What is Nature for You?

So What IS ‘Nature’?  

Some may rightly ask:  “Nature?  What is Nature?”  or “I’m religious, how does this fit in with ‘God’ and Religion?”

For One Point Zero, Nature is not just our garden, the anilamls in the zoo, or the places in the Forest, or in the National Parks, or all what we see on BBC ‘Our Planet’, or whatever?

Nature is all around us, part of us, and we are part of Nature. Humans are NOT Nature, yet a product and part of the ‘One of Nature’.  In fact in the One Point Zero context, everything we have on this Planet, whether man made of not, comes ultimately from Nature. Just like we humans do!

So Nature is undeniably a deep part of us, and leds many of us to bigger deeper existential questions around Creation, ‘Higher Purpose‘, and the ‘Higher Belonging‘ context for Human Life.  That means for any deeper discussion of Nature this document sets out to try and contextualise Nature for all humans, both those ‘Spiritually Truthed‘ and those ‘without Spiritual orientation‘.

With the above goal, here is a brief One Point Zero, context for how ‘Nature’ and ‘Spiritual‘ are defined :

Note:  The context of the use of the word ‘Truths‘ in what follows, is in reference to the ‘Answers’ to the ‘most profound’, Human Existential questions asked today. (These ‘Five Questions’ are laid out lower down)

One Point Zero believes in a  Multi-Truth Spiritual world:  Accepting of all religions, and their right to their own Spiritual Truths. 

One Point Zero believes that ‘Being Human’, by definition means we will never know THE beyond ALL doubt, rationally provable, Absolute Truth.  Disappointing or Mysteriously this is Human:

Beyond using only our Human Rational Capability, in order to arrive at one’s Spiritual Truth is requires a process that drawing deeply on ones developed, Human Spiritual Capability.

While there obviously is a single Absolute Truth,  ‘Answers’ that are ‘Beyond Any Doubt’ and ‘Fact’ for every single human! One Point Zero‘s definition of ‘Being Human’ is that solving this ‘Absolute Truth’ dilemma, is beyond the capability limits of ‘Being Human’. This ‘human limitation’ and our struggle to be overcome it, in desiring  Absolute Truth, forms the Joy of Human life, in the mystery of the acceptance of Non-Absolutism, and the acceptance  arriving at our Individual Truths.  Henc One Point Zero’s embraces of a healthy, and all Humanity enriching, acceptance of a multi Truth World.

A ‘Humanity Uniting’, Overriding Mantra?

      “Without Nature We (Humans) are Nothing”

One Point Zero believes all religions and spiritual doctrines, could live, without conflict of their beliefs, under the above unifying mantra of “Without Nature We (Humans) are Nothing”

In this context, Nature could be God for some, a Higher Power for others, and the ‘Beyond Human’, context for association, for others.

No matter what one’s belief, ‘surely’, we could all accept that everything we have and use in our lives originally comes from some organic part, or parts of Nature? And that Humans are a Product of Nature, we breathe air from Nature, and so we are, in some shape or form an integral part of a system that is beyond human design and our ultimate human control.  And as such we are dependent on this system, and thus need to comply with its ‘Rules of Belonging’, or take the consequences of ‘Not Belonging‘.

We are long in breach of ‘The Deal‘, and ‘The Chasm‘ is the symbolic quantification of the extent of the relationship impasse. Global Warming, and Climate Change are the tangible manifestations of this long fractured relationship, and how Nature is dealing with the impasse and our continued demand for a relationship without constraint.

One Point Zero broadly adopts the Gaia Theory, that this system is a closed eco-system, and as such responds to changes with counter reactions seeking to find a new balance that comprehends the changes. An ever reacting and rebalancing system designed to maximise flourishing and diversity of planet life.

Us humans have done irreparable damage to this diversity and Nature’s ability to rebalance at the vibrant planet life of millenniums ago.  Nature will always rebalance, but the new ‘equilibrium’ could be one that no longer support human flourishing and eventually won’t support Human life on The Planet.

‘The Planet’ will still be around and alive in its continuing changing form: Its System, ever dynamic and supporting The Life, that it is able to Support. So for humans:

                           It’s Not about: ‘Saving The Planet‘!
                      It’s about ‘Helping Ourselves to ‘Save Ourselves’.