Trump Deserves a REAL Fair Rating

High Emotion Times!!!     Trump Deserves a REAL Fair Rating

THE President that ‘The Apprentice has Become’, is now up on the ‘Big Boards‘, for ALL to see.  But, are the Big Board’s giving him a Fair Rating or is CNN involved??

It goes without saying:  We are living in deeply unsettling times. Both in the US, and globally, there is deep existential exploration for ‘The Answers’, but surely we first need to diagnose the problem? Trump can’t be to Blame?

I wonder if you also see that these times are manifestation of a long deteriorating, Chronic Human Condition, and how it has notably intensified in recent years?

The Midterm Election is surely only about how best to help arrest this Chronic Condition?

So, let’s trace this ‘Chronic Condition’, back to its Three Cancers. Cancers that largely went ignored for decades, but are now each in chronic state and further, metastitising off each other:

Cancer One:  ‘The Divide’   (The Wealth Gap and more..)

This is the ever increasing ‘gap’ between the wealthy and non-wealthy, the so-called Rich and Poor, The Elite and non-elite, The 1% and the 99%, etc. Whether The Divide be between Nations, inside Nations, or intergenerational, neither its existence, nor its growth can be denied.

Wealth is directly linked to Power. Increasingly powerless, those on the other side of The Divide, are revolting with anger and resolve. turning against ‘The System’, they see as the creator of their downward spirally, increasingly hopeless predicament.

Both in the US and globally, this ever-increasing Divide is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to society unrest today, and its cancer has reached chronic state.    Read more on The Divide here.

Cancer Two: ‘The Void’  (A Lack of a ‘Cosmic Context’ for Living )

The Void is essentially the manifestation of the non-existence of any ‘Beyond Human’, Higher Context, for Human Life. Ie  Contexting how us humans fit in to the greater scheme of The Planet and The Universe?

Essentially this a Spiritual Void, but beyond a narrow, religious connotation.

Religion has largely provided this ‘context’ in the past, but today, Religion, Science, Technology, and New Age Spirituality, in their unique ways, have all made their significant, albeit sometimes unintended, contributions to The Void’s rapid ‘ballooning’.

Western capitalist ideology, has almost become the new, and unlikely, ‘Spiritual’ context for Life. Where Unfettered Freedom and Hedonistic Happiness are deemed ‘Spiritual Success’, Materialism the mode, and Money the means. Void of any ‘Higher Belonging‘ context this has produced the dysfunctional, fear driven, hedonistic, ego-centred, ‘money grabbing’, society that we see today.  One increasingly disconnected from Nature.

Humanity is in a cancerous, Spiritual Belonging crisis, and The Void is its ‘witness of account‘.  Read more on The Void here.

Cancer Three:  The Chasm   (Nature and Humanity)

The Chasm is the ever-widening ‘relationship impasse’ between Nature and Humanity. It started with a fracture back in 1969, and as the graph below shows has increased in size ever since. This to our current situation where our total human demand on Nature’s bioregenerative resources, requires more than One Point Seven EarthsThat 70% more than Nature’s, One Earth, full ‘output’, can provide. In a US context:

If everyone in the world, lived like the average American today, ‘we’ would need almost Five Planets!! (All the Ecological Footprint data is thanks to the Global Footprint Network.)

Climate Change is really just one of The Chasm‘s symptoms, and evidence the cancer of this long-broken relationship between Nature and Humanity, Read the full script on The Chasm here.

“It’s all about ‘Our Human Belonging’ ….Stupid!”

The Divide, ‘The Void, and ‘The Chasm, the cancers of Our Chronic Condition are all pointing to a deep Human Belonging Crisis. This at the Individual, Society, Nations, and ‘Cosmic’, levels

To avoid a cancerous demise, we urgently need a dramatic course change towards a, ‘Cancer Free’, ‘New Belonging’ context. No nation is immune, nor exempt from being vital collaborators in this cancer like, Humanity Existential Challenge.

As ‘THE most powerful nation in The World’, The World looks to the US to lead the way to this ‘New Belonging’, context.

In the past two years, Trump has shown the world clearly how he sees this ‘New Belonging’ working!  Both for himself and America:

The World has understandably ‘Not reacted well’!

At the same time………

America has moved into its own ‘deepest ever’ National Belonging Crisis.
But is it Fair to Blame Donald Trump?

Beside his deplorable morals, and the outrageous person attacks, the world has seen wide bullet spray from the now armed pugilist. One could pick a few of ‘The Successes’ and ignore the ‘Other shots’: But that would be missing truly assessing his performance on THE Most Important Issue:

How has Trump helped Our Chronic Condition, in addressing the Cancer Crisis above?

Trump as President, has introduced an ideology that directly emulates his own life philosophy. With actions, discourse, and policies that enforce his strongly held, Virtues, Values and Beliefs.

So let’s see how this all translates to ‘The Three Cancers‘: ‘The Divide’, ‘The Void’, ‘The Chasm‘?

Trump and ‘The Divide‘:

Trump is in office largely because he cleverly exploited the actute antagonism coming from the ‘casualties’ of ‘The Divide, by presenting himslef as a ‘non-elitist, Robin Hood.  However, for Trump, ‘The Divide’ is the necessary part of society’s ‘Natural Unfairness’. The game is to not succumb to the excuse of unfairness, but to exploit it for one’s own use.  Using himself as the ‘model example’ he promotes ‘The Divide as an inevitable result stemming from a superior / inferior human gene pool. ‘The Divide naturally sorting society’s ‘winners and the losers’ based on Trump’s only scorecard:  Wealth. Wealth is central to his power and domination modus operandi, and so he has no true empathy for the disadvantaged, or those who do not share a similar, Money and Wealth, life view of Success. His tax cuts, and turbocharging of the economy, was designed to primarily enrich the elite, and further increase ‘The Divide Causualities are their own ‘fault’.

Cancer One silently metastasizes, while its unsuspecting victims applaud!

Trump and ‘The Void‘:

It should be obvious to all, that Trump has a gaping Spiritual Void, so large it’s ‘Void of Void’. It is blatantly clear he has absolutely zero, ‘Beyond Human’, context for living.

To him he IS THE Higher Power, and it’s obvious, that even in Nature, it is not something that he knows, or to which he can relate. His Universe is America, the rest of the world are lesser nations / lesser humans. At best mere ‘pawn value’ for his own exploitative use. The Moral core of Humanity is being destroyed at a unprecedented, and alarming rate, as essentially:  Trump is ‘The Void‘!

Cancer Two has metastasizes at an absolutely alarming rate!

Trump and ‘The Chasm‘.

The Trump philosophy, in its Void context above, ignores even the possibility of existence of ‘The Chasm‘. Nature doesn’t exist! Natural Resources are only there for exploitative, Human Wealth Creation.

His views on Climate Change are beyond alternative fact, and not even excusable of  a ‘Wayward Apprentice‘.

Trump’s decision to turn his back on the most serious problem ever facing America and Humanity is verging on a Humanitarian crime.  Not just the decision to walk away from Global Collaboration, but also his implementing of policies that directly and deeply, intensify the widening of The Chasm. The symptoms of Global Warming and Climate change set to further intensify in reaction.

Cancer Three metastasizes like never been seen before. Status now:  Extreme Danger.

Trump IS ‘THE Cancer’!

In their numbing truths, the above  synopsis is disturbingly profound. These are not the ‘Aberrations of an Apprentice’, but rather the cancerous Flaws of Character, Virtue and Beliefs.

Trump is  The Antithesis of a ‘Cancer Fixer’ and the antipodal Leader, for what the US, and what the world needs today!
A Humanitarian Crime in The Making….

Further:  In the context of ‘our’ cancer triad, ‘The Chasm’ is the most-deadly. Yet also the one that Trump is doing the most to aggravate.

This isn’t just about America:

His stance on Climate Change has not only stalled the whole global process, but provided the entre for other nations, communities and individuals to do the same.

In just two short years he has single handedly set the process of halting the widening of ‘The Chasm (Nature and Humanity) back decades. Maybe even taking the world into a now ‘beyond recoverable’ position. One where:  “Yes , cyclones, fires, and food shortages WILL become increasingly existentially destructive to daily living for current and future generations.”

‘They’ will rightfully ask:  Who was responsible for this? Why didn’t those that knew, do their utmost to prevent it?

There is no doubt that History will show, that Trump, in ignoring the existence of ‘The Chasm, and denying the Human contribution to Global Warming, is today in the process of committing the biggest Humanitarian Crime ever. (Colonialism, Slavery, Invading Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, etc, pale into insignificance with ‘This One’. ‘This One’, Trump has clearly stated his stance, and there are no ‘alternative facts’ to debate.

Last Call to American Voters:

THIS IS YOUR nation’s chosen President today, and on 6 November 2018 you get your first chance to vote whether YOU want to ‘Keep him YOUR President or Not’?!

‘Help Yourselves’ AND ‘Help US’, America:

The World awaits the ‘Choice of Americans’. Not only in the result, but also in the electoral turnout.  Staying quiet is the vote of ‘An Accomplice‘, and one ‘Indifferent‘ to our Chronic Cancer Condition.

‘Midterm Success’ should NOW be VERY clear….  Failure will be akin to Humanity’s Death Knell.