Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Westernism… The Void of a New Design ‘-ism’

Mike Cernovich | 📽


Utopian ideas, however unrealistic, beat no ideas.

The Green New Deal is more persuasive than anything the GOP has.

Cry and scream that it won’t work.

The Green New Deal is the *most persuasive* idea on the table.

Find a better idea or lose.

Mike Cernovich | 📽


The #GreenNewDeal triggers Republicans because it’s a reminder that the GOP and conservatives do not have any bold plans or even a vision for the United States.
Well done Mike:  The Green New Deal is at least closer to pointing to The Problem:  Hopefully The Wizards start seeking Architects… And Urgently!
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The WORLD doesn’t have ‘The Design‘…..  Because the Elite want their Cake and Still Eat it!!  For them:    Today’s Design is THE Design!
The only design they know is one that requires ‘the cake’ to be devoured. ‘The cake’ is mostly for Them, at the expensive of The Exploited!

Fairness is about all having access to Our Fair Share.  Read here.

Greed is Not a Virtuous Value found in Nature, and yet us Humans (or the elite Humans) Believe Greed is Good!
The Planet is like OUR truely awesome ‘Cake’ provided by Nature, but devouring it like we are, Nature has long given up being able to keep it ‘Our Cake.’  ‘Our Cake‘ is our ONLY real food:  Everything we NEED comes from it!
We have already eaten half the cake, and now wondering why ‘something is missing’!
One Point Zero is THE Answer:  A Fair and Flourishing World, where ‘Our Cake’ can repair itself again.
THE Design needs to be one that Eliminates The Chasm, The Divide, and The Void.  This is why the Republicans and Democrats are confused by the new Social Democrates wants….: Climate and Socialism are aligned as one, symbiotic, needing each other for their solution.
Without radical Socialism, The Climate Problem will NEVER be Solved.
And without extreme Climate Threat, Socialism will NEVER be contemplated by the Greedy Elite Capitalists.
Too many people see socialism as Communism, but there is a fully liberating ‘Socialism‘, and it starts with us all being given Our Fair share of the Natural resources of Nature’s planet. We are then free to do with that with what we aeach personally desire.
The Davos Wizards will never look there, because they will lose WHAT they are, and struggle to find WHO they are?
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               It’s Hopeless and I’m Helpless!!