Who deserves to visit Nature’s Special Wilderness?



I had a serious distraction from my Stock-taking day, that I must share with you!:

In the background of writing the blogs, I am working on my comprehensive vision for a One Point Zero World: Given the overcrowded Parks and that most of ‘The Crowd’ are people who live high consumption Many Point Zero lifestyles, the lifestyles that are in conflict with Nature, an important question is:  Who should be ‘allowed’ to visit Nature’s Special Wilderness areas?

Hmmm, now that’s a controversial question hey??? Many will say Freedom is my country’s value, the Park is my Country, and so all citizens should have a right to visit.

To which I’d say:  Surely it should be for people who deserve it: People who respect Nature and work with Nature to help keep our planet vibrant and working for our ongoing human life, not against Nature. ie People who are living One Point Zero lifestyles or are seriously striving to live them.

How can we let those who are making Nature’s ‘job’ harder then go and use Nature’s ‘wilderness energy’ just for their selfish ‘meditative injection’.

Should it just be money that buys one a ticket into these special places? Maybe there are people who can’t afford a whole trip, but deserve it more than all of us?

Well in a One Point Zero world these questions will be key, and I’m having a lot of fun debating them all with myself as I put together my One Point Zero world vision. That is many months in the making, and for now I read this New York Times article today that just got my heckles up:

 An excerpt from that NYT article of today, Sunday 14 August, 2016:

“……The notion of nodding off under the stars to the crackle of a fire in the shadow of ancient ponderosa pines sounds dreamy. Here’s the catch. Though I love communing with nature, I detest discomfort. This includes interacting with moist soil and insects as well as partaking in tiresome camp chores like tent pitching, fire making, food schlepping and foraging for makeshift, leave-no-trace toilets. 

Sleeping on the cold, dank ground? Not happening. I paid my dues slogging it out in summer sleep-away camp where I felt transcendental meditation (of the pediatric variety) was required to endure itchy nights within a soggy, Saran Wrap-thin tent that doubled as a cafeteria for red ants……….” (click for full article at the end of this Post.)

Now, may I ask?:  Should ‘someone like this’ even be allowed into Nature’s special wilderness areas?

In my view her attitude sucks, and she is not looking for a full Nature experience, but rather, one on her precious terms. This is so anthropocentric, arrogant and so far away from a mind-set of belonging with Nature that it makes me angry! (I’m an activist and allowed to get angry with a fellow human, where they are using more than their share of OUR planet! Ha-ha!)

This is all about money and money trying to buy just the ‘happiness part of Nature’! “Happiness” for the wealthy being hedonistic luxury, free of hardship and restraint. The worst thing is that these luxury expeditions are so footprint heavy it is criminal! This attitude will be totally ‘unfashionable’ in One Point Zero world. Can you see why the wealthy don’t want to even think about One Point Zero? That won’t know who they are without the luxury clothing, and Nature doesn’t care!

Read the whole ‘sad’ New York Times article  Here

The issue of Personal Freedom / Autonomy is a big one in the One Point Zero World vision, and for one of the Biggest Freedom mongers, Howard Fairbank, I’m enjoying the intellectual challenge, and Trumped by Nature is delivering the hands on learning!