An ‘Enlightened’ view the ‘Taker Crowd’ side of ‘The Chasm’

Wanting ‘The Chasm’ to magically disappear….?

Try, these two, ‘best seller’, books from Steven Pinker:  ‘Better Angels’  and his recent ‘Enlightenment Now’, for ‘Alternative Facts’..!!!

Below is a clip from a review of Enlightenment Now, by Samuel Moyn a professor of law and professor of history at Yale University. (New Republic)

“As for  environmental degradation humanity will surely find a way to counteract this in time. “As the world has gotten richer,” Pinker explains, “nature has begun to rebound”—as if the failure of a few prophecies of ecological disaster to come to pass on schedule means the planet is infinitely resilient. Once he gets around to acknowledging that climate change is an actual problem, Pinker spends much of his time attacking “climate justice warriors” for their anti-capitalist hysteria.”     Read the full book review here

‘Enlightenment Now’ is an almost iconic, ‘Taker Tribe’, view of Humanity’s progress today, in its almost evangelistic ‘cover up’ of the existence of our fundamental ‘Flaw of Success’:  Our  creation of ‘The Chasm‘.  The huge, ever widening, rift between Nature and Humanity.

Where is Bill Gates in ‘All This‘?

Interestingly, Samuel Moyn also points out in his review:   “Bill Gates loves Pinker’s creed. After recommending Better Angels for years, Gates recently  proclaimed Enlightenment Now “my new favourite book of all time.”

Does that make Bill Gates a member (leader?) of ‘The Taker‘ Tribe, ‘The Crowd‘???  (See earlier post)

Best YOU debate and decide????      All very Real, and Challenging, to each and all of us in a new unfolding world, where we need to change course and ADAPT!

Is ‘The Chasm’ Real? Is closing ‘The Chasm’ a Humanity Moral Imperative?

      Without Nature we are Nothing!