Venus Quest…… Facebook launch 19 June 2015

A New Adventure Quest:   This time the goal is Venus!

The Goal:

To connect my controversial, counter society, message of the truths, to the World. To do it, in an inspiring, humanitarian, and non-confrontational way that helps Society transform itself. The message is largely to the Elite of the world. The Wealthy, the staunch Capitalists, the NGO leaders, the Religious leaders. Basically the people who we vote into power, the Influential, Leaders of the World. The Leaders, who create the visions, strategies, and policies, for the future direction of World society.

In ‘one sentence’, My Message is:

The ‘Way of Life’, led by the wealthy elite, and marketed as a Society aspirational icon, for lesser mortals, is UNJUST, and in TOTAL CONFLICT with the Nature’s Value System.

(A Value System I found, when deep in Nature’s vast, pristine Wilderness’s.)

Global Warming, evasive Corruption, the rise of ISIS, and almost all the sources of stress, conflict, poverty, and unhappiness in Society today are ONLY symptoms of this Value System, conflict.

While I have no doubts about the seriousness of Global Warming, we must not let arguments about whether Global Warming is real or not, distract us from solving the Real Problem with Modern Society.

Read the full 2015 Facebook ‘Launch’ here.

In 2016, Venus led to: