NZ Zero Carbon Bill: Designed for The Old, The Young, The Elite, or The Poor?

Achieving a One Point Zero World, and solving ‘Climate Change‘ is an Inter-generational Challenge:   In the Zero Carbon Bill‘s 2050 Goal Horizon, which generation’s ‘demands’, was it designed to primarily appease?  What about the other generations whose appeasement is compromised in that choice?

Unfortunately, we can’t all defy Nature, and be both ‘young and old’, like the guy  right!

As I look at his face, I see a young person, yet worried with the wisdom of a ‘Life Lived’. Maybe his ‘ageing transformation’ came about through a hopeless struggle:  Trying to  match the Zero Carbon Bill in solution contribution to the huge, and ever increasing, Ecological Biocapacity Deficit of today?

The ‘hint of anger’ maybe evidence of him seeing that Zero Carbon Bill’s solution best fits with those who have the wisdom of a Live Lived, and a desire to have minimal disruption in its nearing end? Not him!

Yet the fear in his eyes, is maybe acknowledgement of his truth? A truth that he is still young, and should be fighting for what the ‘wiser man’ doesn’t desire.

In setting an ‘Ultimate Goal‘ for Global Climate Change initiatives which Generation’s needs take priority?  The Young, The Middle Age, The Elderly, or the ‘Yet to be born’?

Given that we know we are more than 70% in Biocapacity Deficit today, is it not a reasonable demand for a ‘Yet to be Born’ person who arrives on this planet in 2060, to expect ‘US” to have eliminated the Biocapacity Deficit? ie

We are ‘Living in Credit’, within One Planet’s Natural Biocapacity.

‘Maybe’ its a moral imperative for ‘US’?  To ‘at least’ do ‘that’ by ‘then’? Why not earlier, they could rightly enquire ?

I have concluded that it all comes down to how selfish ‘WE’ are today in our ‘generational needs’, and how much ‘Change we will Accept’ into our current ‘Way of Life‘?

The Zero Carbon Bill wasn’t designed for those ‘morally reasonable‘ demands of that 2060, ‘Yet to Be Born‘, human!

The One Point Zero Submissions here are maybe on behalf of that, justifiably angry, unborn ‘human’.   

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