‘Conquered’:  My Toughest Adventure Yet!

 Exploring the Last Frontier of Human Belonging!!

One Activist Battered by ‘The System’… Feeling Powerful within.   Ha-ha, and old pic from a tough day in my 2012 Siberia Adventure!

Phew, just back In New Zealand from a five month, ‘State of The Planet Truths’, world tour!  Man, the world can be brutal out there when one gets deep in ‘The System’! Give me the -50 C and the wild Nature of the Arctic wilderness any day…!

Watching Al Gore’s recent movie while I was in London, and then seeing how his lifestyle is probably a ‘15-20 Planet needing’, lifestyle, I thought to myself:  Surely this ‘clever man’ sees that his lifestyle and the ideology that he is part of is THE Cause of what he is trying to warn us about???  Read about the movie:  Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power, here

Gandhi:   Walking the talk: “My Life is my Message”.

REAL Truth to Power

Unlike Politicians, we Explorers can’t ‘Talk the Talk’, until we have personally ‘Walked the Talk’.  So rather than make high footprint movies, do talks, and / or read about all this, for the past 18 months I have been ‘out there’ living, feeling, and truly experiencing, what personally living a One Point Zero life is really about….?  I call this actuality of exploring the reality of The truths, The Journey of ‘Truth to Power‘: Becoming ‘powerful in soul’, by confronting ‘The Inconvenient Truths’, and personally transforming so they become ‘Convenient’! Then we have nothing to fear! This adventure was ALL about that!

The specific Goal of the adventure was to try and live for at least 12 months continuously in the 18 months, with a less than One Point Zero, personal Ecological Footprint.

What that means is:

That if every 7.6 billion of ‘us’ lived ‘like me’ (Ha-ha!) ‘WE’, as Humanity, would only need one (One Point Zero) planet Earths today to sustain US all.

Today we need One Point Seven planets, and each day this number has been increasing and 1970 was when we ‘flew past’ the One Point Zero mark unaware of our future trajectory!

Graph thanks to Global Footprint Network

To put this ‘personal challenge’ in context:

If everyone one of us humans lived like the average  resident of American, UK, the ‘Top tier’ European nations, Australia, and Canada, we would need between 3 and 5 Planet Earths today, to prevent our ecosystem losing its ability to support human life on Earth.  I think ‘WE’ do all know we only have One Planet… actually One Point Zero to be precise!!!

So for most western world people this requires a 60—80% reduction in their current, Consumption and Footprint related, activity, and exploring ‘A Place’ few of would know exists, and even less would have ever been ‘There’.

This, Last Frontier Unknown, with the potentially large ‘Truth to Power’, benefit to society, made for the perfect, phase of life, exploration for me.

Having simplified my life dramatically over the years,  I thought I ‘just’ had the last little bit of the One Point Zero -peak’ to conquer ….   As is often the case with adventure challenges: The final ‘push to the Pole’ is the most difficult, and that was what the last 18 months was about…

(These facts and figures above and the methodology behind the One Point Zero concept is all courtesy of The Global Footprint Network, and by clicking the link you can find out where your nation fits in.  If you want to have some idea of what your own personal Ecological Footprint today is go here.)

Antarctica a laboratory for Our Future!

The Final One Point Zero Ascent Accomplished!

Hmmm, the ‘Convenient’,  Inconvenient Truth!!!  It need a personal revolution within!

I have now been ‘There’ to One Point Zero, and I have lived in ‘The Place’ for more than 12 months…. (The medal ceremony follows, in Hollywood!  Invitations will go out once the current scandal dies down….!!)

In summary:  Like all adventures: I lost weight, but grew enormously as a real human! Without Nature we are Nothing… The gold credit card and associated bank balance means nothing when footprint credit is the ultimate determiner of affordability! Greed is never an option!

Read all about the Final Ascent of One Point Zero here!

Russian and English hoping to attract advertising!!!

Stock Take of The World:   The Other Part of The Adventure

Beyond ME, the past 18 months purposely involved an EXTENSIVE, around the world, ‘Stock Taking‘ of Society….. to find ‘The Truths’ behind, the many fenced off, segments of society today.

Hmmm….., breaking through class, cultural, sexist, spiritual, and political fences to get to the ‘Society Truths’, during this time of unprecedented turmoil in the world, has been absolutely fascinating….Gut wrenching at times!

I even got involved in the watershed, June UK election, and almost ‘got it right’… see here.

I want to thank the many of ‘you’ all over the world, who gave me of your time along the way, and then to the many, many new friends / acquaintances, I met and exchange ideas: All a big Thank You, and without your input, my mission would not have been the success it was.

My ‘Stock Take’ Conclusions:      The World and One Point Zero

In its broad and deep goals, this 18 months has been, beyond doubt the most challenging time of my life!  The exploration has taken me further to the core of who WE are as Humans, how we, as Human Society ‘were’ supposed live flourishing lives on this Planet, and how far away from that we are heading!

I have no doubt that much of the current unprecedented turmoil in the world is directly related to our underlying inability to Belong with Nature and The Planet.  We as a collective have lost our instinctive human purpose, and have developed belief and value systems that are alien to Nature, and what are required to Belong on the Planet. All heavy stuff, but truly fascinating!

The interesting thing is that once people understand One Point Zero ‘they all’ agree:

‘WE’ as Humans cannot be aiming for anything above a ‘One Point Zero’ world?!  We will be failing in our basic Human Purpose! ‘It’s obvious!”

However unfortunately,

‘WE’ as society aren’t aiming THERE, so will never get ‘There’!

I sense

‘We’ are trapped in the ever-growing Crowd, its lies and ‘alienated Belonging’!

We each need

The courage and conviction to step out of The Crowd and find our real Belonging and our true Humanness!

Suffice to say that it is now blatantly obvious, that nothing short of a radical Global Revolution will change the course Humanity is on. We all know that significant global change has started happening, albeit not focused specifically on the goal of a One Point Zero world. The challenge is to help society see the direct connection with the ‘discontent’ and our the alienation of our Ultimate Belonging: With Nature and Our Planet.

Beyond anthropocentric Genesis: This really is Nature’s Planet… NOT ours!

I do sincerely hope one can now see why One Point Zero is such a unique, simple, clear and all unifying Humans Initiative.  That what we are dealing with is is not a Global Warming problem, nor an environmental problem, but a Human Identity problem…..

Arguing about an acceptable  Global Warming Temperature Rise Target will Not Solve our Inconvenient Truth Dilemma??

It is in the above context that I’ll be hoping to connect my real life, ‘One Point Zero’ experience, to be of use to Humanity!

Fingers crossed for the change of course and a New World Order!

PS:   Check out this view from the Man from Mars on the run up to the June 2017 UK election!

(For context:  Fifteen years ago, the author WAS a devout Neo- Libertarian. One Point Zero transformed him!!

If you connect with any of this or more about One Point Zero I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at lifeaseriesofadventures@gmail.com