Adventure Destiny: Truth to Power

         Adventure Destiny:  May 2016-October 2017

A Challenging Goal!

The specific Goal of my adventure was to try and live for at least 12 months continuously in the 18 months, with a less than One Point Zero, personal Ecological Footprint.

What that means is:

That, if every 7.6 billion of ‘us’ lived ‘like me’ (Ha-ha!) ‘WE’, as Humanity, would only need one (One Point Zero) planet Earth’s natural resources today, to sustain US all.

Where are we today?

Today we need One Point Seven planets, and each day this number has been increasing and 1970 was when we ‘flew past’ the One Point Zero mark unaware of our future trajectory!

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

To put this ‘personal challenge’ in context:

If everyone one of us humans lived like the average  resident of American, UK, the ‘Top tier’ European nations, Australia, and Canada, ‘we’ would need between 3 and 5 Planet Earths today, to prevent our ecosystem losing its ability to support human life on Earth.  I think ‘WE’ do all know that we only have One Planet… actually One Point Zero to be precise!!!

So for most western world people this requires a 60—80% reduction in their current, Consumption and Footprint related, activity, and exploring ‘A Place’ few of would know exists, and even less would have ever been ‘There’.

This, Last Frontier, Unknown, with the potentially large ‘Truth to Power‘, benefit to society, made for the perfect, phase of life, exploration for me, ?

Here is My ‘Final Ascent’ to that Mission Success 

Having simplified my life dramatically over the years,  I thought I ‘just’ had the last little bit of the One Point Zero -peak’ to conquer ….   As is often the case with adventure challenges: ‘The Final Ascent’ is the most difficult, and that was what the last 18 months was about…Read about that ‘Final Ascent‘ here:

Earlier:   The Journey to ‘Base Camp’

And for how I got to ‘Base Camp‘ before the ‘Final Ascent’:  You can read my 12 year, transformation journey, from ‘Western world  Capitalist’ to a ‘Without Nature, We are Nothing‘ Truths, here.

All about this powerful ‘Footprint’

The concepts of Ecological FootprintEcological Capacity and Ecological Demand are critical components of understanding of One Point Zero, and are the intellectual property of Global Footprint Network. To understand them more read here.)

(These facts and figures above and the methodology behind the One Point Zero concept is all courtesy of The Global Footprint Network, and by clicking the link you can find out where your nation fits in.  If you want to have some idea of what your own personal Ecological Footprint today is go here.)

Hmmm, The Challenge: To making The Convenient, Inconvenient’ and The Inconvenient, Convenient…. The Personal Revolution we all Fear! Truth to Power!