‘Today’s Kids’ and ‘Their Kids’??!!

A Humanitarian Crime in The Making….

In the context of ‘our’ Cancer Triad, ‘The Chasm’ cancer, (Humanity vs Nature) is the most-deadly of the three. Yet, also the one that Trump is doing the upmost to aggravate.  Read all about about The Three Cancers, and his contributions, here.

This isn’t just about America:

His stance on Climate Change has not only stalled the whole global process, but provided the entre for other nations, communities and individuals to do the same.

In just two short years he has single handedly set the process of halting the widening of ‘The Chasm (Humanity vs Nature) back decades. Maybe, even taking the world into a now, ‘Beyond recoverable’ position. One where:  “Yes , cyclones, fires, and food shortages WILL become increasingly existentially destructive to daily living for current and future generations.”

‘They’ will rightfully ask:  Who was responsible for this? Why didn’t those that knew, do their utmost to prevent it?

There is no doubt that history will show, that Trump, in ignoring the existence of ‘The Chasm, and denying the Human contribution to Global Warming, is today in the process of committing the biggest Humanitarian Crime ever. (Colonialism, Slavery, Invading Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, etc, pale into insignificance with ‘This One’. ‘This One’, Trump has clearly stated his stance, and there are no ‘alternative facts’ to debate.

Trump Is ‘The Cancer’!

In their numbing truths, the above  synopsis is disturbingly profound. These are not the ‘Aberrations of an Apprentice’, but rather the cancerous Flaws of Character, Virtue and Beliefs.  Read the whole article here.

You are warned:     Trump is  The Antithesis of a ‘Cancer Fixer’ and the antipodal Leader, for what the US, and the world needs today!