The Facts

Our Shocking Success

What humans have done since early mankind, to where modern Society is today can only be described as awesome, incredible, and absolutely astonishing. To most people this would it would be beyond doubt that ‘This IS Human Success’. Success at the top of the grade, but do we really know what defines Human Success?  Who tells … Continue reading "Our Shocking Success"

The Development Shock

After the Success Shock picture, one either moves into denial, or intrigue. Denial means you probably aren’t ready this section, and intrigue: Well, you maybe would want to know which humans are most responsible for this shocking picture, and whether then denial is also a convenient strategy? The graph below (courtesy from Global Footprint Network) … Continue reading "The Development Shock"

Our Crowd Success

So much has been written over the years about our over populated Earth.   Clearly with a planet that is ecologically far too small for us today, if we didn’t have such a big crowd the problem would be smaller or not even exist. This simple conclusion is often backed up with the responsibility passing adage:  … Continue reading "Our Crowd Success"

Our Consumption Success

One thing the human development trajectory will be remembered for is its ever increasing and voracious need to consume: to use, accumulate, and dispose of more and more ‘things’, faster and faster, in pursuit of the prizes of success…… Our consumption of goods and services drives the engine that keeps almost all the economies of … Continue reading "Our Consumption Success"

Our Anthropocentric Orientation

Taken off Wikipedia: “Anthropocentrism, is a philosophical viewpoint where human beings are the central or most significant entities in the universe (or world)” For many of us, the word ‘Anthropocentric’ is not a part of our everyday vocabulary. Yet the concept is central to how most of the society we live in works. It is … Continue reading "Our Anthropocentric Orientation"