The WWF” Conflict of Interest / Part of The Problem

Dear Minister


That is why we, as businesses, community groups, and individual people all over
Aotearoa New Zealand are writing to congratulate you on your government’s decision to
set a new, bold, ambitious goal of getting our country to net zero emissions by 2050.

This goal is 100% possible.

Businesses, communities, and ordinary Kiwis are already working up and down the
country to pioneer the solutions that New Zealand needs to grasp the opportunity to
move to a clean energy future.

So we’re writing to say that we’ll keep on rising to the challenge of reducing our emissions, and to offer our support to your government as it works to build the architecture for a fair, equitable, just transition to a safe climate future for all New Zealanders.

As you begin to design the government systems to achieve this goal, like the Zero Carbon Act, we encourage you to consider the benefits of climate action and the risks and costs of inaction, too. 

We believe a clean energy economy with net zero emissions is 100% possible, and so we’ll all keep on working to do our bit, big or small, to help make it happen.

Thank you