Green Growth: The Fatal flaw of a Blood Transfusion!

A ‘Simple Remedy’ for ‘Climate Change’:     A ‘mere’ ‘Blood Transfusion’…

It could be said, that the Energy we humans need to ‘Fuel Our  Everyday Lives‘, whether that be food, fossil fuels, electricity, it is as important as our life sustaining Blood. Without either we would cease to exist!

In that view, many  humans (maybe most?) believe the Solution to Climate Change is:

To ‘just’ replace our Fossil Fuel, contaminated ‘Blood’, with clean, green, Renewable Energy, ‘Blood’..

A Humanity wide ‘Blood Transfusion‘:

This just needing a short ‘pitstop‘, to anable us to ‘just carry on’ as fast as we can, towards the only ‘Success’ we know. More and more, bigger and bigger, faster and faster, using the deepening, rutted path, THE System makes ‘us’ follow today.  Our insatiable Consumption, is its trench digging machine, and domination and destruction its mode. Our self destruction it’s hidden goal!

Is a ‘Blood Transfusion‘ REALLY, ALL we need?   OR……..

Do we have a much more ‘Chronic Condition‘ problem?   One that is also linked to a ‘disorientated’ mental state: A state that has hypnotised us to accept today’s ‘Human System Goal’ of an ‘Off Purpose‘, course, as a flawed, Human ‘Success‘?

It would appear that  in this disorientated we can’t even see our chronic, ‘Chronc State‘, and can’t see our vulnerable context in Nature System.

The ‘Human System’ or the ‘Nature System’, who will win?

Nature is ultimately in control of THE only, TRULY important ‘System’: THE Cosmic System, that will be around forever and the One :

Eventually, our future existence, is ONLY going to be about how Honestly we Humans are able to assess our ‘Holistic Health‘.


Where are THE Architects for Revolution?

Old Words of ‘Appropriate Wisdom’:       


– Buckminster Fuller

Time is running Out for Radical Re-design:
Where are Modern Day Architects?
Certainly None in the 33 000 IPCC people attending the UN meeting in Poland! 

The only ‘Architects’ that I see around, are those who don’t seem to buy into Our Human Existential Imperative:

That to Live Within One Planet’s bioregenetaive resources:

One Point Zero world. A world where there is No Chasm. A world where the Earth Overshoot Day, ‘Book of Accounts‘ only has ‘black ink’ figures. That is the mandatory, highest condition, of  ‘The Design‘ brief.

Being an architect for the ‘cop out’ 1.5 Degree C or 2.5 Degree C ‘Acceptable Warming’, ‘New world’ design, is not the brief Buckminster would have accepted.

I’m convinced that in his context he would have said that that is a the job of the Victim Architect.  ‘We’ are starting with the ‘Wrong Brief‘, because we fear the ‘Three Red Arrows‘ reality, and in that fear we will be designing ours selves into ‘victimhood‘.

I wonder if Mr Buckminster believed in ‘Magic’?  Magic in Design’? Read more here!

Each day of the ‘Current Apathy’, brings Revolution closer, and out of neccessity now, this is becoming THE ONLY path for Solution!

A Revolution that brings on The Perfect Recession that saves Humanity from the Greed we cannot resist of Thin Air Money. Read here.

Trump Deserves a REAL Fair Rating

High Emotion Times!!!     Trump Deserves a REAL Fair Rating

THE President that ‘The Apprentice has Become’, is now up on the ‘Big Boards‘, for ALL to see.  But, are the Big Board’s giving him a Fair Rating or is CNN involved??

It goes without saying:  We are living in deeply unsettling times. Both in the US, and globally, there is deep existential exploration for ‘The Answers’, but surely we first need to diagnose the problem? Trump can’t be to Blame?

I wonder if you also see that these times are manifestation of a long deteriorating, Chronic Human Condition, and how it has notably intensified in recent years?

The Midterm Election is surely only about how best to help arrest this Chronic Condition?

So, let’s trace this ‘Chronic Condition’, back to its Three Cancers. Cancers that largely went ignored for decades, but are now each in chronic state and further, metastitising off each other:

Cancer One:  ‘The Divide’   (The Wealth Gap and more..)

This is the ever increasing ‘gap’ between the wealthy and non-wealthy, the so-called Rich and Poor, The Elite and non-elite, The 1% and the 99%, etc. Whether The Divide be between Nations, inside Nations, or intergenerational, neither its existence, nor its growth can be denied.

Wealth is directly linked to Power. Increasingly powerless, those on the other side of The Divide, are revolting with anger and resolve. turning against ‘The System’, they see as the creator of their downward spirally, increasingly hopeless predicament.

Both in the US and globally, this ever-increasing Divide is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to society unrest today, and its cancer has reached chronic state.    Read more on The Divide here.

Cancer Two: ‘The Void’  (A Lack of a ‘Cosmic Context’ for Living )

The Void is essentially the manifestation of the non-existence of any ‘Beyond Human’, Higher Context, for Human Life. Ie  Contexting how us humans fit in to the greater scheme of The Planet and The Universe?

Essentially this a Spiritual Void, but beyond a narrow, religious connotation.

Religion has largely provided this ‘context’ in the past, but today, Religion, Science, Technology, and New Age Spirituality, in their unique ways, have all made their significant, albeit sometimes unintended, contributions to The Void’s rapid ‘ballooning’.

Western capitalist ideology, has almost become the new, and unlikely, ‘Spiritual’ context for Life. Where Unfettered Freedom and Hedonistic Happiness are deemed ‘Spiritual Success’, Materialism the mode, and Money the means. Void of any ‘Higher Belonging‘ context this has produced the dysfunctional, fear driven, hedonistic, ego-centred, ‘money grabbing’, society that we see today.  One increasingly disconnected from Nature.

Humanity is in a cancerous, Spiritual Belonging crisis, and The Void is its ‘witness of account‘.  Read more on The Void here.

Cancer Three:  The Chasm   (Nature and Humanity)

The Chasm is the ever-widening ‘relationship impasse’ between Nature and Humanity. It started with a fracture back in 1969, and as the graph below shows has increased in size ever since. This to our current situation where our total human demand on Nature’s bioregenerative resources, requires more than One Point Seven EarthsThat 70% more than Nature’s, One Earth, full ‘output’, can provide. In a US context:

If everyone in the world, lived like the average American today, ‘we’ would need almost Five Planets!! (All the Ecological Footprint data is thanks to the Global Footprint Network.)

Climate Change is really just one of The Chasm‘s symptoms, and evidence the cancer of this long-broken relationship between Nature and Humanity, Read the full script on The Chasm here.

“It’s all about ‘Our Human Belonging’ ….Stupid!”

The Divide, ‘The Void, and ‘The Chasm, the cancers of Our Chronic Condition are all pointing to a deep Human Belonging Crisis. This at the Individual, Society, Nations, and ‘Cosmic’, levels

To avoid a cancerous demise, we urgently need a dramatic course change towards a, ‘Cancer Free’, ‘New Belonging’ context. No nation is immune, nor exempt from being vital collaborators in this cancer like, Humanity Existential Challenge.

As ‘THE most powerful nation in The World’, The World looks to the US to lead the way to this ‘New Belonging’, context.

In the past two years, Trump has shown the world clearly how he sees this ‘New Belonging’ working!  Both for himself and America:

The World has understandably ‘Not reacted well’!

At the same time………

America has moved into its own ‘deepest ever’ National Belonging Crisis.
But is it Fair to Blame Donald Trump?

Beside his deplorable morals, and the outrageous person attacks, the world has seen wide bullet spray from the now armed pugilist. One could pick a few of ‘The Successes’ and ignore the ‘Other shots’: But that would be missing truly assessing his performance on THE Most Important Issue:

How has Trump helped Our Chronic Condition, in addressing the Cancer Crisis above?

Trump as President, has introduced an ideology that directly emulates his own life philosophy. With actions, discourse, and policies that enforce his strongly held, Virtues, Values and Beliefs.

So let’s see how this all translates to ‘The Three Cancers‘: ‘The Divide’, ‘The Void’, ‘The Chasm‘?

Trump and ‘The Divide‘:

Trump is in office largely because he cleverly exploited the actute antagonism coming from the ‘casualties’ of ‘The Divide, by presenting himslef as a ‘non-elitist, Robin Hood.  However, for Trump, ‘The Divide’ is the necessary part of society’s ‘Natural Unfairness’. The game is to not succumb to the excuse of unfairness, but to exploit it for one’s own use.  Using himself as the ‘model example’ he promotes ‘The Divide as an inevitable result stemming from a superior / inferior human gene pool. ‘The Divide naturally sorting society’s ‘winners and the losers’ based on Trump’s only scorecard:  Wealth. Wealth is central to his power and domination modus operandi, and so he has no true empathy for the disadvantaged, or those who do not share a similar, Money and Wealth, life view of Success. His tax cuts, and turbocharging of the economy, was designed to primarily enrich the elite, and further increase ‘The Divide Causualities are their own ‘fault’.

Cancer One silently metastasizes, while its unsuspecting victims applaud!

Trump and ‘The Void‘:

It should be obvious to all, that Trump has a gaping Spiritual Void, so large it’s ‘Void of Void’. It is blatantly clear he has absolutely zero, ‘Beyond Human’, context for living.

To him he IS THE Higher Power, and it’s obvious, that even in Nature, it is not something that he knows, or to which he can relate. His Universe is America, the rest of the world are lesser nations / lesser humans. At best mere ‘pawn value’ for his own exploitative use. The Moral core of Humanity is being destroyed at a unprecedented, and alarming rate, as essentially:  Trump is ‘The Void‘!

Cancer Two has metastasizes at an absolutely alarming rate!

Trump and ‘The Chasm‘.

The Trump philosophy, in its Void context above, ignores even the possibility of existence of ‘The Chasm‘. Nature doesn’t exist! Natural Resources are only there for exploitative, Human Wealth Creation.

His views on Climate Change are beyond alternative fact, and not even excusable of  a ‘Wayward Apprentice‘.

Trump’s decision to turn his back on the most serious problem ever facing America and Humanity is verging on a Humanitarian crime.  Not just the decision to walk away from Global Collaboration, but also his implementing of policies that directly and deeply, intensify the widening of The Chasm. The symptoms of Global Warming and Climate change set to further intensify in reaction.

Cancer Three metastasizes like never been seen before. Status now:  Extreme Danger.

Trump IS ‘THE Cancer’!

In their numbing truths, the above  synopsis is disturbingly profound. These are not the ‘Aberrations of an Apprentice’, but rather the cancerous Flaws of Character, Virtue and Beliefs.

Trump is  The Antithesis of a ‘Cancer Fixer’ and the antipodal Leader, for what the US, and what the world needs today!
A Humanitarian Crime in The Making….

Further:  In the context of ‘our’ cancer triad, ‘The Chasm’ is the most-deadly. Yet also the one that Trump is doing the most to aggravate.

This isn’t just about America:

His stance on Climate Change has not only stalled the whole global process, but provided the entre for other nations, communities and individuals to do the same.

In just two short years he has single handedly set the process of halting the widening of ‘The Chasm (Nature and Humanity) back decades. Maybe even taking the world into a now ‘beyond recoverable’ position. One where:  “Yes , cyclones, fires, and food shortages WILL become increasingly existentially destructive to daily living for current and future generations.”

‘They’ will rightfully ask:  Who was responsible for this? Why didn’t those that knew, do their utmost to prevent it?

There is no doubt that History will show, that Trump, in ignoring the existence of ‘The Chasm, and denying the Human contribution to Global Warming, is today in the process of committing the biggest Humanitarian Crime ever. (Colonialism, Slavery, Invading Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, etc, pale into insignificance with ‘This One’. ‘This One’, Trump has clearly stated his stance, and there are no ‘alternative facts’ to debate.

Last Call to American Voters:

THIS IS YOUR nation’s chosen President today, and on 6 November 2018 you get your first chance to vote whether YOU want to ‘Keep him YOUR President or Not’?!

‘Help Yourselves’ AND ‘Help US’, America:

The World awaits the ‘Choice of Americans’. Not only in the result, but also in the electoral turnout.  Staying quiet is the vote of ‘An Accomplice‘, and one ‘Indifferent‘ to our Chronic Cancer Condition.

‘Midterm Success’ should NOW be VERY clear….  Failure will be akin to Humanity’s Death Knell.


Our Wayward Wizards

    What The Wise Humans ‘Do’and ‘Say’:

As I pointed out in my last post:  Each time a recession has kicked in, the Central bankers and Political leadership of The World, in their ‘apparent wisdom’, have quickly stepped in radically reducing the ‘Cost of Money’ and also ‘Printing Money‘ in vast amounts more.

This all to get ‘us’ back to what we love doing:   ‘Spending and spending, to make us feel better, and now with ‘Gift Money‘ created from ‘Thin air‘’!

The result is that the past decade we have the virtually the lowest cost ‘Money’ ever, the most ‘Money’ on issued per capita by miles, and the deepest debt ever  ….. And then, Not Surprisingly, ‘The Chasm’, between Nature and Humanity, has grown wider and wider every year!

Climate Change and Global Warming is the ‘heat’ arising from ‘The Chasm‘, that ‘we feel’, and ‘Earth Overshoot Day ‘, ‘The Chasm‘s long bankrupt ‘Book of Account’. ‘The Chasm‘, like the  record Debt Burden, is now at near catastrophic proportion?

The ‘Three Red Arrows‘ seem to indicate that it would be better if we had less Money it would be better and if it became more expensive that maybe ‘we’ would find a way to use less.

Sounds like the early ideas for that ‘Perfect Recession’?

But hey, I’m not a ‘wise human’, so let’s  from some of todays’, Wisest of The Wise, Wizards their perspectives on ‘The Perfect Recession’ perspectives:

First:   ‘THE Wisest Human on Earth‘:

Donald Trump! 

Sorry, but that needs a dedicated post, so watch this space on 28 October 2018 as a Midterm election primer!

French president ‘Grabbing’ a vacant ‘World Stage’ for Himself:

Here is what the ‘rockstar aspiring’, Macron, recently had to say :

“We have decided to make France a model in the fight against climate change. That is, for me, a huge advantage in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness… you can create a lot of jobs in such a strategy.” 

His plan is clearly not Recession based, and with a focus on the obvious first steps, of ‘shutting down coal fired electricity plants, his remedy is a partial ‘Blood Transfusion Solution’ at best!

When in Rome, Not as The Italians do:  Buy Lot of  Time, Not Pasta!

The Club of Rome:  One of the preeminent ‘Think Tanks’ in the world produced a thick, glossy report entitled “A Finer Future”.   With many ‘wizards’ involved in a lengthy study, their ‘Conclusions’ were:

1.     The human world faces civilizational collapse with widespread environmental and social consequences, many already obvious.

2.     The conditions for this were created by human activity and can be undone by human actions.

3.      To avoid collapse, we need to embrace a new cultural story, one where humanity lives in harmony with nature and where social tensions are drastically reduced. 

4.     As this new story will take several years to implement we need a strategy to survive in the short-term and buy time.  (Read the full report here.)

Well!:  Besides stating ‘The Obvious’ of ‘our crisis’, their take in the context of ‘The Perfect Recession’ seems to say:

We probably need something ‘very drastic’, but hold off any recessions for a ‘long while’, while ‘some other people’ think about What to Do to prevent the otherwise fact of “Civilisation collapse”?   Least they point to the seriousness.

I wonder what ‘they’ mean by “Humanity living in harmony with Nature”? Could that be ‘The Chasm‘ is no more?  Earth Overshoot Day no more?: That we live in credit with Nature?

Wow, or am I being too hopefully idealistic, and “harmony” is just about more of us, watching more, BBC Blue Planet documentaries?

Unheeded  Wisdom from The Great Financial Crisis ‘Hour’ 

This going back to 29 January 2009:  The World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underlined that “within the current multiple crises (of that GFC time), climate change is the “only one truly existential threat” and called on the world’s leaders to use the current economic crisis to launch a new Global Compact entailing a “Green New Deal.”    Read the full report here:

Wow, there it is! Was he REALLY asking ‘All the Wizards’ attending to seriously think about maybe ‘letting’ the GFC run into that Green New Deal:  ‘The Perfect Recession’ ????

There is certainly a hint in his words that The GFC was the ‘Hour of Opportunity’! What happened to that ‘Hour’?

A few days later, close on 1000 private jets took off from Switzerland to take their wise passengers back to their work, and almost 10 years later, it is clear that this call went unheeded:  The ‘Hour of Opportunity‘ squandered!

Those ‘wizards’ must have had more important work to do?

What it could have been, and why did they even go to Davos then?  Maybe they preferred creating ‘Money’ or a much better ‘Ego food’ was the distraction? Without ‘The Distraction’ they could now have become the anointed architects for the now completed design for ‘The Perfect Recession’?

Now not ot only ready to use the next ‘Hour of Opportunity‘, but creating ‘The Hour‘  themselves!

But in their silence there has been no ‘architectural work’ done, just finessing of the Recession Prevention Manual!

Climate Change IS happening, Just Look after Your Money.

Here is what a journalist had to say about UK Central Banker, Mark Carney’s recently launched, BOE initiative to address Climate Change. Carney, a seasoned Wizard who was probably at Davos 2009):  “His initiative springs from a concern that the impacts of global warming – and efforts to tackle it – may hit the value of certain assets. Investors that fail to anticipate those trends could lose money”. Read here:

It would appear that his primary concern re Climate Change is about the Value of Financial Assets, and Investors likelihood of losing money!  That seems like self-interested distraction, and basically an acceptance that “We are deep in the Climate Change ‘dwang’, it’s the fact of the future, and I’ll help ‘you’ deal with protecting your ‘Money’”.  Central Bankers could be seen as being part ‘architects of the economy’, but Carney’s initiative is one of a ‘Victim Architect’. Maybe trapped in the mind of his own ‘Victim Architecture’, he realises his ‘Hour of Opportunity’ to be THE Architect below, has long gone?

Old Wisdom of Words: Where are  Modern Day Architects?


Buckminster Fuller

The only ‘Architects’ that I see around, are those who don’t seem to buy into Our Human Existential Imperative:  That to Live Within One Planet’s bioregenetaive resourses.  A One Point Zero world. A world where there is No Chasm. A world where the Earth Overshoot Day, ‘Book of Accounts‘ only has ‘black ink’ figures. That is the mandatory, highest condition, of  ‘The Design‘ brief.

Being an architect for the ‘cop out’ 1.5 Degree C or 2.5 Degree C ‘acceptable warming’, world is not the brief Buckminster would have accepted. I’m convinced that in his context he would have said that that is a the job of the Victim Architect.  ‘We’ are starting with the ‘Wrong Brief‘, because we fear the ‘Three Red Arrows‘ reality, and in that fear we will be designing ours selves into ‘victimhood‘.

I wonder if Buckminster believed in ‘Magic for Design’? Read below!

A New Climate Stage:  Wizards Applenty with Magic Everwhere   

With Trump having long turned his back on ‘All Matters Climate Change’, and in the void of unified National Leader summits, Business and Lower Political Leaders have recently stepped onto a new Climate Change stage of their own creation:  The dazzling, San Francisco Climate Action Summit, this past September, the latest.  A Summit, were unlike Davos, here ‘attendees’ did bring their work to the Stage for all to hear about: Forget thoughts of ‘The Perfect Recession’, this was all about ‘Climate Change being the new ‘fuel of growth’ for the awaiting biggest growth story of The Century’!  Self promotion and Brand building was the main goal.

Committing to ‘anything Zero‘, not matter how fuzzy the targets, or how far into the future they were to be delivered, newly crowned Climate Heroes got to promote the brands of their choice. Whether that be personal and / or business’s the stage didn’t care. ‘Arnie’ even dialled in from his ‘high footprint vacation’  to inspire the self anointed ‘Heroes’.  This was California at its best.

This wrap up from Lord Stern of the New Climate Economy, epitomises the Summit’s Banner Message:

“The good news, as we lay out in the new report by the New Climate Economy, is that the transition to the zero-emissions economy is the growth story of this century. This is a still stronger statement than the case made by the Stern Review in 2006 that the costs of inaction exceed the costs of action. We can now see a bigger story, one of innovation, discovery, investment and growth.”  Read here:

No talk of ‘The Perfect Recession‘ being needed here! It’s not just about ‘Business as usual’, it’s about the opportunity of Climate Change offering the opportunity for ‘new record growth’.

Almost all the visions presented at the Summit, were based only on the premise of the world only needing ‘Blood Transfusion Solution‘:

Zero everything‘ that has carbon or fossil fuels attached. Then with this new ‘Zero Blood‘, we are all free to our hearts content, to carry on ‘greed consuming’, flying, etc, again? In ‘their’ visions, there is no such thing as ‘greed’, because what was maybe greed, is now good for growth, and growth is good for jobs.

Listening to the talks, it also sounded like even the ‘Blood Transfusion’ process will be a huge party with lots of ‘Money’ to be made!  What wasn’t mentioned, but clearly didn’t need stating was that all of this would be funded by printing more of that same ‘almost Free’ ‘Money’.  Debt is Good!

Sounds like ‘Utopia‘ has been found! Certainly not ‘Victim Architecure’, but I sense in its magical foolhardiness, it will a Victim become!

Inconvenient Truths from a Society of Wizardry.

Founded in 1947, The Mont Pelerin Society is an influential, international classical liberal organization composed of economists, philosophers, historians, intellectuals and business leaders. “Wow, now we should definitely take their wisdom seriously!”:

Vaclav Klaus, a member and long-time Climate Change denier, described climate change as “an important part of the Mont Pelerin Society’s “agenda”, and the society advocates freedom of expression, free market economic policies and the political values of an open society.”  He then goes on to say:

“I consider environmentalism and its currently strongest version – climate alarmism – to be, at the beginning of the 21st century, the most effective and, therefore, the most dangerous vehicle for advocating, drafting and implementing large scale government intervention and for an unprecedented suppression of human freedom,”

Beyond judgement, cynicism, or disregard, I believe the deeper reading of this statement, provides the ‘Wisdom to the void of wisdom‘ we are seeing in the all the pictures painted above:  Why we don’t have the ‘slightest will’ to entertain the designing of ‘The Perfect Recession‘.

Klaus‘s words seem to be spoken by someone who is a denier only in Fear, and the extreme, bitter unpalatability, of The Solution he sees, that would be needed should he accept Climate Change as a reality.

He and the MP Society, no doubt are a part of the architects of ‘The System’ of today. ‘Freedom’ and ‘Free Markets’ will solve ‘everything

Architecting ‘The Perfect Recession‘ would then go against all he/ they believe in and have ever stood for, and would threaten their ‘Freedom’.

It is quite astounding that this has got nothing to do with ‘The Truths’ nor what is ‘Right for Humanity‘, but rather all about personal ‘Fear of the Loss of Self’. (Both The MP ‘Society Self’ that he stands for, and his own ‘Self’)  He is What he is because of The System he Believes in, and in fear of finding out deeper truths, he is choosing to deny himself finding out WHO he really is as a full human?   He is choosing a human belonging and turning his back on a more complete and deeper Spiritual belonging: One that properly contextualises our human place in this Cosmic Universe.

Klaus speaks of a loss of ‘Freedom’, yet in his ‘Lower Life’ context’s attachment to ‘The System’, he can’t see he is a prisoner to that same System. Without the courage to confront its untruths, he will never access REAL Freedom. That Freedom, in Submission to Our Cosmic Belonging realities.

I can’t help but think that The Wisest Man on Earth, The current President of America,  in his denier stance has the exact same Fear, and deeper, Identity and Belonging crisis. Real Power comes from confronting ‘The Truths’. Cowards seek Power based on the expediency and convenience of denial of ‘The Truths’!

(Klaus‘s connection to a Climate Change and a ‘Loss of Freedom’, State control, is a vital part of resistance to ‘The Perfect Recession‘ today, and will be explored in future posts.)

Summary of The Wizards

The Good news is that their seems consensus in our threat of Civilisation Collapse? Even in ‘cowardly denial’ the need to ‘Do something Significant’ seems accepted.

The attachment to Money and Growth is a key theme, epitomised by the ‘Consume our way out of Collapse’ architect designs. The theme of a Fear of loss of Self, and it’s attachment to the Freedom of The System, drives almost all the solutions to seeking solutions ‘in the familiar’. In that regard a convenient  Blood Transfusion Solution is and deemed enough.  This is is required but not nearly a remedy for our ‘Chronic Condition‘:  Sadly, ‘The Perfect Recession‘ in its ‘full remedy’, is too challenging to the Wise Humans’ ‘Self‘, and its ‘Belonging‘ with ‘The System’ of today.

In ignoring the real Truths of the ‘Three Red Arrows’, The Wise, are not accepting the clear Moral Brief  of One Point Zero as their mandatory Architectural starting point.

In voluntarily donning that blinker they are reducing themselves to ‘Victim Architects’, and Humanity moves closer and closer, to being victum of that consensus of  ‘Civilisation Collapse‘.


Nature is a ‘Short Seller’….! Trying To Show US, How to Help Ourselves?!

         The ‘Three Red Arrows’ of ‘Hope’…

The good news from the graph above is that three times in the last 50 years we seem to have ‘successfully’ executed  Roll back of Earth Overshoot Day:  That for a change of course towards that ‘On Purpose’ Success we desepreately need.

So YES!  We have at least tasted the entrees of the New Journey we need to be on.

Or have we…..?

The ‘shocking’ news is that all three of these occasions were ‘Global Recession‘ times:  All were about significant shrinkage in spending and consumption!  This due to some ‘unforeseen abnormality’ that caused a disruption in the Money supply / demand situation. To find out what those recessions were read here.

Each time there was a ‘major panic’ and supposedly, ‘THE Wisest of the wise’, humans of the world, dug deep to prevent the rollback. To desperately get to the only Success ‘we’ know and back onto the ‘Off PurposeEart Overshoot Day, Rollout path.

Once ‘they’ did it ‘THE wisemen’ were celebrated as heroes: Having “Saved The World, and Humanity“!   The facts of the graph above show that ‘they’ did the exact opposite!

Dreams of ‘The Perfect Recession’

In simple analysis, what the graph is showing us, is that we need a ‘Planned Recession‘. A much deeper and much longer one, than those ones: To get us to Zero Earth Overshoot Day. (and then back into Credit with Nature) I call this ‘recession’  ‘The Perfect Recession‘:  Our despearte All Humanity, Lifeline one!

We need somewhere around a 70% reduction in ‘all the stuff’ we use that draws from Nature. Many of us have lost the connection with Nature in not seeing that ‘All that stuff’, no matter what it is, does eventually come somehow from Nature! So there is now way around it!

Obviously, many of the Sustainability Initiatives today will help, but its foolhardy thinking that they will take us all the way back to January 1, while we carry on living with all the ‘Needs and Wants’ we have today. It is not only “Foolhardy”, it is outright irresponsible, and immoral gambling of The Future, by the ‘Powers that Be’.

Healthy, Sick, or Chronically Ill?

Like the remedy of a blood transfusion, ‘many of us’ just want its instant remedy that will ‘simply’ replace our fossil fuel, contaminated blood, with clean, renewable energy, blood. Just a short ‘pitstop’ so we can then ‘just carry on’ towards the only ‘Success’ we know:  The rutted path THE System makes ‘us’ follow today.

Is a ‘blood transfusion’ all we really need?   OR……..

Do we have a much more serious, ‘obesity’ problem, linked to a ‘disorientated’ mental state: One that hypnotically allows us to accept today’s ‘System Goal’ of an ‘Off Purpose‘, as Human ‘Success‘? Maybe we are so disorientated we can’t even see our chronic ‘Chronc State‘.

Because Nature is ultimately in control of THE only, TRULY important ‘System’: THE Cosmic System:

Eventually, ‘it’ is ONLY going to be about how honestly we humans are able to assess our ‘Holistic Health’.

SO the real question today is:

Are ‘we’ perfectly healthy, mildly running a temperature, or chronically ‘ill’?

If Nature (or our creator) could speak, I have no doubt what ‘she’ would say?!

There are never any Shortsellers around Healthy People!

But isn’t this just about Climat Change and Global Warming??

For me, One Point Zero, or getting back to Zero Earth Overshoot Days, isn’t about Climate Change, neither Global Warming, nor Sustainability:

It is about our ‘Holistic Human Health’, and how that is affecting our Ultimate Spiritual Belonging.

Are we today, wrongly the vibrant humans, that were designed fit on this planet with all the other ‘vibrant parts’ of Nature‘s team?

Nature‘s ‘voice’ is coming across ever more sternly:    “No you are not. You humans need to create ‘The Perfect Recession’, rather than becoming wiser at preventing them!”

But in our anthropocentric arogance we deny our condition, and rather seek the path of least inconvenience:  The ‘Blood Transfusion’ path. Even in that pursuit, as the Earth Overshoot Day graph shows,  we are failing to embrace our poorly chosen ‘remedy’, and the urgency of its application.

Beyond mere Optimism and Hope:  ‘Pessimistic Realism’ is a vital Trait of The ‘Truth Adventurer’!

This article from the New Republic hopefully helps prepare us for the ‘Pessimistic Realist’, mindset we will need for the most courageous adventure ever:  To ‘Recession Ourselves Back‘ to that vibrant Human Health we, and future generations are rightfully deserving.  Read here.

This ‘Adventure for Humanity‘ will only start in earnest when, ‘THE Wisest of The Wise’, humans, take a truthful look at Western Ideology and The System that supports it, and are honest with ‘Our Health Check‘, and then have the courage to fix  ‘The Chronic Condition‘.

Each one of us can decide to what extent we will imitate THE System, or to what extent we will aspire for Holistic Health, and that full Nature-Belonging, vibrancy.

The Adventure to that Freedom of Health

We can all find that ‘Freedom of Health‘ ourselves, provided we he have that same courage to set our own individual adventure goals. Adventures that liberate us from the unhealthy hypnosis of THE system.

My next post will focus on how ‘THE Wise‘ are going about diagnosing ‘Our Health‘ today!


CO2 Emissions, Earth Overshoot Day, and ‘The Goal’?

  The Goal:   Cosmic Purpose or Self-Annihilation ?

In the context of the Earth Overshoot Day graph in my last post this CO2 emissions graph below, from a recent New Republic report, shows the value of useful ‘Information’ versus, less useful, ‘Data’:

The graphs  look almost identical  but the Earth Overshoot Day graph in my previos post helps me see ‘The Goal’ and the size of ‘Our Challenge’ to get to ‘The Goal’. Whereas the Emissions graph above merely shows the trend in GTons of C02 Emissions, and I can’t really take anything else that’s useful for me? I could maybe even conclude that 20 tons back in 2000 is ‘The goal’?!

One of the biggest ‘failures’ in the UN / Global approach to Climate Change is the single focus on emissions, and parts per million of CO2 etc, and taking that into the debate on “What is an acceptable planet temperature rise we humans can withstand, with least inconvenience?”

I’m a chemical engineer so understand all this tons CO2, ppm stuff, but ‘we’ can’t relate this to ‘What this means, what ‘we’ can do?’ “How serious is this?” and “What is morally / ethically is right for Humanity”?

Finally:  The Problem ‘We’ have today is not about temperature rise, or just about CO2 emissions, it’s about the size of our Total Take from Nature:  Water, land, fish, forests, and all its eco diversity.

Everything we ‘use’ in our lives ultimately comes from Nature, The Ecological Footprint measures this ‘all’, and surely his should be Our interest, and Our concern?

The Global Footprint Network does a fantastic job of taking data and making it relevant and understandable information for all of us, and so I’ll focus on their Earth Overshoot Day graph:  Below, I have added some more ‘information’ to the graph from the previous post:  The ‘Three Red Arrows’:

The ‘Three Red Arrows‘ show, the only three times in the last 50 years, where we have managed to reverse the alarming Earth Overshoot Day rollout. Ie:  Times when we were able to reduce our, ‘Way over Demand‘, draw on Nature’s bio-generative resources.

If “Everything we ‘use’ in our lives ultimately comes from Nature“, it’s clear to me that we humans are ‘designed’ with a instinct ‘Cosmic Purpose‘:  To ensure we don’t overuse what can’t be regenerated, and thus live within One Planet’s natural resources. That ‘Purpose‘ not just for our collective Own Good, but also as a rule for being a collaboartive part of Nature‘s cosmic system !

Like the salmon and all other creatures who have their clear instinct purpose, surely this is our deepest, Human ‘Instinct’ drive?

As humans, we were give the Rational Capability to choose our own course of life, but do we really have total freedom in this choice, or is this Purpose our conditional freedom?

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

On Purpose‘ in the context of that cosmic design means we HAVE to get back to a Jan 1 Zero Overshoot Day Goal?

It’s easy to feel helpless in the crowd and diversity of humanity, but ultimately we are part of that humanity, and isn’t it just about ensuring our soul is at one with that cosmic Human Purpose?

After years of exploration with others, I’m beginning to accept that not many human beings on Earth see that Earth Overshoot Day is linked to our deepest Human Purpose?

Further:  I have concluded that this is largely because of the distraction of human created Money and the pervasive controlling role it plays in all our lives.

From the both the Earth Overshoot Day graph, and the orange path in the graph above, it’s clear that back ‘On Purpose‘ would be something like a 70% reduction in the size of our collective demand on Nature’s resources, today.

The good news is that those ‘Three Red Arrows‘ offer real hope and clues.

Maybe, like so many I meet you are on the verge on helplessness?  They see the problem, but they also see that they inextricably are part of ‘THE System‘, and that System is causing all this?

I can totally empathisize with this helplessness, I fight it ‘everyday’ myself.

But don’t we all essentially have our ‘Own System‘, and the extent to which that ‘Own System‘ mimics ‘THE System‘ will determine how personally Free or personally Imprisoned and helpless we become?

At the heart of ‘THE System‘ is human created Money, and in the next post I’ll explore how this human Money is linked to the ‘Three Red Arrows’ on the Earth Overshoot Day graph above!


1 August 2018. Earth Overshoot Day!!! Will 2019 be in July??

Don’t know what Earth Overshoot Day is, read here…..

I have no doubt that the issues behind Earth Overshoot Day will increasingly drive our world and future life decisions. (Even though Trump would never entertain that thought!)

In taking a long term, inter-generation view, ‘it’ could even become the single most important measure of human  morality health!  This, because surely:

Earth Overshoot Day’ tells us humans whether we are  ‘On Purpose’ or ‘Off Purpose’, at the most fundamental ‘Human Purpose‘ level?

This whether the context is individual, family, our nation, or ‘Our Humanity’, collectives?

So, if you didn’t understand Earth Overshoot Day last year (2 August 2017), then maybe this year could be well spent putting some time exploring the profundity of my ‘On Purpose’ statement claim above!

Thanks to the Global Footprint Network, you could start by have some fun learning with a quiz, that will give personal insights to where you are on this journey of ‘profound discovery’. Take your ‘Next Step’ exploring here:

As they say:  “A Picture is worth a Thousand words”:

In the graph above you may find a valuable personal reflection and exploring opportunity:

As Mathis Wackernagel, the co-founder of the Global Footprint Network says, it’s not so much about the absoluteness of the numbers, but about the trends, and understanding the quantum of our ‘Off Purpose’ trajectory. (‘Off Purpose’ is my categorisation not his.)

Take the recent ‘Journey of Humanity’ presented in the graph above and how you fit into its ‘Off Purpose’ trajectory.

Are we at a defining plateau point?  How come we did manage to temporarily ‘Roll Back‘ the date in the early 80’s, then again early 90’s, then again 2008?

What would your Earth Overshoot graph look like?  Are you into July already, (Gross Overshoot human)  or long been less than 1st January (An enviable, ‘No Overshoot‘ human)? Check yourself out here.

Where is your nation in all of this? What is their Earth Overshoot vision? Are you happy with it?  Check out your nation here.

Is this Earth Overshoot problem a symptom of a bigger society / ideology problem? Will God solve it? Is there even a God? Is there a ‘Higher Power’, whose rules of existence, require human’s to adapt and ‘comply’?

If you are ‘young’ and just starting out, you have the total freedom to design your own Earth Over / Undershoot trajectory.  If you are in a midlife rut, maybe this provides the opportunity for change?

Where should you live?

What career should you choose?  How will you live?

All fascinating and explorations, that will become more and more important for each of us as the future reveals itself.

Rolling Back: The Adventure of a Life Time

On 2 August 2017, Earth Overshoot Day last year I was in the middle of my final quest for at least a full year of ‘No Overshoot’ living.  This after many years back in the 90’s being probably an April, or even March, ‘Gross Overshoot’human!! (But no worse than ‘my kind’ of the day, I was just part of ‘The Crowd‘ of ‘The System‘!

With a conscious decision to get out of ‘The System’, and simplify my life, move to Nature’s side of The Chasm, the ‘Roll Back’ rewards are now deep and real.

A check today on the quiz above confirmed I’m still in ‘No Overshoot’, but my One Point Zero challenge continues:  I’m now seemingly a traitor to my kind!

As both businessman and adventurer, I have always focused on the truths of the situation at hand, and the challenge of moving towards a vision ahead. This has often been daunting, but vital in preparing me for the ‘The Mission’ ahead.  A ‘Mission’ I like to frame as an Adventure.

One can’t head off to the South Pole, sail cross the oceans alone, or cycle continents, without a clear goal, without knowing the true enormity of the mission, and / or without the right equipment, mind, body, and spirit.

Setting off without a clear goal, and a mindset of “I’ll just try my best”, will end in just that:  A pat on the back for having tried ‘your best’, no matter what that really means. That feels good, because we can adjust the standard to make it feel good. I’ve done, that we have all done that, but almost always to our long-term detriment.

Acknowledging that ‘we’ are ‘Off purpose’ is a huge inner challenge. I have been ‘there’ stared unbelievably at the reality, felt the hopelessness, the fear, the anger, but then realised that this IS life, and it’s a series of adventures, and before me was the biggest one of my life:

That was the breakthrough that enabled me to decide that, rather than it being a ‘burden of truth’, it’s going to become the source of courage and inspiration for an exciting adventure challenge reality.  For my final One Point Zero, ascent to ‘No Overshoot‘ read here.

In doing so with my ‘No Overshoot’ adventure, I have become a traitor to ‘The Crowd’, yet in reality I’m actually trying add my little bit to help The Crowd, to help itself.

Having personally rolled back more than eight or nine months in my ‘Gross Over Shoot’ to ‘Undershoot’ journey, I’m fully aware of the radical values, beliefs and life expectation changes one needs to make.

Yet all I see is the same western model of success being clung to by the leaders of the world, in the hope that some magic will ‘save us’.  Worse still: Trump, in his old school, ‘Reaganomics’ approach, is turbocharging this out of date ‘Success‘. Racking up huge new Financial and Overshoot debt, that will almost certainly certainly push ‘us’ into  a first time, July ‘Overshoot‘, next year!

I turned my back on that definition of success, and therein lies the personal challenge for most of us, laid out by H G Wells above: We need to act, reflect, learn, and then ‘act better’ with a ‘wiser context’ of our belonging. This is adaption in the context of Nature as the Higher Power, versus ‘development’ in the context of egocentric, anthropocentric myopia.

We need all the renewable energy we can get. We must get out of fossil fuels. We must replace our meat and dairy diets etc, but this isn’t really about technology or ‘these things’, this is about ‘US’ and how we define ourselves. I believe we are ‘creatures of Nature’, and this is all about how we belong on this planet, and what ‘Success’ in that context means.  Having the courage to see we are way ‘Off Purpose‘ and to change Surelywhat defines ‘Success‘.

Surely:  The only success for Humanity is flourishing with ‘No Overshoot’, and ‘everything else’ must fit within that!

This flies in the face of the dream of ‘Unrestrained Liberty‘!

As an anarchist, explorer and freedom seeker of the highest order, dealing with this ‘restraint’ in a positive and inspiring way, was a strangely challenging, yet liberating tenet, in my ‘Roll Back experience!

Contributing:  Tough Love or patting ‘The Crowd’ on the back!

My only contribution to this pursuit can be in this personal ‘Earth Overshoot Day’, ‘Roll Back’, experience. I have nothing more to offer humanity in its ‘Off purpose’ course, and on this ‘Earth Overshoot challenge. That reality is both humbling and yet profound.


‘Earth Overshoot’ is an all humanity problem, and It needs all of us to bring all our different angles of perspective and contribution.

Many I meet, work and talk with, are fully committed to this goal, with lots of ‘skin in the game‘ doing amazing work, with huge contribution and resolve. Many have been living all their lives in personal ‘No Overshoot’, and for them they can’t see what the issue is, yet their inspiration that ‘No Overshoot’ living is not only possible, but actually a better ‘Success’ is vital.

The challenge is in personal and societal transformation of a magnitude never been seen before, and in ‘silent retreat’, that is where my private work will focus. We need a new Vision of Success. One that addresses, the ever widening, ‘Gaps’ in Society today:  The Chasm (Nature / Human Gap), The Divide (Wealth Gap), and The Void (Spiritual Gap).

I sense there is much to be learned from the Mandela’s, Marx’s, and maybe even the current Chinese experiment??  But in saying that, we are in never before explore territory: Neither current, nor past ‘ism’ will solve ‘Our Problem‘, the challenge is to find the new ‘-ism’ customised for our dire need.  And that before ‘Trump-ism’ in its ‘retro nationalism’, asphyxiates us all!  I sense revolution is needed!

This all adds inspiration to my personal quest to add my bit, and we each will have to find our unique ‘slot’ in dealing with the huge, unravelling adventure challenge.  I sense it will either engulf us as individuals, or provide proactive, adventure opportunity, adding huge higher level meaning and belonging context to our lives.

Getting back to ‘No Overshoot’ is surely the Greatest and most Noble Adventure Challenge on Earth today!  Whether that be for us as individuals, our families, our nations, or for humanity as the whole.

I sense we must start with ourselves, conquer our own ‘Overshoot’, and then move up in adventure challenge rungs as we become more knowledgeable, confident, and courageous. For me:  Life is a Series of Adventures, and if you haven’t already, start your ‘No Overshoot’ adventure today.  Good luck!

Please share your adventure stories too…!


PS:   Over the next weeks I’ll give some more insights pulled for my Overshoot Day, ‘Roll Back’ experience, and my reflections of the story in the graph above.

NZ ‘Zero Carbon Bill’ Consultation: Checkout the One Point Zero Submissions

Sadly,  if New Zealand as a Nation, is to get to only using  its ‘Fair share’ of our 70% overdrawn Planet Bio-capacity, the ‘Zero Carbon’ Goal falls far short on that 2050 National Imperative.

The Zero Carbon Proposal is Seriously Flawed, in Deceptive Marketing, and Political Expediency.

Read why in the One Point Zero Submissions to the New Zealand Government here



‘Have Your Say’ on the NZ Government website here

NZ Zero Carbon Bill: Designed for The Old, The Young, The Elite, or The Poor?

Achieving a One Point Zero World, and solving ‘Climate Change‘ is an Inter-generational Challenge:   In the Zero Carbon Bill‘s 2050 Goal Horizon, which generation’s ‘demands’, was it designed to primarily appease?  What about the other generations whose appeasement is compromised in that choice?

Unfortunately, we can’t all defy Nature, and be both ‘young and old’, like the guy  right!

As I look at his face, I see a young person, yet worried with the wisdom of a ‘Life Lived’. Maybe his ‘ageing transformation’ came about through a hopeless struggle:  Trying to  match the Zero Carbon Bill in solution contribution to the huge, and ever increasing, Ecological Biocapacity Deficit of today?

The ‘hint of anger’ maybe evidence of him seeing that Zero Carbon Bill’s solution best fits with those who have the wisdom of a Live Lived, and a desire to have minimal disruption in its nearing end? Not him!

Yet the fear in his eyes, is maybe acknowledgement of his truth? A truth that he is still young, and should be fighting for what the ‘wiser man’ doesn’t desire.

In setting an ‘Ultimate Goal‘ for Global Climate Change initiatives which Generation’s needs take priority?  The Young, The Middle Age, The Elderly, or the ‘Yet to be born’?

Given that we know we are more than 70% in Biocapacity Deficit today, is it not a reasonable demand for a ‘Yet to be Born’ person who arrives on this planet in 2060, to expect ‘US” to have eliminated the Biocapacity Deficit? ie

We are ‘Living in Credit’, within One Planet’s Natural Biocapacity.

‘Maybe’ its a moral imperative for ‘US’?  To ‘at least’ do ‘that’ by ‘then’? Why not earlier, they could rightly enquire ?

I have concluded that it all comes down to how selfish ‘WE’ are today in our ‘generational needs’, and how much ‘Change we will Accept’ into our current ‘Way of Life‘?

The Zero Carbon Bill wasn’t designed for those ‘morally reasonable‘ demands of that 2060, ‘Yet to Be Born‘, human!

The One Point Zero Submissions here are maybe on behalf of that, justifiably angry, unborn ‘human’.   

Read them also here