Where are THE Architects for Revolution?

Old Words of ‘Appropriate Wisdom’:       


– Buckminster Fuller

Time is running Out for Radical Re-design:
Where are Modern Day Architects?
Certainly None in the 33 000 IPCC people attending the UN meeting in Poland! 

The only ‘Architects’ that I see around, are those who don’t seem to buy into Our Human Existential Imperative:

That to Live Within One Planet’s bioregenetaive resources:

One Point Zero world. A world where there is No Chasm. A world where the Earth Overshoot Day, ‘Book of Accounts‘ only has ‘black ink’ figures. That is the mandatory, highest condition, of  ‘The Design‘ brief.

Being an architect for the ‘cop out’ 1.5 Degree C or 2.5 Degree C ‘Acceptable Warming’, ‘New world’ design, is not the brief Buckminster would have accepted.

I’m convinced that in his context he would have said that that is a the job of the Victim Architect.  ‘We’ are starting with the ‘Wrong Brief‘, because we fear the ‘Three Red Arrows‘ reality, and in that fear we will be designing ours selves into ‘victimhood‘.

I wonder if Mr Buckminster believed in ‘Magic’?  Magic in Design’? Read more here!

Each day of the ‘Current Apathy’, brings Revolution closer, and out of neccessity now, this is becoming THE ONLY path for Solution!

A Revolution that brings on The Perfect Recession that saves Humanity from the Greed we cannot resist of Thin Air Money. Read here.