledgeable, confident, and courageous. For me:  Life is a Series of Adventures, and if you haven’t already, start your ‘No Overshoot’ adventure today.  Good luck!

Please share your adventure stories too…!


PS:   Over the next weeks I’ll give some more insights pulled for my Overshoot Day, ‘Roll Back’ experience, and my reflections of the story in the graph above.

NZ ‘Zero Carbon Bill’ Consultation: Checkout the One Point Zero Submissions

Sadly,  if New Zealand as a Nation, is to get to only using  its ‘Fair share’ of our 70% overdrawn Planet Bio-capacity, the ‘Zero Carbon’ Goal falls far short on that 2050 National Imperative.

The Zero Carbon Proposal is Seriously Flawed, in Deceptive Marketing, and Political Expediency.

Read why in the One Point Zero Submissions to the New Zealand Government here



‘Have Your Say’ on the NZ Government website here

NZ Zero Carbon Bill: Designed for The Old, The Young, The Elite, or The Poor?

Achieving a One Point Zero World, and solving ‘Climate Change‘ is an Inter-generational Challenge:   In the Zero Carbon Bill‘s 2050 Goal Horizon, which generation’s ‘demands’, was it designed to primarily appease?  What about the other generations whose appeasement is compromised in that choice?

Unfortunately, we can’t all defy Nature, and be both ‘young and old’, like the guy  right!

As I look at his face, I see a young person, yet worried with the wisdom of a ‘Life Lived’. Maybe his ‘ageing transformation’ came about through a hopeless struggle:  Trying to  match the Zero Carbon Bill in solution contribution to the huge, and ever increasing, Ecological Biocapacity Deficit of today?

The ‘hint of anger’ maybe evidence of him seeing that Zero Carbon Bill’s solution best fits with those who have the wisdom of a Live Lived, and a desire to have minimal disruption in its nearing end? Not him!

Yet the fear in his eyes, is maybe acknowledgement of his truth? A truth that he is still young, and should be fighting for what the ‘wiser man’ doesn’t desire.

In setting an ‘Ultimate Goal‘ for Global Climate Change initiatives which Generation’s needs take priority?  The Young, The Middle Age, The Elderly, or the ‘Yet to be born’?

Given that we know we are more than 70% in Biocapacity Deficit today, is it not a reasonable demand for a ‘Yet to be Born’ person who arrives on this planet in 2060, to expect ‘US” to have eliminated the Biocapacity Deficit? ie

We are ‘Living in Credit’, within One Planet’s Natural Biocapacity.

‘Maybe’ its a moral imperative for ‘US’?  To ‘at least’ do ‘that’ by ‘then’? Why not earlier, they could rightly enquire ?

I have concluded that it all comes down to how selfish ‘WE’ are today in our ‘generational needs’, and how much ‘Change we will Accept’ into our current ‘Way of Life‘?

The Zero Carbon Bill wasn’t designed for those ‘morally reasonable‘ demands of that 2060, ‘Yet to Be Born‘, human!

The One Point Zero Submissions here are maybe on behalf of that, justifiably angry, unborn ‘human’.   

Read them also here


An ‘Enlightened’ view the ‘Taker Crowd’ side of ‘The Chasm’

Wanting ‘The Chasm’ to magically disappear….?

Try, these two, ‘best seller’, books from Steven Pinker:  ‘Better Angels’  and his recent ‘Enlightenment Now’, for ‘Alternative Facts’..!!!

Below is a clip from a review of Enlightenment Now, by Samuel Moyn a professor of law and professor of history at Yale University. (New Republic)

“As for  environmental degradation humanity will surely find a way to counteract this in time. “As the world has gotten richer,” Pinker explains, “nature has begun to rebound”—as if the failure of a few prophecies of ecological disaster to come to pass on schedule means the planet is infinitely resilient. Once he gets around to acknowledging that climate change is an actual problem, Pinker spends much of his time attacking “climate justice warriors” for their anti-capitalist hysteria.”     Read the full book review here

‘Enlightenment Now’ is an almost iconic, ‘Taker Tribe’, view of Humanity’s progress today, in its almost evangelistic ‘cover up’ of the existence of our fundamental ‘Flaw of Success’:  Our  creation of ‘The Chasm‘.  The huge, ever widening, rift between Nature and Humanity.

Where is Bill Gates in ‘All This‘?

Interestingly, Samuel Moyn also points out in his review:   “Bill Gates loves Pinker’s creed. After recommending Better Angels for years, Gates recently  proclaimed Enlightenment Now “my new favourite book of all time.”

Does that make Bill Gates a member (leader?) of ‘The Taker‘ Tribe, ‘The Crowd‘???  (See earlier post)

Best YOU debate and decide????      All very Real, and Challenging, to each and all of us in a new unfolding world, where we need to change course and ADAPT!

Is ‘The Chasm’ Real? Is closing ‘The Chasm’ a Humanity Moral Imperative?

      Without Nature we are Nothing!

Beyond ‘Team Human’: To Which Sub-Tribe do YOU ‘Belong’?

‘The Chasm’:  Splitting Humanity

The Chasm: It’s not quite about ‘Heaven and Hell sides across the Chasm yet, but no physical chasm on our planet today, can start to help us imagine the magnitude of our One Point Seven and increasing, Chasm between, Nature and Humanity.

‘The Chasm’ is the ever-widening disconnect in the relationship between Humanity and Nature. A ‘Silent Divorce’, because on the one side Humans are anthropocentrically arrogant, and on the other side Nature as the ‘Higher Power’ couldn’t care!!

The first fracture was back in 1970, as we started demanding more from Nature, than Nature could provide. Back then few were aware of its ‘relationship severing’ significance for human life.

Ever since then, that crack has been growing wider and wider to become the vast Chasm of today.  Nature has long abandoned us, and is taking its natural corrective action burgeoning imbalance we are creating. Nature’s goal is protection of the planet ecosystem, and eradication of the forces challenging the constant process of re-balance, and where necessary to establish new equilibrium free of the agitations.

‘The Chasm’ at Work:   Our Three Tribes

As The Chasm grows, it is dividing all of us humans in to essentially Three distinct, human ‘Sub Tribes’:

The ‘Righteous’ Tribe!

The First Tribe, are those who live according to Nature’s sustainability rules, on Nature’s side of The Chasm.

The simple test for membership of this Tribe, is an affirmative answer to the question:  “If every human in the world lived with your Ecological Footprint would we need less than One Point Zero planets to sustain all of us humans?”

These are individuals, communities, and a few Nations, who live a One Point Zero or less lifestyle,and so aren’t ‘Planet Depleters’ and net takers from Nature.

Without this Tribe’s low footprint, we, as Humanity, would be in an even more dire situation as far as far as The Chasm goes. Essentially they are Footprint subsidising all other humans.  Almost without exception this tribe, is made up of people at the lower end of the Wealth spectrum.

‘The Taker’ Tribe:  The Crowd

The Second Tribe, and the most influential and sadly, fastest growing human tribe: They live, all around the world, on the other side of The Chasm, from Nature:  ‘The Crowd‘!   This tribe is the most affluent and almost all the upper and middle class people of the developed world nations: Those who are locked onto the Western world vision of Success, and the aspirational, ‘Good Life’ model. Ever increasing Happiness is the goal, and Increasing Wealth, Material Success, and Consumption are the means to that goal.

Influential members of this tribe, almost all, take an anthropocentric view, denying climate change, and / or believing human innovation and resolve alone, will overcome Nature. Their words may even say otherwise but their Way of Life does not convey that they acknowledge that ‘we’ have a huge ‘Chasm problem‘.  They deny our System is broken and is in need of a new vision and fundamental change .

Beyond that they are actively evangelising expansion of the current flawed system into the so different way of Life of the ‘Righteous’ Tribe (above). With its sophisticated, self serving, evangelistic marketing, many in the ‘Righteous Tribe’ are made to feel ‘less successful’, being sold the temptations of ‘The Taker’ Tribe’s, Good Life, ‘Success’.  In the process adding to the more rapid  widening of The Chasm

The Crowd‘ is an conglomerate of many sub tribes, many of which feed off the energy of The Crowd, and its unspoken lies.

The two defining traits for all members of ‘The Taker Crowd’, are:        Firstly, their members have life style Ecological Footprints that are above ‘fair share’ie  If all humans lived like them, ‘we’ will need more than One Point Zero planets to be sustainable, survive and prosper for generations to come.                                                                                                                                 Secondly, their Ecological Footprint is not shrinking each year, and they have no desire to shrink it, as they pursue the iconic, ‘Good Life’, and follow its ‘More, and More’ tenet. For almost all the members, knowing their footprint, and then proactively, being ‘life decision mindful’ of it, is not part of their day to day life.

Almost as a sub-tribe to ‘The Crowd‘, there are also many people in this second, ‘Taker Tribe‘, who do truly acknowledge the existence of ‘The Chasm’, and its ever widening trajectory. They  know there is, A Serious Problem’, yet know their life is very comfortable in ‘The Crowd’, and dependent on it.  They often plead overwhelming helplessness and despair at the vastness of ‘The Chasm’, and their personal inability to ‘change anything’. This despair is almost their ticket that validates their belonging to the ‘taker crime’ of ‘The Crowd‘. In the process they allow themselves to become reluctant prisoners to ‘The Crowd’s cause.

Inside themselves they know they are not being courageous and true to themselves. Often resorting to society, distraction candy, social media, and other ‘belonging crutches’ to help deal with their soul’s real pain and loneliness of their chosen, trapped position, as part of ‘The Crowd’.  It isn’t easy and ‘we’ all need to help these people join the ‘Moral Adventurers‘ below.

Another ‘sub-group’ of this Second Tribe are those who believe that ‘God’, or some ‘higher power’ is looking after ‘it’ all, and ‘it’s not ‘Our Problem’. This earthly existence is merely a trial ground for the awaiting ‘life prize’. A reward of an idyllic, non-earthly, everlasting existence. For them concern about any threat to our earthly existence is wasted energy.  The discussions go about Genesis, and whether Nature is for us to use, or whether we have a ‘Dominion’ relationship, role. Read some very entertaining discussion on The Pope and Scott Pruitt (US Government, EPA administrator) here.

The ‘Moral Adventurer’ Tribe

The Third Tribe which is small, but rapidly gaining in numbers all over the world, are the courageous explorers who realise that staying with ‘The Crowd’ of ‘The Taker’ Tribe  is unhealthy for their soul.

They have accepted that where society is today, and where it is going is no longer an acceptable trajectory for them, and so have made a decisive choice: To breakaway from ‘The Crowd‘.

They have ‘face to face’, confronted The Inconvenient Truths personally and they know it is a human imperative to be on the Nature side of ‘The Chasm’.

Deciding to act takes courage and conviction. Finally saying ‘Enough is Enough’, they have set off on a ‘Chasm Crossing’ adventure, to free themselves from the moral prison of The Inconvenient Truths. (Truth to Power… Read more here

These people are each in various stages of their ‘Chasm Crossing’, but all have a common mind and resolve:  To explore a One Point Zero way of living. Understanding and reducing their Ecological Footprint is their liberating Life affirming imperative.

In the context of The Chasm, Society and Nature are currently so far apart, that this crossing of The Chasm requires each explorer to undergo varying degrees of personal, ‘Way of Life’, and value system,  change.  while at the same time they become a catalyst for change in society and others. In this dual role each explorer finds deep, beyond-self, meaning, in being part of helping solve Humanity’s Biggest Ever Challenge:  To avoid our own Self Destruction, and to Find New Prosperity and Flourishing Success.

As they travel further across The Chasm, it becomes clear that they are moving on a different type of personal development journey to those within The Crowd.:

Adaption is their developmental process, and living Intensely, belonging with Nature, and Our Planet, The Goal. Given how wide The Chasm is today, this require huge ‘personal evolution’, but the rewards are true belonging, with The Righteous Tribe!  Just like all living things on this planet, ‘Adaption’ to Nature’s demands, is the critical mark of Real Success.

For  ‘The Crowd‘ , Success is unbounded. And ‘mere adaption’ is failure, or a ‘Success for only fit for, ‘lesser’ humans and, ‘non-humans’:  Giving up the dream of unbounded, self determination, with ever increasing dominance, and acceptance of Nature’s constraining submission, is not in The Crowd’s, story line of Success.

This graph is nothing short of ‘Scary’Y

In their pursuit of an unconditional,  One Point Zero goal, the evolving ‘adapters’ of the First and Third Tribes, will in their belonging with Nature, find true Human Success. ‘The Crowd’ in their anthropocentric development arrogance, will continue ‘taking’ more and more planets, for their ever increasing, insatiable appetites.

                   Without Nature WE are Nothing

The Creating of ‘The Stampede’


We as Humanity need more and more Third Tribe people:  Chasm Crossers:  The new leaders, the new visionaries, and the moral warriors, each leading others, whose growing numbers in taking on the ‘Chasm Crossing‘ challenge will eventually bring about ‘The Stampede’:  The new Crowd that will make it easier for ‘all of us’ to cross The Chasm to where we truly belong:  On Nature’s side.

Ponder for a while where your soul belongs?

In which Tribe are you living TODAY?  Where does your soul say you should be, and are you there wanting to share your story to help catalyse ‘The Stampede‘ toward Human Liberation?!

Let me know how you feel about your journey to One Point Zero…?

Send me an email at



Team Human: THE Simple, Unifying Goal?

Since One Point Zero’s launch in May 2016, ‘The World’ has seen an unprecedented number of tectonic decisions that have collectively set humanity and individual nations on a courses further away from a One Point Zero goal.

If the ‘Whole of Humanity’ is ‘Team Human’, our ‘Ultimate Tribe’, then these world changing decisions have all been ‘Sub-Tribal’, and surely that is not good for any of ‘US’ in the medium / longer term?

These decisions have been based on a vision of a more fragmented, divided, and narrow, humanity:   Essentially self serving, and exclusive, Sub Tribe Visions. History has been fraught with tribal conflict, and many are of the opinion that tribal conflict is ‘Just us being human’!

With our planet in deficit, way out of Ecological Capacity, never before in the history of humanity are single, ‘Grand Tribe’ decisions, more desperately needed.

             Our survival NOW requires it….!


Surely, One Point Zero is a fundamental, Human Purpose, imperative?   Given this fundamental and urgent status, and the enormity of the One Point Zero challenge today, the solution needs a United, One Tribe, Humanity.

That’s not a, ‘One Tribe’, as in us all being the same cult, creed, and fabric. We are a humanity of many different sub tribes, and that richness of diversity is what makes us very the Humanity we are!

Rather:  A tribe of  ‘One Humanity Tribe’ all signed up to a single, simple Nature unifying, team Goal, yet a Humanity free to achieve that goal in each’s own unique, individual, or Sub Tribe way?  This is Our Challenge today!

Humanity’s Single Unifying Goal?

That, Single Goal, and its underpinning Belief is simple:

The Belief:                Without Nature we are Nothing!   

Accepting that we Humans are an integral part of Nature, and that Nature is bigger than US! Almost all religions can fit under this belief, without ‘upsetting their specific religious beliefs.   This Belief tied to our human imperative for our ongoing, future, inter-generational survival, creates our collective goal:

The Goal:               We have to ALL, collectively live within One                                          Point Zero Planet’s Natural resources.

Surely a Simple, and non-Negotiable, Goal?  One that will require each one of us to personally  commit to that Goal! That is our only ‘Humanity Tribe’ restraint. Beyond that we are all Free to pursue what ever other beliefs, culture, creed one has !   It’s totally up to ‘your tribe’ on how it lives within that One Point Zero, only, constraint….!

Today we need One Point Seven, and it is guaranteed that next year we will need more!  By 2050 we could be demanded more than Two Point Five planets from an ever more depleting, One Point Zero, planet earth.

Humanity has been on a course away from Nature for more than a century, those before us just didn’t know it…..  As the graph above shows, around 1970 we raced through the ‘Balance Point’ fracturing Our relationship with Nature, and that fracture has grown ever since to The Chasm, the vast gap between Team Human and Team Nature. I’m sure like me, you also believe, Team Human was created as a sub team of  Team Nature. It’s part of our DNA to belong with that family.

       Without Nature We ARE Nothing!


An Equator Crossing Memoir: Reflections on Equality!

The New ‘Wealth Gap’:  This one ‘Beyond Excuse’!!
We all know about the Wealth Inequality issue, and depending on whether you are strongly capitalist or not, you may see this as a sign of success of ideology or not?  Here is what two ‘Icons of Wealth’ have to say: 
Warren Buffet and a New York Times quote from a few years back: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” 
Bill Gates in another recent quote said:   “I very much agree that High levels of inequality are a problem—messing up economic incentives, tilting democracies in favour of powerful interests, and undercutting the ideal that all people are created equal.”
We all know that the ever widening Wealth Gap is a fact and the cause of ever increasing conflict within the societies of the world today.  This ‘Result’ is all to be expected and inherent in the design of capitalism encased in a Western ideology. (Western ideology being “a rationally orientated culture based on reason, and represented in several core ideals and values, which include Individualism, Happiness, Rights, Capitalism, Science and Technology.” )
Some may even justify this ‘Result’ saying that “This is also how Nature works”: Survival of the Fittest, and Natural Selection of the Fittest!  Where in this Western Ideology, ‘Fittest’ equals Wealthy, and ‘Natural Selection’ is based on Anthropocentric Power, where Power is derived from Wealth of Capitalist ‘Success’. 
In the past, without the concrete knowledge of our 1970 fractured relationship with Nature, maybe the ‘Western Success’ with its ever widening ‘Wealth Gap’ was almost defensible: Maybe without legitimate moral or ethical flaw! 
As Warren Buffet laid out above: This was a ‘war game’ designed by humans, and only for humans: “A class war”!  One void of any transcendental or Spiritual context: ‘Success’, with the rules of the game clear and known to all it seemed fair.  In voluntarily participating in the game one accepted there could be winners, losers, and maybe some in ‘between-ers’, and each chose to play the game at the level they deemed fit!  The winners were free to enjoy their ‘well deserved’ victory spoils.  Losers had no choice but to accept defeat graciously.  
Sounds all plausible, but unfortunately the Western Ideology’s anthropocentric orientation and Spiritual void, has created another ‘Inequality Gap’: One that is non-defensible as it defies that very same Nature and its fundamental ‘Law of The Planet’!
This is the ‘One Point Zero Inequality Gap’. 
                                                                                                            Inline image  
                                     The wealthy 10% consume 59%    
The facts are beyond doubt:   Almost without exception, whether at a National, Community or Individual level, the more ‘Western Success’ one achieves, the further away from One Point Zero one moves.  The further away from One Point Zero one moves, the more of a ‘Net-Taker’ of Nature one becomes.  
In the context of our 1970 fractured relationship with Nature, surely this is tantamount to a moral / ethical crime against humanity.   If all of us was a ‘Diamond Medallion Frequent Flyer’ in the USA we would need more than 15 planets just to deal with the footprint of the flying ‘required’ to keep our Diamond status!  They clearly turned their back on any hope of stepping up to meet Nature’s condition for a flourishing relationship again! 
   Inline image             To Fly or Not to Fly?? 
   Inline image
So rather than being in sync with Nature’s Rules, this ‘War Success’ is actually in direct breach of the Law of Nature.  The One Point Zero Law that says there is a limit to Nature’s ability to Support Human Life, and us using beyond that, the relationship with Nature is fractured and Humanity’s survival is doomed.  
The ‘Successful’ Nations are almost without exception the ones with the ‘multi Planet’ demands on Nature’s bio capacity.  Within those nations it’s the ‘Real Successful’, the ‘classes’ that form the elite ceilings of the Wealth Gap, who have ecological footprints that are way out of line with the ‘less successful’ classes.  At a ‘class level’, in many cases this ‘One Point Zero Gap’ is an order of 40, or more,  ie. some people in these nations and communities have life styles that demand more than ‘forty Planet Earths’, when the good, simply living, salt of the community citizens may only demand a ‘fraction of The Planet’.  
If you want to see what your ‘One Point Zero footprint’ is try this calculator from Global Footprint Network   (More on Footprint Calculators in the next blogs. I’m working on a more appropriate way of doing this, versus the ones online that I have seen) 
This ‘One Point Zero Gap’ is much more serious than the ‘Wealth Gap’ as it is surely not morally or ethically defensible?:  This ‘One Point Zero Gap’ is about taking a very scarce resource from others without their engagement or consent.  Further without the low ecological footprint ‘subsidy’ of the ‘simple living’ citizens, these ‘Successful’ people would be part of an even more serious ‘Ecological crime’:  They desperately need this credit, and the simply livers to live ‘even more simply’, to recycle more, to reduce consumption more, so that they can carry on using more of their Ecological Footprint credit!  
The huge ‘One Point Zero Gap’ in directly tracking the ‘Wealth Gap’, now makes the Wealth Gap also morally indefensible in today’s Socio-economic landscape.  I have no doubt that the obvious linkage of the ‘Two Gaps’, as the One Point Zero Gap becomes apparent will result in a significantly increased revolutionary energy!  I cannot see how this could be opposed as a Revolution without deep moral and ethical conviction?  If one believes this, then positioning oneself as things unravel, can provide some personal challenges that bring on some turmoil!  Spiritual turmoil and ‘relationship turmoil’.  To be selfish when ‘everyone else is’, or to be humanitarian, to be class loyal, to be a more lonely revolutionary?  Then the whole question about one’s ‘Environmental Identity’:  Our personal relationship with Nature, and the non-human that I discussed two blogs ago…???  
I know this ‘turmoil’ all too well, because I have been personally dealing with this within my own context for a while now?  
We are all at different points along the “Class” / “Success” continuum, different chronological points in our lives.  ‘All’ in our own struggles for ‘merely’ our own Success as we have defined it, and this all may challenge one’s soul?  We each have to work out what stance we will take for these issues and make a decision on whether the revolution will take off?  My only guiding light for me is what fits right with my soul, and then I have to take care of the details flowing out from that… Some of these details aren’t just small ‘dot’ bullet points, but huge ‘planet size’, ‘Life Meaning’ ones! 
Gee, the Equator and its equal split symbolism brought all this unequal ‘Gap stuff’ above up hey!  Thanks Equator!  

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        All the very, very Best for 2018….

Did you have a One Point Zero living 2017? Maybe an achieved Sustainability Awareness goal?

How ever many planets your life style needed for 2017: Maybe its not too late to make a New Year Resolution to move a wee bit closer to a One Point Zero lifestyle in 2018!

If you are not on board already: Make 2018 the year you join the Intelligent / Intelligent, and come out from under The ‘New Apartheid’ Mushroom… Your soul will relish the wide open sky!!

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Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network