Team Human: THE Simple, Unifying Goal?

Since One Point Zero’s launch in May 2016, ‘The World’ has seen an unprecedented number of tectonic decisions that have collectively set humanity and individual nations on a courses further away from a One Point Zero goal.

If the ‘Whole of Humanity’ is ‘Team Human’, our ‘Ultimate Tribe’, then these world changing decisions have all been ‘Sub-Tribal’, and surely that is not good for any of ‘US’ in the medium / longer term?

These decisions have been based on a vision of a more fragmented, divided, and narrow, humanity:   Essentially self serving, and exclusive, Sub Tribe Visions. History has been fraught with tribal conflict, and many are of the opinion that tribal conflict is ‘Just us being human’!

With our planet in deficit, way out of Ecological Capacity, never before in the history of humanity are single, ‘Grand Tribe’ decisions, more desperately needed.

             Our survival NOW requires it….!


Surely, One Point Zero is a fundamental, Human Purpose, imperative?   Given this fundamental and urgent status, and the enormity of the One Point Zero challenge today, the solution needs a United, One Tribe, Humanity.

That’s not a, ‘One Tribe’, as in us all being the same cult, creed, and fabric. We are a humanity of many different sub tribes, and that richness of diversity is what makes us very the Humanity we are!

Rather:  A tribe of  ‘One Humanity Tribe’ all signed up to a single, simple Nature unifying, team Goal, yet a Humanity free to achieve that goal in each’s own unique, individual, or Sub Tribe way?  This is Our Challenge today!

Humanity’s Single Unifying Goal?

That, Single Goal, and its underpinning Belief is simple:

The Belief:                Without Nature we are Nothing!   

Accepting that we Humans are an integral part of Nature, and that Nature is bigger than US! Almost all religions can fit under this belief, without ‘upsetting their specific religious beliefs.   This Belief tied to our human imperative for our ongoing, future, inter-generational survival, creates our collective goal:

The Goal:               We have to ALL, collectively live within One                                          Point Zero Planet’s Natural resources.

Surely a Simple, and non-Negotiable, Goal?  One that will require each one of us to personally  commit to that Goal! That is our only ‘Humanity Tribe’ restraint. Beyond that we are all Free to pursue what ever other beliefs, culture, creed one has !   It’s totally up to ‘your tribe’ on how it lives within that One Point Zero, only, constraint….!

Today we need One Point Seven, and it is guaranteed that next year we will need more!  By 2050 we could be demanded more than Two Point Five planets from an ever more depleting, One Point Zero, planet earth.

Humanity has been on a course away from Nature for more than a century, those before us just didn’t know it…..  As the graph above shows, around 1970 we raced through the ‘Balance Point’ fracturing Our relationship with Nature, and that fracture has grown ever since to The Chasm, the vast gap between Team Human and Team Nature. I’m sure like me, you also believe, Team Human was created as a sub team of  Team Nature. It’s part of our DNA to belong with that family.

       Without Nature We ARE Nothing!