Real Success, Tall Poppies, and ‘Walking the Talk’ Leadership…

(This is the final Post in a series of three. If you haven’t already: You may want to read the last two Posts before reading this one?) 

Over the years of my transformation I have learnt that success isn’t really about ‘Success’! Often those who have ‘real success’, may often may not be the celebrities, or have conquest ‘medals’ to show for it: They don’t seek ‘medals’. Their life is one giant inspirational ‘medal’ for others.

I go back to Gandhi’s answer to the question posed to him: “What is your life message?” His answer: “My life is my message!”

How many of the leaders of the world today, the presidential candidates, the elite, the celebrities, have ‘life messages’ that inspires ‘us’ to emulate their ‘life message’, rather than idolise their narrow ‘medal’ resumes? ‘Walking the Talk’ leadership is not what the ‘soul-less’ System rewards it prefers manipulation, deception and ‘Talk the Talk’. This form of hypocritical politicking is destroying the souls of ‘the majority’, divided ‘us’ further and further way from any hope of a One Point Zero world course.

After all my meetings with many people on this trip to the USA, I am convinced, beyond doubt, that America’s soul is ‘Off Success’. It’s time for the leadership, elite and ‘owners’ of ‘The System’ to have a, Bernard Russell, tincture ‘overdose moment’.

Once Sobering up to The Truths they find, they need to have selfless courage and conviction to plot a new course away from the self-serving, comforting lies that divide what was once an amazing Nation. The Majority have a responsibility to force this ‘tincture moment’ to help themselves and the Nation…..

For ‘you’ it is time to listen to ‘your’ souls, and no longer accept ‘The System’ and its self-serving abuse. It needs a revolution and that requires each person to have the courage to stand out of ‘The Crowd’ and act on their soul’s feelings and directives to break free from the path of ‘Horrors’, Bertrand Russell describes .

The world watches in anguish and anticipation as American’s majority decide what Message they want to give the elite and what ‘Success’ they really want…..

In my last blog I also pointed to a London Times article: “New Zealanders and the curse of the Kiwi Knight.”, and I discuss that now:

My simple mind struggles to find a motive for this article other than one that is from another ‘System servant’, author (David Brooks the other), who is pro ‘The System’, its celebrity building and Tall Poppy values.

In Richie McCaw, I believe we have one of the, if not THE most, valuable role models of what the Olympics and all competition should be about: Yet this article is seemingly aimed at putting him down, and pointing to New Zealand as a country which is behind the times in its “loathing of Tall Poppies”!

Over the years I have moved a lot in my views on what fame and celebrities are all about and who should be The real inspiring and famous people in setting true role models for a troubled modern society? Etc. Watching the way ‘The System’ so easily ‘grows poppies’ from sometimes strange ‘medals’ and contrived resumes, without concern about the person’s life message value? I have often become very disillusioned in how ‘successful’ people  who don’t have a successful ‘life message’ are often presented as icons to be admired. Often the whole thing is built on a money making promotion either linked to reinforcing ‘The System’ hold on ‘The Crowd’, or in some way driving increasing consumption of the celebrity’s promoted products and services.

I sense we should be looking at the real heroes in the light of Who they really are and How they go about their success. We are so desperately in need of real leadership, role models, who walk an exemplary life message talk, not celebrity icons whose personal lives and / or behaviour that are far removed from those needed for a One Point Zero or a unified society / humanity.

In the further context of the exemplary New Zealander Richie McCaw, in yesterday’s post I pointed out that New Zealand ended up with some ten times the ‘per capita’ medal haul of the USA:

It’s easy to write off New Zealand as a very small nation, and black swan anomaly, but having immersed myself in that country over this past two years, I can vouch that it has a success way beyond its huge medals  ‘per capita’ superiority, that could provide huge learning for the USA, and many other ‘tall poppy’ nations.

Sadly, I sense in the case of the USA elite, the brute force, tall poppy ‘blindness’ to the fact of a ‘wrong success’, would make a desperately needed ‘tincture of philosophy’ seem like step towards ‘defeat’. A stop think, understand the truths, correct the course intervention, a seemingly unnecessary waste of time while ‘The Crowd’, are still mostly compliant.

Worse still would be the result that the elite would have to admit to ‘The Crowd’ that their course was merely designed to serve a few, at the expense of the many, and the Planet: That would be tantamount to deception at the highest level?

Behind their sophisticated Machiavellian and Humanitarian masks, there is no care for anyone else but themselves: The more they can use, have, and accumulate, no matter from whom or from where they ‘take’ it, the more they can divide themselves from the good, honest people of the majority.

While my focus above and the last few posts has been necessarily on America, this problem of the abuse of power of ‘The Elite’ and ‘The System’ is pervasive in modern western society. It’s also becoming the new fashion in the developing world where it is being rolled out as the path to ‘Success’, replacing traditionally successful and sustainable cultures. This all flies right in the face of a One Point Zero America, and a One Point Zero world and I believe through each of us taking a revolutionary stance there can be a breaking of ‘The System’. With this must come, new ‘Walk the Talk’ non-Tall Poppy, leadership and with the right vision and leadership humanity would find that a One Point Zero world repairs the divide and eliminates the deeper human soul belonging crisis of The Chasm.

Americans vote with your souls and not as ‘The Crowd’!  Good luck, the world nervously awaits The Result!

Bye bye America and than you for allowing me to do my very important work, and being open to my or ‘Tough Love’…!

PS: I hope you can see that I’m a real person, who really cares for the soul of Humanity.