More Cancer Symptoms…

Global Americanism is not working for ‘us’, unless Wealth is ‘Your’ Goal:

From the latest Global Gallup Report:

“………..The world took a negative turn in 2017, with global levels of stress, worry, sadness and pain hitting new highs. During a solid year of economic growth, the U.S. kept this negative trend going into 2018.

Higher levels of stress, anger and worry nudged Americans’ overall Negative Experience Index to 35 — three points higher than any previous score to date…..”

Read from the report here

Interestingly………There are ‘Some’ who are a ‘Happy Group’, with few Worries, and No Anger…!!!

Also from the report:

“…..Income also plays a role with worry and stress, with the lowest income Americans carrying more of the emotional burden than the highest income Americans.

Nearly seven in 10 Americans in the poorest 20% of the population said they experienced stress the previous day, compared with less than half (48%) of Americans in the richest 20%. Similarly, 56% of Americans in the poorest group said they worried a lot, compared with 41% in the richest group.”

The Elite seem less affected making them feel immune or blind to ‘Our Cancer’:

Further symptoms of our ‘Ideology Cancer’.

The ‘Hell of Work’:   Read here

The ‘Age of Anxiety’:  Read here.

So:    Our Cancer State deteriorates :

Denial or Unaware??

Are the Elite / Political Leaders in ‘Convenient Denial’ or ‘Genuinely Unaware’ of Our Problem?

In aswering:   Don’t be fooled by reverance or compassion:   They know, but deny because they have too much to lose.  And because we allow them:  It’s just to easy to ‘Kick the can further down Exctinction Road!

Extinction Rebellion, (XR) in pointing to our ‘Extinction Path‘ is helping us see our acute Cancer  state, Beyond Doubt, and Clearly Aware to ALL.

Well Done XR!