About Howard

"The Man in The Arena"

I thought I was ‘Joining a Team’ not going into a ‘Boxing Ring’!!!? As often happens in life, stuff pops up at just the right time: I was reading the London Times today and a quote from Roosevelt, although used a different context, connected with my soul: “The Man In The Arena” It is not … Continue reading "“The Man in The Arena”"

Howard Fairbank Overview

Howard Fairbank was born and brought up in South Africa. Having trained as a chemical engineer and gained an MBA, he rose to executive director level in charge of 2,500 people in a multi-national oil company. He became a ruthlessly competitive turn-around expert and corporate maverick, the youngest person ever to have held such high … Continue reading "Howard Fairbank Overview"

My Grand Adventure to the Truths

By the age of 39 I was hugely ‘successful’ in the ruthless corporate world, living what I believed to be the “good life”, and striving alongside everyone else to achieve the “high life”. I had all the material trappings that come with the Western definition of success, but it something didn’t feel right? Although I didn’t … Continue reading "My Grand Adventure to the Truths"